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Social Media Workshop for Basic Income Advocates

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I created these slides for a 75-minute workshop I gave at the 18th Basic Income Earth Network Congress in Finland in 2018.

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Social Media Workshop for Basic Income Advocates

  1. 1. Social MediaSocial Media WorkshopWorkshop @scottsantens Please use hashtags: #biencongress2018 #basicincome
  2. 2. OverviewOverview •Influencing, behavioral strategies •Twitter best practices •Tools to leverage
  3. 3. InfluencingInfluencing • Be positive. Avoid negative. o “UBI is great because…” vs. “That* sucks.” (*capitalism, socialism, conservatives, liberals, etc.) • Make friends, not enemies of friends. o “My ideal UBI involves…” vs. “UBI will fail unless…” (I think vs. it is.) • Avoid connecting concepts subconsciously o “UBI will fail unless…” • Avoid NOT statements o “UBI is not socialism” vs. “Milton Friedman was not a socialist” • Use words like “will” not “would” o “With UBI, people will…” vs. “With UBI, people would…”
  4. 4. InfluencingInfluencing • Treat your interactions as seeds o Give it time. Don’t expect anyone to ever change their mind. o Don’t push. People will dig in their heels if you push too hard. • Everyone* supports UBI. They just don’t know it yet. o *(Except for those who don’t, but you can’t ever really know who) • Speak to your audience using their language. o If welfare recipients are lazy, then welfare punishes work. o Don’t say UBI is not welfare (NOT statement) • You have more influence in your own “tribes.” o A devout Christian is more likely to listen to a fellow devout Christian. • Listen. Don’t just talk. Consider. Communicate. • Pay attention to what strongly resonates. o Make a note of feedback from the convinced.
  5. 5. InfluencingInfluencing • The evidence is on our side, but it’s not enough. o Experimental data vs. anecdotal data • Collect memorable stories o We are storytellers. Remember some. Share them. • Ask “The BIG Question” o What are you not doing right now because you don’t have UBI? o Answer = personalized definition of UBI • Discussion: What’s a memorable story you heard or is about you? Or alternatively what’s your BIG answer?
  6. 6. TwitterTwitter • Local UBI accounts and topic accounts o E.g. @BasicIncomeNYC, @HumansBasic • Follow UBI supporters and local politicians/orgs • Like UBI tweets and those who you wish attract • Retweet popular tweets and follow their RT’ers • Embed tweets that lack #basicincome o Quote, summarize, recommend • Tweet using hashtags responsibly o Always try to include #basicincome (as long as it looks right) o Avoid hashspamming (limit to 1-3 after url)
  7. 7. TwitterTwitter • Tweets with images are more likely to be shared o Up to 10 accounts can be tagged • Links are valuable but not necessary o Avoid just tweeting titles. Be unique and value-adding. • Summarize link, or quote from it, or provide recommendation. • Tag author and publication • Consider screencapping and tagging interested readers • Lists can be useful but also annoying o Private lists are preferred • Use search and save your searches o Search for urls and then like, RT, follow, etc. • Use threads o Each new tweet can draw new eyes to previous tweets.
  8. 8. ToolboxToolbox • Writing platforms o Twitter threads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, Steemit, Wordpress, Reddit, and many more. o Op-eds to local newspapers (short) o National opinion platforms possible but challenging • Video platforms o YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitch, D.Tube o Apps: Renderforest • Reddit o Anything you create, share on reddit.com/r/basicincome o Consider what others subs make sense (futurology, politics, news?) o Upvote and click (front page and profitability) o Use comment sections for practice and ideas • Automation tools o Tweetfull (like based on keywords), Twibble (rss fed tweets)
  9. 9. ToolboxToolbox • TV/Journalist interactions o Soundbites, quotable sentences, alliteration o Keep interviews short (the longer you speak the less control you have) o You are in control and can answer any question you want (pivot) • Memes o Apps: Canva o Make an image (use a quote, or be original, or just plain UBI) o Share it • Mission Possible o Once a day, feed the UBI social network
  10. 10. Thank YouThank You Find me online: Scottsantens.com Twitter.com/scottsantens Facebook.com/scottsantens YouTube.com/scottsantens Patreon.com/scottsantens Reddit.com/r/basicincome