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Executive Director um The English Academy
26. Dec 2014

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Sarwan singh profile

  1. Our Philosophy
  2. Soft Skills Trainer, Motivational Speaker, English Skills Enhancement Trainer HIGHLIGHTS of QUALIFICATIONS More than 10 years of experience as Free Lance Trainer Exceptionally good communicator, Motivator and Public Speaker More than 25 years of industrial experience up to position of Chief Executive PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Chief Executive- H R Aircon Industries; Delhi General Manager- Phelix Appliances Ltd.; Baroda Works Manager -Gujarat Liqui Pharma Caps (P) Ltd.; Baroda Asst. Gen. Manager- Shriram Refrigeration Industries Ltd.; Hyderabad EDUCATION B. Sc. (Elect) Engg batch of 1977, Delhi University Sarwan Singh-Brief Profile
  3. For Industries and Companies ‘Shaping Young Minds’ (Project Wisdom) For Educational Institutes ‘Smart Student’s Program’ (Project Campus to Corporate) English Skills Enhancement ‘Say it Right’ (Project Smart English) Our Projects
  4. Bombardier Transportation Ltd, Gujarat Gas Limited, Gujarat Energy Transmission Co. Ltd., Madhya Gujarat Vidyut Company Ltd.), Gujarat Energy Training & Research Institute, Electrotherm (India) Ltd., Gujarat Energy Training & Research Institute, Puckaro Figelhom Ltd (an ABB Company), Puriflair Ltd, Collabra Technologies (P) Ltd, Gujarat Liqui Pharma Caps (P) Ltd, Rightways Solution India (P) Ltd., Net Web Technologies (P) Ltd, Deepak Nitrite Ltd, Flexican Bellows & Hoses Ltd., Esquire Machines (P) Ltd, Anwesha Engineering & Construction Company, SIS Telcom, Postal Training Center, Cosmos Industries (P) Ltd, Tecso Global, Omnova Industries (India) Pvt Ltd., Zydex Industries, Azilen Technologies, Fabdeal, Forever Green etc. Our Clients-Industries
  5. Sigma group of Institutes, G J Patel Institute of Ayurvedic Studies and Research, M S University, Sumandeep University, Baroda Medical College, G H Patel College of Engineering, S R Luthra College of Management, Sri Satya Sai Vidayalaya, Guru Narayan Murty School, Bharti Vidyapeeth (Deemed University) Baroda Public Schools, Gujarat Public School, Kendriya Vidayalayas, M S Hostel-Ambe Vidayalaya,, Utkarsh Vidayalaya, Tejas Vidayalaya, Bright School, Bhavan’s School, Shreyas Vidayalaya, Mira Public School, St. Joseph School, IIAEC Institute , Siddarth Public School, Arena, Aptech, etc. Our Clients-Educational Institutes
  6. A recent article in ‘The Times of India’ raises a very important question: Is academic excellence a true measure of one's success in life? It further goes on to say: High Marks May Not Guarantee Success!!!!!!! It is so because………… (please read on)
  7. It is because we need many other qualities besides high academic performance to be successful. Qualities like a person’s total personality, communication skills, positive attitude, time management & general outlook towards life in fact play more important role. However, the teaching process in our schools & colleges focuses on preparing students for scoring high marks. Hence, most of the students when they enter corporate world lack vital employ ability skills.
  8. To guide highly ambitious professionals and students about importance of soft skills & how these can be developed we have started projects like Project Wisdom, Project Campus to Corporate and Project Smart English. All of these projects are modular in nature. Each module focuses on a particular skill/quality essential to achieve greater success in life. The modules covered in this program are given in following pages…
  9. ‘Shaping Young Minds’ (Project Wisdom) ‘Shaping Young Minds’ (Project Wisdom)
  10. Module 1 Employ ability Skills of 21st Century Program overview The future of work Employability skills of 21st century. 15 Skills of Productive Employees Module 2 Business Communication How to be polite & yet effective in Business Communication Is it Dear Ms. Rita or Dear Rita? How to write powerful e-mails Common mistakes in writing e-mails Module 3 Business & Professional Etiquette You are being judged all the time. How to create good impression Importance of good manners, & courtesy in the work place Cubicle behavior, Phone etiquette, etc. ‘Shaping Young Minds’ (Project Wisdom)
  11. Module 5 Time Management Are you “busy” or “productive?” How to prioritize using decision matrices, How to beat common time wasters How to maximize your effectiveness How to say “no” How to beat procrastination Module 6 Leadership Skills What is Leadership? What are traits of good leaders? Leadership vs Management An exemplary Leader from Industry A New Perspective for good Leadership Module 4 Goal Setting What is importance of goals? Difference between goal & dream Smart goal setting Personal goal setting Why we don’t set goals. 8 goal setting mistakes ‘Shaping Young Minds’ (Project Wisdom)
  12. Module 7 Communication Skills for Sales & Service Professionals Words have power, choose them well 12 most powerful words in English Words & phrases which S & S professionals should use How to develop rapport with clients quickly Importance of proper body language Module 8 Team Building What is a team? What are stages in team formation? Qualities a team member needs. Build trust with diverse team members. Improve interpersonal communication skills Qualities Team Leader needs. ‘Shaping Young Minds’ (Project Wisdom)
  13. ‘Smart Student’s Program’ (Project Campus to Corporate) ‘Smart Student’s Program’ (Project Campus to Corporate)
  14. Module 1 Employability Skills required in 21st Century for Success Future of Work, Important skills required in 21st Century. Module 2 Importance of Good English and Communication Skills Why good English skills are important, Why good communication skills are important. Module 3 Personal Grooming You are being judged all the time, How to create good impression all the time. ‘Smart Student’s Program’ (Project Corporate to Campus)
  15. Module 4 How to Overcome Fear to Speak and Write in English How do we learn any language in general, Fears or Phobias (How real are the fears stopping us from using English and how to overcome them). Module 5 Time Management (for students) Importance of Time Management, Time Management tips for students. Module 6 Interview Skills & Resume Making Powerful Interview skills for fresh candidates, How to prepare high impact resume and cover letter. ‘Smart Student’s Program’ (Project Corporate to Campus)
  16. Module 7 Goal Setting for Students Importance of goals, How students can set SMART goals. Module 8 Group Discussion and Public Speaking Skills Why group discussion and public speaking are important, How to prepare for group discussion and public speaking. Module 9 Presentation Skills Importance of good presentation skills, How to create high impact presentations. ‘Smart Student’s Program’ (Project Corporate to Campus)
  17. Our Pro-bono (free) Workshops for Educational Institutes Our Pro-bono (free) Workshops for Educational Institutes
  18. S. No. Workshop Titles Target Group 1 Shine Under Stress (Strategies for Success in Exams) Teachers and Students 2 Success by Changing Mindset & Why We Fail Teachers and Students 3 Seven Laws of Teaching Teachers 4 Student’s Behavior Management Teachers 5 Time Management for Teachers Teachers
  19. ‘Say it Right’ (Project Smart English) ‘Say it Right’ (Project Smart English)
  20. `Business English´ (English for Professionals & Engineers) Speaking & Listening in English in various situations. Basic Sentence Structure, Parts of Speech, Tenses, Direct-Indirect Speech, Marks of Punctuation, Active- Passive Voice. Common Mistakes in use of English, How to Improve Writing Skills, Report Writing, e-Mail & Letter Writing. (This program is also available through internet) ‘Say it Right’ (Project Smart English)
  21. The participation should be limited to 30-40 participants. Generally soft copy of the Study Material will be provided. Duration of each module is 120-150 minutes app. The institute shall have to arrange PC/Laptop, LCD Projector, Speakers & microphone. METHODOLOGY:  Lecture by facilitator,  Power point presentations,  Audio/Video Clips,  Interaction & discussion with participants. Salient Features
  22. Reach us at @sarwan_singh (91)88666 80407, (91)97279 19756 Ahmedabad Baroda
  23. Workshops Conducted by: Sarwan Singh, Corporate Training │ Education │ Mentoring │ CoachingCorporate Training │ Education │ Mentoring │ Coaching