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Gujarat vision 2040

it was prepared as a part of strategic planning lab. the presentation brings out the relationship between transportation and development

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Gujarat vision 2040

  1. 1. GUJARATVISION 2040GUJARATVISION 2040Prepared for:Strategic planning lab, Semester-2, M.Plan ( Infrastructure planning)
  2. 2. One Fine morning in SuratOne Fine morning in SuratDATE: 11-3-2040DATE: 11-3-2040TIME : 7:00 AMTIME : 7:00 AM
  3. 3. Jiginesh bhai is ready for his business at7:00 amJiginesh bhai takes his e-car to kanji-kaka’s house
  4. 4. at 7:10am they start for Surat GSMMT interchange 8.4 kmaway from kanji-kaka’s houseTravelling at 50kmph at 7:20am they reached GSMMTinterchange, Surat
  5. 5. Kanji-kaka boards brts to his office atGSMMT interchange, suratJiginesh bhai boards HSR toA’bad kalupur GSMMT interchange (270km apart) from surat GSMMT interchange
  6. 6. Travelling at an average speed of 200kmph it reaches Kalupur GSMMT at 8:20 am
  7. 7. From Kalupur GSMMT Jignesh goes to mega market via metroJignesh buys raw material from mega marketand send it to be delivery to Kandla SEZ 300 kmapart via freight corridor.MEGA MARKET IS PLACE WHERE FARMER FROM RURAL ARE EXPOSED TO BIGGER &COMPETITIVE MARKET AND ARE ABLE TO MAKE HUGE PROFIT. ALSO BUYERS GET FRESHPRODUCT ALL DUE TO HIGH QUALITY TRANSPORTATION
  8. 8. Jignesh & his goods again starts his journey at 8:45am from kalupurGSMMT and reaches kandla GSMMT via HSR. Travelling at an averagespeed 200kmph it reaches kandla at 10:15am and joins his agro basedindustry at 10:30am
  9. 9. Jignesh & his agro based industryemployees large number of people
  10. 10. Jignesh bhai produces value addedproducts having large demandnationally and internationally.
  12. 12. Jiginesh bhai starts his trip from kheda MMT at 6:00 pm and reaches surat at 9:00pm 550 km apart.kanta ben is ver happy bcoz. His husband is back to home comfortably, safely and mostimportantly “HAPPY”
  13. 13. Thank youThank you