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Social media-strategy-101

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In this slide, I share strategies on running a successful social media campaign.

If your business does not have an effective social media strategy and presence, then you’re falling behind.

Here is my full blog on social media strategy: https://goo.gl/mDrDyD

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Social media-strategy-101

  1. 1. by Social Media Strategy 101 Negin Sarooei
  2. 2. Overview 1. Managing your social media campaigns 2. Using properly licensed photos and content 3. Connecting to your audience 4. Quality over quantity 5. Frequency and scheduling 6. Measuring results Learn how to build and manage an effective social media campaign for your business. Topics
  3. 3. Managing Your Social Media Campaign  Your social media is how your brand is presented to the world.  So don’t hire your brother’s kid to manage your social media campaign.  Hire a professional or have a well trained in-house employee create and manage your social media campaigns.
  4. 4. Using Properly Licensed Photos and Content  Take precautions and learn about copyright infringement laws to prevent lawsuits.  You are not allowed to take photos or content from Google or other websites and use it for your business.  Instead, purchase licensed images from istockphoto.com, gettyimages.com, and canva.com.
  5. 5. Connecting to Your Audience  Before posting anywhere, first gain a solid understanding of your audience.  A great free software to learn about your audience is Facebook’s Audience Insights.  The more insight you have into your audience, the better you can deliver a meaningful message to them.
  6. 6. Quality Over Quantity  Your content should not just be self-serving. It should serve your audience. Don’t just talk about how great your company is, or post yet another sale!  People look for fun and instant gratification on social media. So post the latest news and fun topics to keep them entertained and informed.  Create interesting posts for traditional and non-traditional holidays and calendar days.  Use relevant hashtags on all your posts. Get ideas for your social media posts. See our free social media calendar for 2017.
  7. 7. Frequency and Scheduling  Posting frequency and timing is critical to a successful social media campaign.  Post at least 2-3 times a week, or even as much as 2-3 times a day to keep your audience engaged.  Use Facebook Audience Insights to determine the best times to post for your audience. You might be surprised. It could be Sundays at 7:00pm!  Use Facebook scheduling or 3rd party software to schedule your upcoming posts. Ultimately, you need a person to oversee it.  Most successful companies invest in a reputable social media company that will dedicate experience staff for managing their social media campaigns.
  8. 8. Measuring Your Results  Google Analytics is a great tool to better understand your social media campaign results and measure your return on investment.  It can be time consuming, but knowing what is working is critical.  Some important metrics to consider are reach, engagement, and conversion.
  9. 9. Measuring Your Results Reviewing these metrics regularly will help you better understand what is working resulting in improved social media engagement. Reach: How many people were reached by your social media message? Engagement: Did people interact with your posts? For example, did people like, share, retweet, or comment? Conversion: Are people clicking on the links from your social media posts and going to your website? How many took the next step like making a purchase or filling out a lead form?
  10. 10. Created By Negin Sarooei Navazon Digital 9310 Topanga Canyon Blvd. #100B Chatsworth, CA 91311 (818) 534-2200 www.NavazonDigital.com Read Full Blog: https://goo.gl/mDrDyD