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Spot buy Training JCI.pdf

  1. 1 Corbus Confidential Spot buy Training
  2. Corbus Confidential 2 Spot buy Process Step 1- Corbus to receive shortage reports from plant’s buyer Here is the details of plant buyers. Plant Buyer by Distributor: @Janicel – Supports Avnet @Benito – Supports Arrow @Cristina – Supports Future Step 2- Review the reports received to identify highly critical parts and review the remarks from Supplier/buyer in the report to see whether open market action is required or not. a.- Parts can be identified in the reports with Critical, Red, Yellow to understand the coverage and criticality. b. -There may be cases where part is critical but supplier is going to ship some qty. thus get well is going to achieved sooner. Corbus needs to check with Zak/buyers to see if open market action is required. .
  3. Corbus Confidential 3 c.- Forecast (Corbus to receive forecast report from JCI) has an important role here and if supplier is shipping some pcs but we see issue in future shipments Corbus still needs to investigate open market. However, needs to check with Zak/buyer Step-3- Once everything is set Corbus can start open market action. Corbus to receive “AML Reports” every month with below information to identify manufacturer and Rohs complaint parts against Tyco part number. Step 4- Corbus to visit the Octopart website link: and enter the Mfr. part number to look for the parts availability and qty. There is another website but we will prefer Octopart as the information is more or less same. Step 5- Enter the part number and get the details per below screenshot. Need to make sure to pick the distributor against which you see a “star” per below and with ample stock to cover the need.
  4. Corbus Confidential 4
  5. Corbus Confidential 5 Step-6- Also at the same time need to see whether AML report and Octopart manufacturer name and part number is matching. This must match. Step 7- Copy the Octopart link plus note down the stock available and paste it per below- , example- 657 stocks
  6. Corbus Confidential 6 Step 8- If the stock on Octopart will not cover the gap or if there is no stock on Octopart, please reach out to our Distributors.
  7. Corbus Confidential 7 Here is the sample email draft.
  8. Corbus Confidential 8 Step 9- If we found stock via distributor, need to put it here. Distributor Name and Qty. available, Price Step 10- PPV Delta ( It is the overall difference in price between existing or new order for a particular part) So PPV= (Standard price -New order price) X qty purchased New order price provided by the broker Step 11- Revenue IMPACT ???
  9. Corbus Confidential 9 Step 12- If Brokers cannot find stock and we are line down/not covered for the quarter, reach out to Engineering for alternates. ( ) and copy buyers on that email
  10. Corbus Confidential 10 Thank You!!