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Magelis Basic HMI Briefing

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In this briefing we explore the Magelis Basic HMI offer presentation and application samples.
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Magelis Basic HMI Briefing

  1. 1. Property of Schneider Electric | Magelis Basic HMI Briefing Simply reliable. Simply available. December 2017
  2. 2. • Introduction to the offer  HMI description  Magelis Families  Product differentiation • Basic HMI  Key offers  Feature comparison • HMI software • Targeted applications • Where to find further details • Quiz Table of content Page 2Property of Schneider Electric |
  3. 3. Human machine interface (HMI) is the main visible automation part, which manages all vital machine features, including visualization, control, supervision, diagnostics, monitoring, and data logging. • Easy to use for stand-alone machines • Innovative advanced technologies for manufacturing lines • Advanced PC-based panel for complete process monitoring and control HMI Magelis range Page 3Property of Schneider Electric |
  4. 4. • Open architectures have multiple connections not only to field devices but also between HMIs and toward servers and clouds. Screen sizes are mostly 10 or more inches. • The HMI plays a vital role in the manufacturing setup. The functionality is not focused on the single operator but more about organizing, sharing, and storing information. Such architectures often rely on open HMI and for very high performance requirements on industrial PCs that are designed for long-term use. • Custom specific software running next to HMI software is common. For operational efficiency, remote operation via smart devices or PCs are becoming more popular. These devices will be crucial for the Internet of Things (IoT) in the coming years. • Simple interactions with one connected field device such as PLC or inverter to one small HMI (screen size < 5.7”). • The HMI displays information from the connected device in an understandable format for the operator. • Some data can be changed when the machine parameters have to be adjusted. What does an HMI do? Page 4Property of Schneider Electric | Manufacturing line levelMachine level Simple interactions Open architectures • Advanced application with multiple connected devices and one HMI (screen size 5 ~ 19”) • The HMI provides more information to the user and includes intelligent functions, such as alarm management, access control, or data logging. • Often the HMI will also be connected to a network for remote maintenance via Ethernet. Advanced applications
  5. 5. What are the main components of an HMI? Page 5Property of Schneider Electric | OthersInterfaces • All modern HMIs consist of a color TFT display with an input function, mostly touch, keys, or both. • The display is used to show the operator information about the machine and give him or her the ability to interact by changing data. This is mostly done on resistive touch screens. For dedicated requirements, HMIs with keys are available. For operators • For data exchange with field devices or PCs, the HMI is equipped with various communication ports. • Ethernet-based communication is standard and available in all product classes. The serial communication still remains popular for simple communication. • For the PC connection USB ports are available along with the Ethernet port. For devices and IT • CPU and memory are used in any HMI. In most HMIs these are not directly accessible. • The memory holds the user project that is written by the screen editor. The CPU executes the project and allows the HMI to operate. • A DC 24 V power supply is standard for HMIs. Some HMIs feature a battery for data backup. CPU and memory • The HMI project is made in a software tailored for screen design and communication. • Modern tools integrate with the PLC SW for effortless system design. The next generation SW is focused on gestures that are common on smartphones or tablets. IoT requires more security features. Software Frontside Rearside
  6. 6. Magelis Families Page 6Property of Schneider Electric | Basic HMI for Simple Machine Other software Service Advanced HMI for performance Machines iPC for Line management A cost-effective, optimized HMI range which also delivers on features and performance A high performance range of HMIs that allows users to manage demanding application requirements A comprehensive range of intuitive industrial PCs for improved productivity to enhance operator experience Remote Access Apps IDS (Traceability Software 21CFR11) Ecostruxure Remote Access Advisor Ecostruxure Augmented Operator Advisor Magelis GTOMagelis STO7 Magelis STU Magelis SCU Vijeo Designer Vijeo XD Magelis GTU Magelis XBTGH Magelis HMIGK Modular type Slim type Box PC iDisplay Monitor Rack PC Vijeo XLVijeo Designer Vijeo XD
  7. 7. • Graphic Operator Panel + Control • Ø 22mm mounting system • Space saving • Modular type • Ø 22mm mounting system • Space saving • Selectable interface makes cost efficacy • Compact but High resolution • Easy upgrade from 3” mono • All models employ 65,536-color TFT LCDs • Ethernet standard equipment • Stainless Steel models • Analog touch Screen Product Differentiation Property of Schneider Electric | Simple Machines Standard HMI Magelis GTO Compact color HMI Magelis STO7 Cut-out free HMI Cut-out free HMI controller Magelis STU Magelis SCU Basic HMI Screen size 3.5”, 5.7”Screen size 3.5”, 5.7”Screen size W4.3”Screen size 3.5”, 5.7”, W7”, 10”,12” • Hand-held Panel • Mobility • Safety with emergency stop button • Display with keyboard • Fine control inputs even in severe environment • Visualization efficiency: Industrial multitouch screens, extra high quality images, new wide format and big sizes. • Flexibility for all architecture: Free combination of Box and Display modules, high communication level, wireless Display • Easy maintenance: Removable storage units, front USB ports, robust panel IP67Performance Machines The high performance modular HMI Magelis GTU Keyboard HMI Hand-held panel Magelis HMIGK XBT GH Advanced HMI Screen size 5.7”Screen size 5.7”, 10.4”Screen size W7”, 10”,W10, 12”, W12”, 15”, W15”, W19” • Industrial Monitors• For control room• For repetitive machines requiring the Windows Line management S-Box PC Rack PC iDisplayIPC • Simple all-in-one design S-panel PC • Universal and Performance Box, Display and Panel PC Modular PC HMIPSO/HMIPSP/HMIPEP AtomCore i3 HMIBMU/HMIBMP AtomCeleron Core i7 <Temperature> operation: 0...60 °C Storage: -40...85 °C <vibration resistance> 1.75 mm (f = 2...9 Hz) 0.5 gn (f = 9...200 Hz) HMIBSO/HMIBSU Atom <Temperature> operation: 0...40 °C Storage: -20...60 °C <vibration resistance> 0.002 g²/Hz (f = 5...500 Hz) 2 gn (f = 5...500 Hz) HMIR●O/HMIRSU/HMIRSP Core G850 Core i3 Xeon <Temperature> operation: 0...60 °C Storage: -20...60 °C <vibration resistance> 3.5 mm constant amplitude (f = 5...9 Hz) 9.8 m/s² (f = 9...150 Hz) Screen size 12”, 15”HMIDID Page 7
  8. 8. Basic HMI Page 8Property of Schneider Electric |
  9. 9. Magelis GTO The optimized terminal that doesn’t compromise features and performances • Standard displays ranging from 3.5” to 12” • Stainless steel panel for food and beverage applications • Optimized communication • Easy to install and sustainable offer • Full range of international certifications • No-logo and full conformal coating versions available HMI key offers (cont’d) Basic HMI Page 9Property of Schneider Electric | Standard HMI Screen size: 3.5",5.7", W7“, 7", 10",12" Vijeo XD Vijeo Designer
  10. 10. Magelis STO • High definition 4.3” color screen TFT screen with 480 x 272 pixels • Patented mounting adapter to mount in 3.5” STO panel cut outs • Highest screen to full size ratio in the 4.3” class • Removable logo stickers • 3 version for various communication types HMI key offers (cont’d) Basic HMI Page 10Property of Schneider Electric | Vijeo XDScreen size: W4.3” 64k color screen with resistive touch function USB type A host connector for: • Connection of a peripheral device • Connection of a USB memory stick USB type mini-B device connector for application transfer Communication port to field devices (such as PLC or INV), depending on the model: Ethernet and/or serial communication A removable screw terminal block for 24 V power supply Compact color HMI
  11. 11. HMI key offers Basic HMI Page 11Property of Schneider Electric | Cut out free HMI controllerCut-out free HMI Vijeo DesignerScreen size: 3.5", 5.7" Screen size: 3.5", 5.7" SoMachine Magelis STU • Standard definition color screen TFT QVGA 3.5’’ and 5.7” • Innovative tool-free mounting via 22.5 mm hole • Ethernet port RJ45 10/100 Base T • Separated mounted via 3 m or 5 m cable with mounting adapter Magelis SCU The all-in-one solution for compact requirements • Standard 3.5” and 5.7” TFT displays • Innovative tool-free mounting via 22.5 mm hole • Digital version with 16 digital inputs and 10 digital outputs (relay outputs with 2 A) • Analog version with 8 digital and 4 analog inputs as well as 8 digital (V, A, PT100, TC) and 2 analog outputs • Positioning functions with high speed counter and pulse train outputs on all units • Embedded CANopen® port for field networking
  12. 12. Feature comparison Basic HMI Page 12Property of Schneider Electric | Platform GTO Standard HMI STO7 Compact color HMI STU Cut-out free HMI SCU HMI controller Screen Size 3.5",5.7", W7", 7", 10",12" 4.3” 3.5", 5.7” 3.5", 5.7” Screen resolution 320 x 240/640 x 480/ 800 x 480/800 x 600 480 x 272 320 x 240 320 x 240 Application memory 64 MB/128 MB or 96 MB/ 128 MB 26 MB 32 MB 128 MB Backup memory 128 KB to 512 KB 128 KB 64 KB 128 KB Expansion memory None or SD card None None None Ethernet port None or 1 LAN port None or 1 LAN port 1 LAN port 1 LAN port Serial line RS-232C/485 (COM1)only or RS-232C (COM1) RS-485 (COM2) None or RS-232C or RS-232C/RS-485 RS-232C/RS-485 RS485/RS232 Operating temperature 0…50 °C or 0…55 °C 0…50 °C 0…50 °C 0…50 °C Software Vijeo Designer/Vijeo XD Vijeo XD Vijeo Designer SoMachine
  13. 13. Vijeo XD Vijeo XD is a new-generation software providing a best-in-class user experience HMI Software HMI Design Software Page 13Property of Schneider Electric | • Ability to go beyond limitations of the physical screen size to improve productivity Operate intuitively • Efficient and intuitive engineering • For faster customization and modification Reduce time to market • High usability and image quality for the operator (experience Design) Improve efficiency Touchscreen configuration software, with latest UI design and gestures
  14. 14. Typical Targeted Applications Page 14Property of Schneider Electric | Pumping Hoisting Material handling Textile Material working Packaging HVAC&R Food & Beverages Machine Tools Water & waste water Magelis GTO Magelis STO Magelis STU Magelis SCU
  15. 15. • Click here to find info on SE.com • Click here to find Magelis STU/STO on SE.com • Click here to find Magelis GTO on SE.com • Click here to find Magelis SCU on SE.com • Click here to access our Digicat • Click here to access to CAD files • Click on the link below for FAQs (frequently asked question) Where to find details Page 15Property of Schneider Electric |
  16. 16. Property of Schneider Electric | Quiz Based on what you’ve learned so far, try to answer to this quiz ? Page 16 Which product can you select communication interface and it becomes cost efficacy? Q1 Which HMI offer provide cut-out free installation with innovative mounting of 22.5mm diameter hole? Q2 Which HMI offer combines in all-in-one solution HMI and PLC features in only one product? Q3 Stainless steel frame solution, dedicated to Food & Beverage environments, is available in which HMI offer? Q4 Which Magelis HMI hardware offers are configured with Vijeo XD software? Q5
  17. 17. Property of Schneider Electric | Quiz answers Page 17 Which product can you select communication interface and it becomes cost efficacy? Q1 Magelis STO7 have 3 type of models. STO705 with RS232C, STO715 with RS232C/485, STO735 with Ethernet Which HMI offer provide cut-out free installation with innovative mounting of 22.5mm diameter hole? Q2 Magelis STU and Magelis SCU offers Which HMI offer combines in all-in-one solution HMI and PLC features in only one product? Q3 Magelis SCU offer Stainless steel frame solution, dedicated to Food & Beverage environments, is available in which HMI offer? Q4 Magelis GTO offer Which Magelis HMI hardware offers are configured with Vijeo XD software? Q5 Magelis STO7, GTO, GTU and iPCs offers? Answers
  18. 18. Page 18Property of Schneider Electric | Thank you