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The Eight Absolute Best Attractions in Las Vegas 
With lights, shows, Lamborghinis, and buffets, Sin City has revamped for...
paying tribute to his late, beloved friend Rivers, Marino's act features a platoon of female 
impersonators, each surprisi...
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The eight absolute best attractions in las vegas

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http://www.scenic.com/tours?location=lasVegas&equipment=airplane | From seedy back streets to luscious botanical gardens, to flights over the Grand Canyon, there are too many things to do in Vegas! Find out which activities you mustn't miss.

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The eight absolute best attractions in las vegas

  1. 1. The Eight Absolute Best Attractions in Las Vegas With lights, shows, Lamborghinis, and buffets, Sin City has revamped for a family-style getaway appropriate for all ages. These eight attractions -- from Grand Canyon tours to roller coasters and aquariums -- are family-friendly and offer fun ranging from free to extravagant. You can enjoy them all in a stay of a week or less. 1. Cirque du Soleil Don't plan to do much else the night you get tickets for Cirque du Soleil's Love at the Mirage; it runs for a full three hours. Yet, you'll be so spellbound by the magical performance that it won't even seem like the average length of a feature film. Cirque du Soleil offers several performances in Vegas, but Love gets the best reviews by far from tourists and critics. Celebrating the musical legacy of the Beatles, Love features some of the most extraordinary performers among Cirque's delightful entourage of former Olympic gymnasts -- all wearing the outlandish costumes that fans have come to expect. 2. Shark Reef Aquarium Since you'll likely want to stretch your legs thoroughly before sitting three hours watching trapeze artists do their thing to "Revolution," you might spend the afternoon touring Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. If you're staying at the hotel, don't forget to tune into the Shark Reef Channel to watch these magnificent creatures live on their own reality TV show. 3. Grand Canyon Tours Not all visitors realize that just outside the city's borders lies one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Grand Canyon is spectacular from any angle, but if you haven't seen it from the air, you're missing out. Grand Canyon tours From Las Vegas are a perfect respite from the buzzing casinos, and an air tour at sunset will likely be the highlight of your entire trip -- including the afternoon you won $18 at the slots. 4. New York-New York Roller Coaster Anybody can tour New York-New York Casino, but blowing through it upside down at almost 70 mph -- that's Las Vegas! The coaster brings you up 187 feet into the air, then blasts you back down, continuing to loop, dive, and twist until you come to an exhilarating stop a few minutes (and screams) later. 5. Frank Marino's Divas For almost 30 years, Frank Marino has honored "The Queen of the Barbed One-Liners," Joan Rivers, as well as countless other lovable divas, with his female impersonators act. Claiming to be the longest-running show on the Strip, Divas is performed at the Quad Resort and Casino (formerly the Imperial) almost every night at 9:30. In addition to
  2. 2. paying tribute to his late, beloved friend Rivers, Marino's act features a platoon of female impersonators, each surprising the audience with a performance worthy of the divas they incarnate -- sometimes Cher, other times Brittney Spears, often Barbara Streisand or Madonna. You never know who you'll see, but the performances, costumes, and scripts are never less than top notch. 6. Exotics Racing Ever wanted to roll in a Ferrari like the one seen in Miami Vice or cruise in an Aston Martin like James Bond? At Exotics Racing you can! Zoom past competitors in your Lamborghini or show up the other guys blasting along in your Porsche. 7. Dig This Have you ever wanted to spend the day playing with big toys? At Dig This in Vegas, you can play in the dirt like a grown-up, but instead of using Tonka Toys, you get full-scale bulldozers and excavators. Play sandbox at an entirely new level and go home with a Vegas experience like none of your friends ever have. 8. Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens Expert horticulturists designed this masterpiece so that visitors can literally walk through every season of the year, complete with in-season flowers, exotic plants, an abundance of greenery, and full-sized trees. About 18,000 people visit the gardens each day, yet it never feels cramped or crowded. Go when you have plenty of time to explore, because this vivid beauty can't be rushed.