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The Benefits of Residential Deck Coating

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http://www.scorpioncoatings.com/benefits-residential-deck-coating | Protecting your outdoor deck comes with many advantages, including increased safety, better home resale value, and much more.

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The Benefits of Residential Deck Coating

  1. 1. ooden decks are a great way to add value to a home, not to mention a great place to relax and spend time outside. IOOOIOIIO000000000000IIIIOOOOOOOOOICCOOOOOOOOIIIIOOOIIOOIOOIO While adding a deck can be an investment, the increase in property value they bring is almost always worth significantly more than the cost. In areas with higher construction costs, the return on investment from a wooden deck is higher than in less expensive areas. On top of that, building a deck often costs less than many people believe. The national average cost But the average cost of for residential construction constructing a wooden deck is is per square foot. less than per square foot. Many homeowners choose to paint their decks or use a wood stain to protect it against the elements. Unfortunately, paint and stains often don't provide the level of protection they are supposed to, and the deck ends up fading or chipping quickly. INSTEAD OF USING PAINT OR A TRADITIONAL STAIN TO PROTECT YOUR DECK, USE SCORPION PROTECTIVE COATINGS. Scorpion coatings protect from the damaging effects of: Sunlight Rain Frost IOOOIIIIO000000000000IIIIOOOOOOOOIIC00000000000000OIIIOOOOIIOO In addition, Scorpion coatings also make surfaces less slippery, protecting you and your family from harmful slips and falls. o o o o u o o o o o o o - o o o - o a u o o o o - o o o o o - - - o o a - a u o o o o - - n o o o - - - u o o o o u o o o o - - o - o o n - - o o o - o u o o o on They're also easy to apply - you can use a brush or roller. They don't contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), making them safe to be around. They don't just work on wood, either - they also work on: Fiberges Scorpion coatings come with a 10-year warranty, and can last as long as 20 years without needing to be reapplied. Sources http: //www. houselogic. com/ home—advice/ decks/ deck—addition—va| ue/ http: //www. scorpioncoatings. com/ benefits~and-uses-of-heavy-duty-protectivecoatingsl Ei5N§ii20§I! !39§. lli9"5