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Supercharge organizational knowledge with KCS

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Knowledge Centered Service (KCS), formerly called Knowledge Centered Support, is a methodology to better manage the creation and maintenance of knowledge produced by interactions between employees and customers. KCS focuses your knowledge management strategy and optimizes self-service.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™

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Supercharge organizational knowledge with KCS

  1. 1. Supercharge organizational knowledge with KCS®
  2. 2. KCS Background ● Originally known as Knowledge Centered Support ○ Focused on help desk functions for internal users ● Evolved into Knowledge Centered Service ○ Expanded to include self-service functions for external users KCS is a set of knowledge management best practices focused on knowledge as the key asset of an organization.
  3. 3. KCS can help you ... ● Gain new value from something you already have ● Improve employee efficiency and customer satisfaction at the same time
  4. 4. KCS Basics Capture knowledge produced by service-oriented interactions, most often between employees and customers. Empower everyone connected to your product to contribute to a shared knowledge base. Integrate central content repository to enable double loop process: 1. Solve via capture of new knowledge 2. Evolve the knowledge based on content insights
  5. 5. KCS Double Loop Process
  6. 6. KCS Goals From the KCS Academy 1. Integrate the reuse, improvement, and creation of knowledge into the problem solving process 2. Evolve content based on demand and usage 3. Develop a knowledge base of collective experience to date 4. Reward learning, collaboration, sharing, and improving
  7. 7. Key KCS Concepts Knowledge Is User-Centric ⇢ Information becomes knowledge when it is actionable, which means it is demand-driven. Customers are the catalyst for information becoming knowledge, so frame content from their perspective. Collective Ownership ⇢ Knowledge ownership applies to everyone who uses the knowledge, therefore, knowledge workers (employees) and users (customers) are co-owners of the content. Continuous Improvement ⇢ Double loop learning means that solving problems creates knowledge and evaluating the knowledge helps it evolve.
  8. 8. Knowledge is often the most valuable yet underused asset in an organization. KCS methodology guides organizations to capture collective problem-solving experience in a way that makes that knowledge reusable for employees and customers.
  9. 9. KCS Benefits ● Find actionable insights to increase customer retention/renewal ● Prioritize product improvement through content analytics ● Reduce customer effort via optimized self-service ● Improve first call resolution, average handle time, mean time to resolve ● Provide opportunities to train and motivate employees around new skills
  10. 10. KCS Pro Tip #1 There is no single best way to implement KCS. It’s a methodology that adapts to the unique DNA of each organization. Seek out examples of successful KCS implementations, but expect to modify aspects to work best for your processes.
  11. 11. KCS Pro Tip #2 KCS methodology is enabled by technology. KCS doesn’t prescribe specific tools, but certain functionality is needed. Important capabilities include workflow, flexible permissions, and ability to integrate with other applications used by your teams.
  12. 12. KCS Pro Tip #3 KCS success depends on buy-in at all levels of the organization. Implementing KCS requires some company culture changes and upfront investment. You need everyone on board with a shared vision to get the best ROI.
  13. 13. KCS & MindTouch Explore how MindTouch enables KCS methodology KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™. https://success.mindtouch.com/Solutions/Knowledge_Management/Knowledge_Management_with_MindTouch /Explore_MindTouch_KCS_Capabilities