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Why choose surrogacy in india

Why Choose Surrogacy In India

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Why choose surrogacy in india

  1. 1. Surrogacy, a process in which a woman carries a child for intended parents, is indeed a dream filler fulfilling dreams of many infertile couples, who couldn’t lay an off-spring. Before opting for surrogacy, a couple must study each and every aspect of surrogacy. Generally infertile couples turn to surrogacy rather than adoption, as surrogate motherhood ensures, the child is biologically related to the intended parents. One of the most important things that the parents must keep in mind before surrogacy is that ‘it’s a long process’, one must prepare beforehand to keep their patience. But overall, it’s a great life begetting process, and Why Choose Surrogacy In India
  2. 2. Hiring surrogate mother in US or Canada?  In countries like US and Canada, couples require hiring a surrogate through an advertisement by personally employing the surrogate while in India, there are agencies offering surrogacy facilities.  Surrogate mothers in US thus can be hired by offering an advertisement in any local journal or magazine the intended parents think is good.  In US and Canada where couples themselves hire the surrogate needs to fulfill all the requirement of the surrogate in their home or a shelter designed for the surrogate mother in US. However, in India, agencies are there that look after the requirement of surrogates employed.  Thus private surrogate mother cost is a bit high in US and the same becomes a reasonable factor when things are being arranged for surrogate mother in India.
  3. 3. Legal Issue with opting for Surrogacy across the globe  In US laws for surrogacy varies from state to state and thus no federal law exists in United States of America.  However, in India there are flexible laws pertaining to cost of surrogacy mother in US, which makes it easy for parents to adopt the child.  Moreover, in countries like Australia and New Zealand, the agreements of surrogacy do not bind one legally and thus the birth mother is considered the real mother. Therefore, it is advised to couples looking for surrogacy options in Australia to have a legal document prepared with the consent of surrogate mother in Australia so that she can in no situation ask for the parental rights.  In US after a successful surrogacy, parents still need to go through some legal procedure to get the adoption of the child.
  4. 4. Why should you travel abroad for surrogacy?  Travelling abroad for getting reasonable cost of surrogate mother is a wonderful option for the parents who wish to get world-class surrogacy facilities. In terms of innovation, developed countries such as United States, Canada and Australia offers innovative facilities for Surrogacy, which is not available in developing nations such as India, Nepal and Thailand.  However, cost is one thing that would greatly differ between developed and developing nations and thus the cost of surrogate mother in India, if compared with the cost of surrogate mother in US and Canada will become one fourth in ration of developing and developed nations. Other facilities such as treatment, medicine and staying are also much affordable in developing nations than the countries who have
  5. 5. Website: http://www.myraivf.com Contact no: +91 98992-93903 Email: baby@myraivf.com Contact Us