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Managing a Confirmed Opt-in Process in Pardot - Pardot London User Group 4th July 2017

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Presentation slides from 'Managing a Confirmed Opt-in Process in Pardot' by Sarah Kelleher from the Pardot London User Group Meetup on 4th July 2017.

Full opt-in guidebook available to download here: http://www2.nebulaconsulting.co.uk/confirmed-opt-in-guide

ICO Guidelines on GDPR: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/data-protection-reform/overview-of-the-gdpr/

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Managing a Confirmed Opt-in Process in Pardot - Pardot London User Group 4th July 2017

  1. 1. Managing a Confirmed Opt-In Process in Pardot Sarah Kelleher Head of Pardot
  2. 2. • Also known as double opt-in • Verifies prospect’s email address after explicit opt in • Considered best practice in a number of countries already What is Confirmed Opt-in? • Helps prevent spam entries into marketing lists • Reduces bounces and maintains clean email database • Improves response rate and interactivity of marketing audience Why Confirmed Opt-in?
  3. 3. A quick note on GDPR “Consent under the GDPR must be a freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the individual’s wishes. There must be some form of clear affirmative action – or in other words, a positive opt-in – consent cannot be inferred from silence, pre-ticked boxes or inactivity. Consent must also be separate from other terms and conditions, and you will need to provide simple ways for people to withdraw consent.” - ICO Key areas to Consider Full legislation is not in force or entirely confirmed yet, but the impact on opt-ins is clear: • No sneaky / confusing checkboxes X Uncheck this box if you do not want to receive marketing communications X • Not a huge change to existing DPA opt-in regulation and existing DPA opt-ins will not need to be refreshed • If you have no explicit opt-in process in place, you will need to gather an opt-in for all data as it must be verifiable
  4. 4. Overview
  5. 5. Step 1: Create your Custom Fields 1. Opt-in Status Used to capture what stage of opt-in each prospect is at a. Dropdown/Radio field with four values: i. No Opt-in ii. Unconfirmed iii. Confirmed iv. Unsubscribed b. If data is imported into this field, it should be validated on import 2. Opt-in Date Captures date of confirmed opt-in for audit
  6. 6. Step 2.1: Add the Opt In to Forms 1. Opt-in Status as a Radio Button 2. Set to Always Display 3. Add a description to indicate the explicit consent e.g. I am interested in receiving news and tailored content from ABC Corp 4. Leave only two values: a. No Opt-in b. Unconfirmed Goal: Create one checkbox which records either ‘No Opt-in’ or ‘Unconfirmed’
  7. 7. Step 2.2: Transform Radio Button to Checkbox Using the setup from step 2.1, a simple script in the Layout Template or Before Form content will transform a radio button into a single checkbox TIP: This script also works well for any true/false checkboxes you need to add to forms WARNING: This section contains custom Javascript - you may want to get some help from your developer if you get stuck
  8. 8. Confirming the Opt-in - Automation Rule Automation Rule: • Rules – Prospect has completed any form successfully – Opt in Status is ‘Unconfirmed’ • Actions – Send autoresponder email > Your Opt-in Confirmation Template • Repeat – Every 1 day, unlimited matches NEW! This is a perfect example of using the new Repeat functionality on Automation Rules without the need for any Custom Scripts
  9. 9. Confirming the Opt-in - Autoresponder • Automate update of Opt-in Status to ‘Confirmed’ using a Custom Redirect in your Autoresponder • Custom Redirect can redirect to any page, but the Email Preference Center is a popular choice • Completion Actions – Change Opt-in Status to Confirmed – Change Opt-in Date to today
  10. 10. Overview(Reprise)
  11. 11. Success!!
  12. 12. More Points to Consider • Managing External Data - importing lists • Setting up an Email Preference Center • Hiding the Opt-in checkbox when someone is Confirmed • Gathering opt-ins for existing data
  13. 13. Download the Guide http://www2.nebulaconsulting.co.uk/confirmed-opt-in-guide