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Saroia Staffing Services Ltd Profile

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Saroia Staffing Services Ltd Profile

  1. 1. Saroia Staffing Services Limited Working in Partnership with local / national Healthcare providers
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Our company was established in September 2013 with the aim to provide temporary staffing solution to Health and Social Care. We are registered with CQC and committed to provide highest quality of care and service for each client on every occasion in West Midlands including your area.
  3. 3. Geographical Coverage Head Office based in Birmingham We have capacity to provide Nursing and Health Care Assistants to respective Clients within 200 miles from Birmingham. • West Midlands • Lancashire • Gloucestershire • Worcestershire • Warwickshire • Staffordshire • Shropshire
  4. 4. Staff Availability RGN Critical (A&E) Critical (ITU) Critical (Theatre) Cardiology (CCU) Healthcare Assistants Registered & Complaint 110 34 21 27 12 72 Recruitment campaigns are initiated & tailored to meet the needs of individual Trusts and their specific requirements
  5. 5. Pre-Registration Telephone Questionnaire upon initial application (to ensure min 6 months post qualification experience) Formal face to face interview with assigned Registered Nurse Manager Full application form including all educational & work history with gaps verified Proof of UK Citizenship and/or right to remain/work Proof of identification including; Passport, Driving Licence, Birth/Marriage Certificate, 2 x recent proof of address and national insurance number Scenario based competency questions at Registration Drug calculation assessment at Registration NMC Pin Check Validation at Registration Proof of Statement of Entry Validation of all training certificates including mandatory training. Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks Immunisations - Varicella, Hep B, BCG, Measles, Rubella (Staff involved in exposure prone procedures require: HIV, Hep surface antigen & Hep C) Occupational Health Check – Certificate of fitness 3 x Recent, relevant and professional references – 1 being from the most recent employer 2 x Passport sized photographs Our dedicated HR Team ensures that we recruit and provide experience and competent staff. Saroia Care adheres with the Nursing Agencies National Minimum Standards for the recruitment of all nurses. Our stringent registration process includes:
  6. 6. Quality Assurance Quality Assurance is of the upmost importance to us at Saroia. We ensure that the service provided by us is consistent and that the quality of care delivered by our Staff exceeds expectations. We conduct various quality assurance assessments & activities and welcome any comments or feedback from all parties. Nursing Home/Hospital Nurse/Carer Initial Visit to understand/identify needs Weekly verbal contact Feedback on each new nurse placed within Trust 6 weekly supervisions Weekly verbal contact Personal Development Programme Monthly check in calls to Managers Transferable skills identified and utilised Quarterly Review Meetings Quarterly General Meetings Annual Quality Questionnaires Initial 6 month appraisal with Registered Manager Robust Complaints Procedure Annual appraisals Further training opportunities Individual Annual quality questionnaire to Client We welcome comments, feedback and further suggestions and offer the flexibility to work in line with any quality assurances that your Company may have in place.
  7. 7. Ongoing Compliance We ensure that our ongoing compliance is as stringent as our original recruitment compliance to ensure that the quality and calibre of our nursing staff is maintained and in line with the nursing agencies national minimum standards. Our annual compliance allows us further opportunity to identify and highlight any areas for our nursing staff’s personal enhancement and/or development areas. Our annual ongoing compliance includes:  Monthly audit of PIN Registration against NMC Register  2 x relevant professional references (within previous 12 month period)  Appraisal review with Registered Manager  Renewal of Enhanced CRB Disclosure (DBS)  Renewal of Occupational Health Check (through Saroia Care OH Provider)  Renewal of Mandatory Training (through Saroia Care Training Provider)  Renewal of Saroia Care ID Badge
  8. 8. Continue Personal Development We are passionate about personal development and investing in our staff team to be safe, competent and evidenced based Practitioners. All temporary staff within Saroia Care are given a full range of training options and opportunities to suit their personal development: • Free E-Learning Courses & Inductions for all staff • Mandatory Training (Renewed Annually) Manual Handling, CPR, Basic Life Support, Infection Control, Health & Safety, Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults & Children (SOVA & SOCA), Control & Restraint (Management of Aggression & Violence) At Saroia we appreciate that we are only as good as the healthcare professionals who represent us, therefore we offer all our staff dedicated personal development and CPD training opportunities, ensuring that they are updated regularly with the latest in what is considered "best practice" Saroia works in partnership with several training providers and local authorities who can source short courses, study days, modules and programmes for continuing professional development of nurses and healthcare assistants.
  9. 9. Complaints Handling Our aim is to Ensure: • Complaints are dealt with efficiently and properly investigated. • Complainants receive an acknowledgement of their complaint within 3 working days and a formal response within 25 working days • Complainants are treated with respect and courtesy. • Complainants receive a timely and appropriate response • Complainants are told the outcome of the investigation of their complaint • Action is taken if necessary in the light of the outcome of a complaint Adwen John Registered Manager Email: john@saroia.co.uk Tel.: 0121 212 0611 Khudadad Masih Managing Director Email: khudadad@saroia.co.uk Tel.: 0121 212 0611 We ensure that the lessons learnt from complaints are used to improve our services and shared with respective staff. Complaints should be addressed directly to either: Sarfraz Tabussom Registered Manager Email: sam@saroia.co.uk Tel.: 0121 212 0611
  10. 10. Services Offered We offer the flexibility to work in line with clients own bookings systems whether this is an online rostering system, e-mail requests, telephone/fax communication. Rapid Response: Our rapid response service is to ensure that your requirement is met and confirmed with you promptly. We work with various Providers whom we set/agree response times with – these can vary from 2 minutes through to 4 hours. Long Term Placements: Our large pool of nurses and continuous recruitment campaigns allows us to support clients with long term placements to ‘fill the gaps’. Long term placements can be anything from 1 week through to 3 months. Advance Availability: We are able to offer the advance availability of nurses and HCA to individual providers. Advance availability updates can be offered daily, weekly or at whatever time suits your needs. The advance availability enables you to select your requirements direct from our list of categorised nurses giving you reassurance knowing that shifts have booked, covered and confirmed. Designated Account Manager: Each of our clients is given a Saroia Care Designated Account Manager (D.A.M) that can offer continuity of service. You’re D.A.M through initial research, experience and knowledge will ensure that the experience and skills of selected individual nurses will be those best suited to the requirements of each of your hospitals wards or departments. 24/7 On call: Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm with our extended out of hours services available 24/7 outside of these. Our on call team are highly experienced and fully exposed to all contracts and expectations with clients. Our on call team has full access to our internal software system detailing respective Providers requirements and updated nurses availability. The on call team also has access to any online bookings systems so whether its 6pm or 6am, you can rest assured that your booking will be accepted.
  11. 11. Thank you for your time. We look forward to working in partnership with you.