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Point of View to Accelerate with dev ops

  1. October 2018 PoV – Accelerate with DevOps
  2. DevOps Key Trends DevOps Assembly Lines There is Shift of Focus From CI Pipelines to DevOps Assembly Lines. An Assembly Line platform that takes the tool chain and connects them into end-to-end workflows with complete visibility, traceability, and auditability. DevSecOps won't be novel anymore security and compliance must be completely folded into DevOps transformations. Increased importance to performance and security testing, which are currently treated as post-development, operations tasks Unified Reporting Dashboards DevOps dashboards are also an emerging need that provide clear visibility into the continuous delivery pipeline. Hygieia is gaining popularity, an aggregator that pulls data from various DevOps tools that teams use in their CICD pipeline, making it easily digestible in dashboard view(s) Container Orchestration Kubernetes is becoming the cloud container orchestration program of choice ChatOps Democratization of conversation driven collaboration, connecting people, process, technology, and operations into a transparent workflow within a Chatbot configured to execute custom scripts, where everyone’s actions, notification, and diagnoses are completely visible. AIOps Automate and enhance IT Operations using machine learning to analyse data from monitoring systems, logs, incident events, and jobs. Identify probable causes and present recommendations optimized for resolutions. Significantly reduce MTTD and MTTR.
  3. DevOps – Continuous Improvement Approach Continuous Feedback Sprint Retrospection Continuous Integration Daily Scrum Sprint Phases Continuous Delivery Continuous Testing Continuous Feedback Continuous Feedback Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Burndown chart User Stories Potentially Shippable Product 2 Weeks Daily Standup Agile Development Continuous Delivery Product UAT QA Provisioning Tools Infrastructure as code Repository Manager CI Server Continuous Integration Dev Commit Code Repository Build + Unit Test + Code Quality CI Server Artifact Repository Manager Code Quality Metrics Continuous Testing Test Scripts Test Suite Collaboration Issue Tracking CI Server Auto Ticket Creation Testing Metrics INT QA UAT Test Environment Continuous Feedback DevOps
  4. DevOps Journey Continuous Planning Continuous Integration Continuous Testing Continuous Delivery Capabilities Prod Owner Scrum Master Full Stack Engineers DevOps DevOps Continuous Monitoring People Process Technology SDETs SRE’s Planning Design Code Commit Build Unit Test Infra Provisioning (VM/Containers) Test (Integration, Acceptance, security, Performance) Release Deploy Operate(Alerting Trending Logging Monitoring) • JIRA • RALLY • TFS • Eclipse • Visual Studio • Git • Bitbucket Mobile • Xcode • Android Studio • Maven • Gradle • Jenkins • Junit • SonarQube • TeamCity • Bamboo Mobile • JUnit • Xcode • XCTest IAC • Ansible • Chef • Terraform Containers & Orchestration • Docker • Mesos • Kubernetes • Selenium • Cucumber • Fortify • Jmeter • Burp • SoapUI Mobile • Appium • Crashlytics • HockeyApp • MonkeyTalk • Espresso • SeeTest • UrbanCode • CA Release Automation • AWS CodeDeploy • Octopus • Jenkins • SPLUNK • New Relic • Monyog • NAGIOS • Grafana • Zabbix • ELK • PagerDuty Management & Collaboration Version Control Continuous Build Test Automation Test Driven/Behavior Driven Development Automated Code Quality Monitoring Security & Performance Testing Artifact Mgt Containerization Orchestration Continuous Release BA Architects Automated Infra Provisioning App & Infra Performance monitoring Performance Analysis Automated Alerts
  5. DevOps Reference Architecture Do Plan Check DO ACT PLAN CHECK NessCDMaturityModel Ness DevOps Dashboard YourCDAssessment Ness CD Guidelines & Best Practices Functional Test Continuous Release Source Code Configurations Infra ProvisioningContinuous Build: Continuous Integration: Version Control: Manage&Collaborate Continuous Testing: Security Test Performance Test Continuous Monitoring Orchestration
  6. Head of Solutions Architecture, North America