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Çollaboration with OneNote Class Notebook

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This is a presentation that accompanies a webinar. OneNote Class Notebook makes it easier for students to collaborate. We know that Microsoft OneNote is a great tool for 21st Century education. With Microsoft OneNote, teachers can create notebooks that help them stay organized, deliver curriculum, and collaborate with students and colleagues. In addition, students can use OneNote to create digital notebooks that help them take amazing notes, work with friends, and finish homework faster. OneNote Class Notebooks is an easy to use app that combines all these features with the aim of making learning fun, interactive and inspiring. In this webinar we will speak to Rhoda Larangeira, a Geography teacher from St Andrews in Johannesburg, who is using One Note Class Notebooks to stay organized and as well as create and share inspiring lessons.

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Çollaboration with OneNote Class Notebook

  1. 1. OneNote Class Notebook This session covers: • New tools in Office 365, • OneNote overview, • What is OneNote Class Notebook? • Skype Demo: OneNote Class Notebook best practice: teacher from St Andrews School for Girls, Johannesburg, South Africa. • Wrap: Next steps
  2. 2. What’s new in Office 365 Education?
  3. 3. What is OneNote? OneNote is your very own digital notebook, with sections and pages
  4. 4. OneNote for gathering lesson resources • Collect web clippings and pictures from the Internet • Automatically notes where resources are from
  5. 5. OneNote for sharing class notes • Teacher can add content • Learners can save what they need on their Notebook
  6. 6. OneNote for interactive marking/inking • Teacher can add comments in free-hand • Notes don’t get lost – OneNote saves automatically • Can be shared privately
  7. 7. 11
  8. 8. What is OneNote Class Notebook? Your own digital notebook organized in three parts…
  9. 9. Student Notebooks OneNote Class Notebook A framework for teaching and learning with OneNote and Office 365 Collaboration space Content Library - “Anything, anywhere” canvas (type, write, clip web, insert files) - Ready-made digital portfolio for any class. - Real-time coaching (“Flip the classroom”) - Natural learning with digital ink to write or annotate - Fits many learning styles with a variety of inputs and uses - One Powerful Notebook for an entire class
  10. 10. Putting It All Together
  11. 11. OneNote Class Notebook Skype demo Rhoda Larangeira, Geography teacher at St Andrews School for Girls, Johannesburg rlarangeira@standrews.co.za
  12. 12. Next stepsNext stepsNext stepsNext steps • Access OneNote at onenote.com • OR access OneNote as part of Office • OR access OneNote through an Office 365 Education Plan • See onenoteineducation.com for more info • Set up OneNote Class Notebook for your learners • OneNote for students: http://www.onenote.com/students# • Find training & resources on Microsoft Educator Community • Coming soon: OneNote Class Notebook Add-in
  14. 14. Save time and become more efficient with OneNote Class Notebook add in…