G.K. Club Quiz - Finals

1. Aug 2015

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G.K. Club Quiz - Finals

  1. G.K. Club Quiz Finals
  2. Round 1 The Mystery Box Challenge In this round, one must choose the mystery box which will give you your question
  3. Rules of 1st Round ● There will be 4 question in this round. One for each team ● Each correct answer carries 10 points. Each incorrect answer will give a -2. ● There will be no pass questions
  4. Choose your mystery box 1 2 3 4 5 Next Round
  5. Question X is a Swahili phrase that can be translated literally as "no worries." Its meaning is similar to the English phrase "no problem" or Australian English phrase "no worries" and also can be translated to "don't worry, be happy. Identify X. Answer
  6. Answer - Hakuna Matata Back
  7. Question X is a city located in the Hazara region of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, in Pakistan. The city is situated in the Orash Valley, 110 kilometres (68 mi) north of the capital Islamabad, 130 kilometres (81 mi) from Rawalpindi and 150 kilometres (93 mi) Northeast of Peshawar at an altitude of 1,260 metres (4,134 ft) and is the capital of the X District. The city is well known throughout Pakistan for its pleasant weather, high-standard educational institutions and military establishments. It remains a popular hill station attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. The Islamic fundamentalist Y was hiding outside the Kakul Military Academy in X. Find X, Y Answer
  8. Answer Question X - Abbotabad Y - Osama Bin Laden Back
  9. Question Connect 1950 - President Sukarno (Indonesia) 1962 - Queen Elizabeth ll (United Kingdom) 1995 - Nelson Mandela (South Africa) 1999 - King Birendra Bir Bikram Dev Singh 2007 - Vladimir Putin (Russia) 2011 - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyo (Indonesia) Answer
  10. Chief Guests to the Republic Day Celebrations Back
  11. Question X was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, to Fred and Deborah Sue Davisson. He has two elder sisters, Whitney and Hilary. In his youth, he was diagnosed with ADHD. Between 2004 and 2008, he studied sports marketing and management. X has made an estimated $5 million per year in endorsements, including a $1 million endorsement recently. Identify X. Answer
  12. Michael Phelps Back
  13. Question What new malware hacked 45,000 Facebook accounts early in January 2012? Answer
  14. Ramnit Back
  15. Round 2 Pounce it up!
  16. Rules ● 15 questions in all. ● Questions can be pounced upon for 15s the question is asked. ● When pounced, you get 10 points for a correct answer and -5 for a wrong one. ● The question that is
  17. Question 1 The position is one of the toughest ones in gymnastics. It is popularly known by two terms. One is from christian iconography (8 lettered), the other shares its name with a Prussian and German military decoration. Name either. pto
  18. Answer
  19. Answer The Crucifix or the Iron Cross Next Question
  20. Question 2 As part of a broader deal between Samsung and Roc Nation – estimated at $20m – a total of 1m copies of X's new album, were given away on Thursday at one minute past midnight (US eastern time), a full 72 hours before it officially goes on sale. The Korean mobile company has paid $5m so that the first million owners of Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note II devices to claim the album though a free app from the Google Play store get a three-day headstart on the rest of X's fans. Identify X. Answer
  21. Answer Jay-Z Next Question
  22. Question 3 The red bar, which lies closest to the mast, symbolizes the places as it is today. The green and blue symbolize the possible stages in future. Flag of? Answer
  23. Answer The proposed flag of Mars Next Question
  24. Question 4 "We have decided to continue with him as he is synonymous with the brand and network of the company. He was more of an emotional attachment and was also important from the creative perspective. The child was not important though he would be introduced in the second phase" said Harit Nagpal, the business director of the company. What is being talked about here? Answer
  25. Answer 4 The pug in hutch ads (Cheeka). Next question
  26. Question 5 ACK Media is producing a stereoscopic 3d animation film of a well known desi comics character. Name the character Answer
  27. Answer Suppandi Next Question
  28. Question 6 X is an Irish author. He worked as a primary school teacher before he became a full-time writer. He is best known for being the author of the Artemis Fowl series. His novels have been compared to the works of J. K. Rowling. In September 2008, X was commissioned to write the sixth installment of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, entitled And Another Thing.... Identify X Answer
  29. Answer Eoin Colfer Next Question
  30. Question 7 Where can you find the following? The Cyrillic letter И , the Greek letter Ω , the Korean syllabic block 위 , the Arabic letter ‫و‬ (Waw), the Chinese character 維 , the Hindi akshar व at the left, the Bangla borno উ , the Kannada akshara at the bottom, the Hebrew letter ‫ו‬ (Vav), the Georgian ვ (Vin) , the Armenian Վ (Vev) and glyphs like 維基大典 in Classical Chinese and the Japanese katakana ウィ. Answer
  31. Answer Logo of Wikipedia Next Question
  32. Question 8 X is a collection of short stories published in 1943 by Indian Thought Publications.The book was republished outside India in 1982. The book includes 19 stories, all set in the fictional town, located in South India. Each of the stories portrays a facet of life in that town. The New York Times described the virtue of the book as "everyone in the book seems to have a capacity for responding to the quality of his particular hour. It's an art we need to study and revive." Identify the book. Answer
  33. Answer Malgudi days Next Question
  34. Question 9 X is a Pixar movie. Dreamworks studios copied the concept of X and created the movie Y. This made Steve Jobs angry and he confronted John Lasseter (he was incharge of the Dreamworks Movie). Y was released before X and it did decently. X was a huge hit but the originality was gone as Dreamworks had copied it and released Y before X. Jobs always felt resentful for that. Identify X and Y. Answer
  35. Answer A Bug's Life Next Question
  36. Question 10 Connect Answer
  37. Answer Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Julius Erving, Karl Malone, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant form the 30000+ elite club. Audience Question
  38. Identify Answer Audience Question
  39. Answer Yo Yo Honey Singh Next Round
  40. Round 3 Logo Quiz! Enter
  41. Question 1 The logo of? Answer
  42. Answer The recently concluded Tri-series - "Celkon Cup" Next Question
  43. Question 2 Logo of? Answer
  44. Answer Burger King Next Question
  45. Question 3 First logo of? Answer
  46. Answer Cadbury Next Question
  47. Question 4 X's 125th birthday logo sees bubbles bursting from our famous contour bottle – a celebration of our past, present and future. Answer
  48. Answer Coca-Cola Next Question
  49. Question 5 In 1997, X decided to introduce an integrated corporate design, choosing as the core element a new and yet familiar logo: the 3 bars. It was designed in 1990 by then Creative Director Peter Moore, and initially used on the Equipment range of performance products. It is inspired by the 3-Stripes as they appear on footwear. Identify X Answer
  50. Answer Adidas Next Round
  51. Round 4 Think out of the box Enter
  52. Question 1 For what occasion did Google make this doodle? Answer
  53. Answer New year 2013 Next Question
  54. Question 2 In the book "Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation,” punctuation marks are compared to what highway safety device, since words won't bang together? Answer
  55. Answer Traffic signals Next Question
  56. Question 3 Connect Answer
  57. Answer Sponsors of Cricket World cup Next Question
  58. Question 4 Put Funda Answer
  59. Answer The MoBot (Mohamed Farah) Next Question
  60. Question 5 X (October 16, 1758 – May 28, 1843), was a lexicographer, textbook pioneer, English-language spelling reformer, political writer, editor, and prolific author. He has been called the "Father of American Scholarship and Education". His blue-backed speller books taught five generations of American children how to spell and read, secularizing their education. According to Ellis (1979) he gave Americans "a secular catechism to the nation-state". His name became synonymous with "dictionary" in the United States, especially the modern dictionary that was first published in 1828 as An American Dictionary of the English Language. Answer
  61. Answer Noah Webster Jr. Next Question
  62. Question 6 22 June 1986, was the quarter-finals of the 1986 FIFA World Cup at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. The game was held four years after the Falklands War between Argentina and the United Kingdom and was a key part in the already intense football rivalry between both nations. The first goal, after fifty-one minutes, was the infamous X. Y's second, after fifty- four minutes, saw him dribble past five England players, Beardsley, Reid, Butcher, Fenwick, Butcher (again), and finally goalkeeper Peter Shilton. In 2002 this was voted Goal of the Century by Identify X. Answer
  63. Answer X - Hand of god Y - Diego Maradona Next Question
  64. Question 7 Y means "homeland" or "nation" hence X Y means "homeland of Xs". The word X itself means "sweet nectar". Identify X or Y Answer
  65. Answer X - Tamil Y - Nadu X Y - Tamil Nadu Next Question
  66. Question 8 X, designed by D Udaya Kumar, was presented to the public by the Government of India on 15 July 2010, following its selection through an “open” competition among Indian residents.The design resembles a Devanagari letter and a Latin capital letter. Identify X Answer
  67. Answer The Indian Rupee Sign Next Question
  68. Question 9 Identify the book
  69. Answer The Satanic Verses
  70. Question 10 X is a company which owns these trademarks - Friend Stream, X Footprints, X Sync, X Watch etc. Identify X. Answer
  71. Answer HTC (High Tech Computers) Finish
  72. THE END We hope your time wasn't wasted and you have had lots of fun
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