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EcoStruxure™ for Cloud & Service Providers

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At Schneider Electric, in the IT Division, our core business has always been focused on delivering the highest level of availability to critical technologies, systems and processes. We’ve done this through our award winning, industry-leading and highest quality products and solutions, including UPS, Cooling, Rack Systems, DCIM and Services.
In this new digital era, we see a world that is always-on.
Always on to meet the needs of the highest notion of “access” to goods and services
Always on to be the solid, reliable foundation of digital transformation for businesses
Our mission is: To empower the digital transformation of our customers by ensuring their critical network, systems and processes are highly available and resilient.

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EcoStruxure™ for Cloud & Service Providers

  1. 1. EcoStruxure™ for Cloud & Service Providers Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Mark Bidinger, President – Cloud & Service Provider segment Schneider Electric
  2. 2. In this digital era, we enable a world that is always on. Our mission is to empower the digital transformation of our customers by ensuring their critical networks, systems, and processes are highly available and resilient. Page 2Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Our mission
  3. 3. Cloud computing +16.5% annual growth Internet of Things 30 B connected things by 2020 Mobility 5.5 B mobile active users by 2020 Video streaming 70% of all mobile traffic by 2021 Artificial Intelligence 1.7 MB created per second, per human by 2020 Page 4Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Cloud & Service Provider market growth will be driven by multiple long-term trends
  4. 4. Massive compute and storage CENTRALIZED CLOUD Large compute and storage located closer to the user REGIONAL EDGE Compute and storage near to where data is consumed LOCAL EDGE Trends have created a more complex data center ecosystem Page 6Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  5. 5. Complexity drives opportunity and challenges Growing demand for data center services Opportunity for differentiation True customer intimacy Increasing client expectations Investment required to keep up Different workforce skillset Opportunity Challenge Page 7Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  6. 6. C-Suite DC design DC construction DC operation •Attract new clients •Choose new locations •Save costs •Improve cash flow •Eliminate downtime • Reduce CapEx • Evaluate new technologies • Standardize globally • Future-proof design • Reduce cycle time • Lower cost • Manage global ecosystem • Build on demand • Lower operating costs • Improve safety • Eliminate downtime • Replace aging workforce EcoStruxure is critical to solving these issues Page 8Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  7. 7. Page 7Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Drive demand and performance
  8. 8. Maximize data value with Edge Control software and Apps, Analytics & Services EcoStruxure Power EcoStruxure IT EcoStruxure Building IoT-enabled software Protects, monitors, and controls electrical distribution networks, from MV to LV Makes supporting IT more reliable, simple, and efficient by offering complete visibility through alerting and modeling tools Drives reliability and efficiency of building management, security, and fire systems, from deployment, commissioning, on through operations and maintenance Cloud-basedapps Take action from device and predictive maintenance data for increased safety, availability, and efficiency Benefit from remote monitoring, data analytics, and system advice for optimizing the white space on any device Perform data analytics on assets, energy use, and operational performance Page 10Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  9. 9. Connected Products Edge Control Apps, Analytics & Services End-to-endCybersecurity Cloudand/orOnPremise EcoStruxure™ architecture EcoStruxure Resource Advisor and Energy & Sustainability Services EcoStruxure Building Operation EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operation for Cloud & Service Providers Aquaflair Chiller AC Drive PremsetPowerLogic Meters Masterpact MTZ Smart Panel Galaxy 3-phase UPS Prefabricated Data Centers EcoFlair EcoStruxure Power Advisor EcoStruxure Asset Advisor rPDUHyperPodInfraStruxure InRow Cooling Symmetra UPS EcoStruxure IT Advisor EcoStruxure IT Expert Page 11Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  10. 10. Maximize business success with EcoStruxure Increase speed of deployment Lower CapEx and OpEx Mitigate risk Page 12Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  11. 11. Page 11Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Solutions in action
  12. 12. Page 12Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Interxion: The building blocks of the digital economy
  13. 13. Page 13Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Colocation provider with 45 data centers in 11 countries Interxion for Cloud & Service Providers Challenges • High demand for data center space driven by enterprise and cloud providers • Needed to build a state-of-the-art data center in Marseille in just two months • Concurrently expanding its PAR7 data center in Paris Solutions • MRS2: Prefabricated data center modules, StruxureWare Data Center Expert, Galaxy UPS • PAR7: StruxureWare Data Center Expert, Symmetra PX 1.4 MW UPSs, chillers, life-cycle services Results • Real-time monitoring of data centers • Early detection and quick resolution of alarms to avoid downtime • Employee well-being • High-density, high-availability, and highly efficient data centers Page 19Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |
  14. 14. Page 14Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | James Belasco and Ralph Stayer The IoT is expanding in the midst of many significant technology changes that we see as fuel for innovation EcoStruxure delivers enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for our customers EcoStruxure with best-in-class execution ensures success In the competitive world of colocation, you can win with innovation and planning In summary Our approach to innovation and business addresses the unique needs of Cloud & Service Providers