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Watersports in the southwestern u.s.

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http://www.scenic.com/tours/scenic-canyon-river-adventure | Watersports are the perfect way to cool off in the deserts of the Southwest. From river rafting to jet skiing to inner tubing, explore the many water activities for the whole family on your next vacation.

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Watersports in the southwestern u.s.

  1. 1. The American Southwest is the perfect place for watersports, offering fun for every member of the family. A refreshing dip in a lake or river is the perfect respite from hot, dry desert conditions. We’ll take a look at some of the many watersports your family can look forward to on your next vacation in the Southwestern U.S.
  2. 2. For an experience unlike any other, nothing compares to river rafting on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. A Grand Canyon tour down the Colorado River on a motorized boat is the perfect adventure for the whole family, allowing everyone to soak in the scenery and capture amazing photos. Those looking for a longer adventure can take a multi-day rafting trip, camping under the stars each night.
  3. 3. Kayaking is a fun activity for people of all skill levels. Experienced kayakers will love the rapids on rivers like the Colorado, while less experienced kayakers will enjoy paddling along a gently flowing river or around a lake. Popular places to kayak in the Southwest: • Lake Mead, Arizona • Navajo Lake, New Mexico • Colorado River, Arizona • Truckee River, Nevada
  4. 4. An increasingly popular activity, stand-up paddle boarding is the closest you’ll ever come to “standing on water.” Anyone can paddle board, but it requires core strength and balance. Give paddle boarding a try during your trip through the Southwest! Where to paddle board: Lakes are ideal places for beginners, since the water is calm and flat.
  5. 5. For thrill seekers, jet skiing is an exhilarating ride. Feel the wind in your hair and the spray on your face as you race across the water! Popular jet skiing spots: • Lake Powell, Arizona • Lake Pleasant, Arizona
  6. 6. A half-day inner tube float down the river is a fun, relaxing activity, but parents be warned: this may be an adults-only activity. Things can get a rowdy out on the river, especially on big holiday weekends, so make sure to choose kid-friendly spots. Popular spots for inner tubing: • Salt River, Arizona • Colorado River, Colorado
  7. 7. Speed boats can skim the water at impressive speeds—some, up to 100mph or more! One of the most popular locations for speed boating is Lake Havasu in Arizona, as there are no speed restrictions on the lake. Hold on to your hats and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!
  8. 8. Parasailing gives you an incredible bird’s-eye view. Parasailing involves being towed by a boat while attached to a harness and parachute. As the boat speeds up, you’ll slowly lift off for a smooth, exhilarating ride. Popular parasailing spots: • Lake Havasu, Arizona • Colorado River, Arizona • Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  9. 9. Scenic Airlines is the largest and most experienced aerial tour operator in the world, specializing in charter Grand Canyon airplane tours. Scenic has pioneered the aerial sightseeing industry since it began tours in 1967. Scenic offers over 20 unique tours varying from easy and relaxed to adventure expeditions. Tours range from a one-hour, air-only sightseeing flight, to a three-day, two-night program throughout the Southwest. Visit www.scenic.com for tour information or call (800) 634-6801.