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National Landlord Day - Showdome and Salisbury Suite 2018

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Slides from National Landlord Day alternative breakout sessions

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National Landlord Day - Showdome and Salisbury Suite 2018

  1. 1. Welcome to National Landlord Day Conference and exhibition 13 November 2018 Sponsors: National Landlord Day
  2. 2. Investing in training Elspeth Boyle Landlord Accreditation Scotland National Landlord Day 2018 National Landlord Day
  3. 3. Investing in training Elspeth Boyle LAS Director
  4. 4. Investing in training =
  5. 5. Investing in training Core Standard training programme Courses are free to attend for all SAL members Attend as many as you wish Your investment is your time
  6. 6. Investing in training Best Practice training SAL member invests £73 for the course = £6 per month £1.40 per week 20p per day
  7. 7. Investing in training AGE TICKET PRICE Student (valid student card required) £8.00 - £10.50 Senior (ages 60+) £7.50 - £11.00 Adult (ages 18+) £10.95 - £13.95 Family (1 adult, 3 children or 2 adults, 2 children) £26.00 - £35.60 Odeon cinema ticket prices 2017
  8. 8. The Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) My new tenant wants me to agree to a lease for a year Can I do that?
  9. 9. The Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) Yes you can agree to this Tenant could still give you notice earlier Landlord can’t hold tenant liable for rent if they leave earlier than the year
  10. 10. The Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) My tenant moved into the property 4 weeks ago. I want to increase the rent now. Can I do that?
  11. 11. The Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) Yes you can Rent increases limited to once in a 12 month period with 3 months’ notice, using the “rent-increase notice”
  12. 12. The Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) I want to use my own tenancy agreement, not the model tenancy agreement Can I do that?
  13. 13. The Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) Yes you can. You can still use the contractual terms that were in your original tenancy agreement But, must include the mandatory terms included in the PRT Notice will be as prescribed by the Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act 2016
  14. 14. The Repairing Standard My tenant has tampered with the smoke detectors and one isn’t working now Do I have to fix this?
  15. 15. The Repairing Standard The Repairing Standard states: Landlords should ensure that smoke and heat alarms are regularly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations The landlord would be required to fix the system but the tenant would be liable for cost
  16. 16. The Repairing Standard The fridge freezer has a plug rather than a hard wired socket and is surrounded by a kitchen unit Do I have to get this PAT tested?
  17. 17. The Repairing Standard Yes, the appliance does need to be tested as there is a lead and a plug, even though the appliance is not particularly portable
  18. 18. Health & Safety Regulations I’ve heard that it is a legal requirement for a landlord to test for Legionnaires’ disease at their properties Is this right?
  19. 19. Health & Safety Regulations No, but every property you let needs to have a risk assessment There is no requirement to carry out testing Landlords can do this themselves if they feel confident doing so
  20. 20. Health & Safety Regulations I organised a gas safety inspection to be done but the gas safe engineer contacted me to tell me that he couldn’t do the inspection because there was no credit on the pre-payment gas meter. Can I leave this now until the tenant resolves this?
  21. 21. Health & Safety Regulations No, it is the landlord’s responsibility to get the test done, so if necessary, the landlord would have to clear the debt on the meter The landlord can pursue the tenant for the cost of the gas
  22. 22. Gaining entry to a property for essential repairs I need to carry out essential maintenance work at my property, but the tenant is refusing to allow access even though the lease requires them to allow access for maintenance work Can I give them a deadline and after that just go in to get the work done?
  23. 23. Gaining entry to a property for essential repairs No, the landlord does not have the right to enter the property without the consent of the tenant The landlord can use the Right of Entry process via the First-tier Tribunal Housing & Property Chamber
  24. 24. www.housingandpropertychamber.scot/apply-tribunal/right-entry/right-entry-faqs
  25. 25. www.housingandpropertychamber.scot/repairs/repairs-faq
  26. 26. Don’t take our word for it “excellent presentations, very useful information and reinforcement of documentation” SAL member since 2014. Courses attended 7 “the course contributed to my current knowledge very well and I am sure it will be of great help should I experience any difficulties with my tenants in the future” SAL member since 2015. Courses attended 15
  27. 27. Don’t take our word for it Sent: 24 October 2018 15:39 To: Info at Landlord Accreditation Scotland <Info@landlordaccreditationscotland.com> Subject: course tenancy agreements and notices Hi, Apologies, I forgot to submit my event registration form yesterday. I wanted to say that, although I do consider myself a very experienced and knowledgeable landlord (40 years next year), I attribute it to the excellent training I received from Landlord Accreditation. I always learn something and Elspeth is an excellent trainer and keeps the pace up excellently, I don’t know where she gets the energy. I would like to have more training, particularly managing unruly tenants and fellow landlords who do not do their share of repairing. All the best Elaine Crawford
  28. 28. Where do I book?
  29. 29. Breakout sessions now available to attend National Landlord Day Short term letting – what’s all the fuss about? Top 10 things to look out for with landlord Insurance Could an empty home be your next investment? Quality (mid tenancy) data – are your SSORTed? Biosphere: Ozone: Showdome: Salisbury suite:
  30. 30. Quality (mid tenancy) data – are you SSORTed? Thomas Ashdown National Landlord Day 2018 Citylets National Landlord Day
  31. 31. • produced quarterly for 12 years • analysis draws on large volume and breadth of data, around 50k properties per year • statistical expertise built up over many years • Citylets figures uniquely ‘mix adjusted’ at the macro level • accepted by the industry as a key barometer of the lettings market Citylets market reports
  32. 32. • new self-serve system for property rental data • displays report essentials- average quarterly rents and TTLs – but over longer time periods of up to 10 years • introduces context such as comparison with CPI and overlaid with other financial indices such as ROS, interest rates • ‘Open Source’ approach to data providing flexibility to produce and export charts in seconds • FREE online 24/7 at citylets.co.uk/datahub The Citylets Datahub
  33. 33. • granular analysis at the postcode district & sector level • investor grade information • clients include Edinburgh and Glasgow City councils • informs decision making for housing associations, policy makers and property advisory firms Optilet Pro
  34. 34. • Citylets is launching a new rental database to capture mid tenancy rent rises/falls • response to increased scrutiny of mid tenancy rent behaviour • RPZs will be determined upon behaviour of this ‘closed’ market • Citylets has 12 years’ analysis of advertised rents or ‘open’ market • short hop to move to closed market • operating to higher degrees of data security New data for new PRS era
  35. 35. Pioneering use of blockchain in UK • blockchain, or DLT, is a new way for data to be transferred, corroborated and stored • data is cryptographically stored and cannot be corrupted • contributors can only view what they have uploaded and also the aggregated (anonymous) outputs • ability to view the behaviour of the closed market at any level of granularity • allows collaboration between competing businesses on sensitive data whilst preserving data sovereignty for each individual agent
  36. 36. • Wallet.Services co-founded by ex commercial director of Microsoft Scotland • winners of the Scottish Government CIVTech programme and Scottish Cyber Security Breakthrough 2017 • Wallet.Services undertook and published the blockchain consultancy document for the Scottish Government • product operational within LGIS Technology partners
  37. 37. Tenants Edinburgh letting agency Local authority Zone-based residential letting dataset
  38. 38. • property software firms such as LetMC and SME Professional have agreed to provide data feeds to Citylets Software support
  39. 39. • the project is being unanimously supported by all of the first ten agents presented to • agreed by industry that it should lead the inevitable - the gathering of the data Agent support
  40. 40. • the data is factual and accurate, supplied directly from the small number of software firms used by letting agents • assessment of rent changes is enabled by data analytics, over time and across geographies • project provides the relevant data directly from source without manual intervention preserving data integrity • the data is cheaper to collate, more accurate, quicker and provided in ‘real time’ compared to manual, periodic, labour-intensive surveys • the data has the potential to check and balance data assertions offered by other stakeholders solicited through other methodologies in active pursuit of RPZs • data will allow forward guidance on mid tenancy rent changes • data will put letting agents in control of their market whilst protecting tenants from the very excess the legislation seeks to address…. • #SSORTed Getting it SSORTed
  41. 41. National Landlord Day Lunch is served in the Stratosphere area Programme resumes 13:40 hrs Please visit our exhibitors’ stands Sponsors: National Landlord Day
  42. 42. Breakout sessions now available to attend National Landlord Day Handling difficult situations Reducing costs in implementing the letting agent code? Quality (mid tenancy) data – are your SSORTed? Understanding Universal Credit Biosphere: Ozone: Showdome: Salisbury suite:
  43. 43. Understanding Universal Credit Susan Johnston Sandra Robinson Department for Work and Pensions National Landlord Day 2018 National Landlord Day
  44. 44. Universal Credit Full Service Scottish Association of Landlords National Landlord Day 2018 Sandra Robinson Susan Johnston
  45. 45. Topics to discuss To provide relevant and up to date information for landlords on the following areas: 1.Universal Credit overview 2.UCFS in numbers 3.Verification of rent 4.Alternative Payment Arrangements 5.Devolution – Universal Credit Scottish choices
  46. 46. UC aims to be transformational and alter the landscape of work for a generation by fundamentally changing the behaviour of four key groups: Jobseekers Employers Jobcentre work coaches Local authorities • it is the biggest modernisation of the welfare state in a generation; • replaces the complex system of six main out-of-work benefits with one simple monthly payment; • offers unprecedented support, personalised for individual needs; • claimants are better off when they move into work because Universal Credit gradually decreases as they earn more; • as a fully digitalised service, monthly Universal Credit payments adjust automatically with wages and people can contact their work coach via their online journal. Universal Credit overview
  47. 47. Live service & full service Main differences between the services
  48. 48. UCFS in numbers 26 service centres 441 Jobcentres2.2m claims made 1,100,000 on caseload 410,000 (37%) in employment 530,000 female claimants All Jobcentres by end 2018 510,000 “searching for work regime”
  49. 49. UCFS in Scotland 3 service centres 76 Jobcentres 255k claims made 122k on caseload 41,000 in employment All Jobcentres by end 2018 58,500 “searching for work regime”
  50. 50. Verification of rent To be eligible for housing costs the claimant must provide sufficient documentation to verify: • proof of residence in the property; • proof of liability to pay the rent.
  51. 51. Verification of rent Claimant renting in the private sector Claimant asked to bring in housing costs/documents at ID interview Housing costs verifiedInformation requested from claimant if a private tenant. If housing costs unverified at end of assessment period the housing element is not paid No Work coach clears the rent verification to do No further action required – rent will be included in the award of UC. Yes
  52. 52. Alternative Payment Arrangements Key messages • a Managed Payment To Landlord (MPTL) minimises the risk of claimants failing to pay their rent; • when rent arrears occur a landlord can apply for an MPTL; • in December 2017 claimant consent was removed from PRS APA requests; • guidance to staff was also changed at this time to ask the claimant if HB had previously been paid in this way prior to claiming UC; • we are also working to simplify the process for requesting an MPTL.
  53. 53. Alternative Payment Arrangements How we pay private landlords
  54. 54. How the choice is offered • eligible claimants of Universal Credit will be offered the choice after they have received their first payment; • this means the offer will be made at the start of the second assessment period; • the choice will be offered in the claimant’s online account in two stages: –one for choosing to be paid monthly or twice monthly –one for choosing to have the relevant housing costs in the Universal Credit award paid to themselves or to their landlord • if an Alternative Payment Arrangement has been applied prior to the time of the offer, the corresponding choice will not be offered; • the claimant can make just one or both choices. Devolution – Scottish choices
  55. 55. Questions?
  56. 56. Breakout sessions now available to attend National Landlord Day Enforcing tribunal decisions – the role of the sheriff officer Understand your EPC and improve its rating Investing in training Could an empty home be your next investment? Biosphere: Ozone: Showdome: Salisbury suite:
  57. 57. Could an empty home be your next investment? Shaheena Din The Scottish Empty Homes Partnership National Landlord Day 2018 National Landlord Day
  58. 58. Scottish Empty Homes Partnership Shaheena Din National Project Manager
  59. 59. • funded by Scottish Government; • hosted by Shelter Scotland; • aim - address the approximately 37,000 long term empties (LTEs); • how? • sharing best practice and learnings; • recommendations to Scottish Government. Who we are and our aims
  60. 60. Where are our 37,000 LTEs
  61. 61. What does this look like as a %
  62. 62. How many are still empty after 12 months?
  63. 63. Relative passed away Not ready to deal with house yet House is not selling I can't afford to do the repairs Being a landlord is too complicated I don't want to think about this Why do homes lie empty?
  64. 64. • remit - privately owned empty homes back into use; • work with owners and partners; • develop local empty homes policy; • consider local priorities; • design an empty homes strategy. How can an empty homes officer help?
  65. 65. Matchmaker Scheme
  66. 66. Matchmaker case study
  67. 67. Matchmaker case study
  68. 68. Local Housing Strategy Each individual council will have their own LHS Empty Homes Strategy Some councils have a specific empty homes strategy Private Rent Statistics https://www.gov.scot/publications/private-sector-rent-statistics-scotland-2010-2017/pages/3/ Assessing housing need
  69. 69. HMRC notice 708 VAT – conversion of non – residential empty for 10 years or more -0% VAT and empty homes work
  70. 70. Empty homes loan fund case study
  71. 71. Rural housing fund case study • total project costs £689K; • grant fund £295K; • loan fund £61K; • 7 units of affordable housing; • former St Stephens School, Blairgowrie.
  72. 72. • depressed markets; • unrealistic buyer/seller aspirations; • unforeseen costs; • increased empty homes levy on council tax being passed to developer. Buyer be aware
  73. 73. Edinburgh City Council private sector leasing example • no private rented tenancy requirements; • flexible leases (up to ten years) with the City of Edinburgh Council; • excellent rates of guaranteed rent (paid quarterly and in advance); • up to 110% of Local Housing Allowance paid (T&Cs apply); • cost effective repair service. Perth and Kinross lets example • property and tenant management service; • support with tenancy agreements, deposits and repairs; • tenancy sustainment. Other private sector landlord support
  74. 74. Scottish Empty Homes Conference 2018
  75. 75. Any questions?
  76. 76. National Landlord Day Refreshments are served in the Stratosphere area Please visit our exhibitors’ stands Programme resumes 15:30 hrs in the Biosphere Sponsors: National Landlord Day