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Undergraduate Internship Guide

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Why do all Public Policy Studies majors complete an internship?
The internship is a culmination of all of your core coursework and gives you a chance to see how the skills you have acquired in these classes apply in a real world context. It also gives you a chance to gain exposure to different parts of the policy field and helps you on your way to finding a job post-graduation.

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Undergraduate Internship Guide

  1. 1. THE INTERNSHIP GUIDE For Public Policy Majors
  2. 2. Don’t tackle this challenge alone. We are here to support you! • Problems with Sanford Career Link, contact heather.griswold@duke.edu • Questions about the internship? Want suggestions on places to apply? Meet with Suzanne or Elise in the Internship Office Sanford Suite 257 -Make an appointment through Sanford CareerLink (SCL) • Find PubPol 120 Syllabus deliverables and deadlines are in the SCL document library
  3. 3. 15 MINUTES CAN SAVEYOU HOURS! It takes no more than 15 minutes to review these slides, but they will save you hours of trouble, frustration and wasted time. Getting an internship can take up to 12 months, so return to this information whenever you are uncertain about your next step.
  4. 4. 15 MINUTES CAN SAVEYOU HOURS! This presentation explains how to get an internship in six easy steps: 1. Get Started 2. Complete Resumé (approved by TA) 3. Meet with Internship Staff to start a list of 20 places to apply 4. Develop Targeted Cover Letter 5. Complete 20 applications 6. Fulfill Requirements ON TIME
  5. 5. COURSES Complete before internship: • PUBPOL 155 • PUBPOL 301 • PUBPOL 302 • PUBPOL 303 or ECON 201D • STATS 101
  6. 6. HOUR REQUIREMENTS • School Year Internships • 1 Semester: 280 hours total (20hrs/week) • 2 Semesters: 280 hours total (10hrs/week) • Summer Internships • 350 hours total • Combined Summer/School Year Internships • 300 hours total
  7. 7. STEP 1: Get Started • Create a Sanford CareerLink (SCL) account • Complete your Personal and Academic profiles on SCL (Jobs, Internships, and Employer listings are only visible once these are completed) • Create your LinkedIn profile; connect with Elise and Suzanne • RSVP and Attend a mandatory information session (Dates and times will be listed in SCL under “Workshops”)
  8. 8. STEP 2: Complete Resume • Prepare your resume with your internship TA using SCL template  found in the SCL Document Library • Upload your resume for approval on SCL  once your TA gives you the OK • Sanford Internship staff will review your resume and provide final feedback
  9. 9. STEP 3: Meet with Internship Staff to start a list of 20 places to apply Make an appointment using SCL with Elise or Suzanne to begin filling in a spreadsheet in SCL that includes at least 20 possible internships and their deadlines.
  10. 10. Bring to your meeting: 1. Your computer 2. At least 5 ideas for potential internships 3. Your approved resume After each meeting, * email your next steps to your TA and both Suzanne & Elise, the Sanford Internship Staff *Always put your full name in the subject line of emails
  11. 11. Sources for internship ideas Internship Databases • Sanford CareerLink  Read evaluations from previous student internships • LinkedIn • Idealist • Indeed • Brad Traverse • UCAN & i-net (See Duke Career Center Site) Watch out for early deadlines! The State Dept., CIA and other federal agencies have early Fall deadlines.
  12. 12. Duke Internship Programs • Stanback Internships • Hart Leadership Program/SOL/ELI/LAPI • Summer Internships in India • Duke in DC • Duke Engage  Qualified DE programs are listed in SCL document library
  13. 13. AcademicYear Internships • The only way to complete an academic year internship is through the Local Internship Program. • Notify Elise Goldwasser before February 1st of your Junior Year if you plan to participate in the Local Internship Program . Failing to do so may delay your graduation. • Research with faculty will NOT meet your Public Policy internship requirement. • Visit the Career & Internship Services Office in the Sanford Building, Suite 257, or make an appointment through Sanford CareerLink if you have questions.
  14. 14. STEP 4: Develop Targeted Cover Letter Work with Elise or Suzanne to develop your first cover letter customized to a specific internship’s job description.
  15. 15. STEP 5: Apply to 20 Internships If you need more support, more ideas, ways to connect with former interns or alums at the organization(s) you are applying to, meet with or contact Suzanne or Elise
  16. 16. BEFOREYOU ACCEPT AN INTERNSHIP • Go to Sanford CareerLink  Create an Internship Record  Look under “shortcuts” on the home page  Click “add new experience”  When finished, press “submit” • Record will be reviewed within 7 business days • When approved:  Your supervisor will receive an e-mail at the address you provided asking for approval  Your supervisor must agree to complete an evaluation before August 1st
  17. 17. PLEASE NOTE: • All internships are subject to Sanford Internship staff approval • Even if an organization is already listed as an employer in Sanford CareerLink, your specific internship is subject to review and approval or rejection based on the work plan you submit
  18. 18. STEP 6: Fulfill Requirements 2 Evaluations  1 Memo
  19. 19. STEP 6: Fulfill PubPol 120 Requirements onTime • Submit Student Evaluation via SCL by August 1st  Click on Internship Record next to the red circle on Student Evaluation (Note: icon only visible if the internship record is filled out) • Meet with your internship supervisor to review your performance • Ensure your supervisor completed your evaluation by August 1st  Check the status of your internship requirements under your name on the Profile page on SCL • Write and upload your 5-page memo by August 1st
  20. 20. MEMO DETAILS • Write your 5-page double spaced memo; refer to sample memos in the SCL document library • You must include 3 concrete links to specific concepts from core courses • Use this file name notation: Last two digits of the current year, last name, first name, memo. file type  e.g. (18LastnameFirstnameMemo.PDF) • Upload to documents page in SCL  select “Memo/Other Documents”
  21. 21. PUBPOL 120 • PUBPOL 120 is REQUIRED TO GRADUATE and it is a Pass/Fail course • It is a Zero-Credit course and it is FREE • Students who do not meet the syllabus deadlines will receive a failing grade on their transcripts
  22. 22. DEADLINES • Spring Internships • Dec. 1 – internship record; April 1 – memo • May 1 – student and supervisor evaluations • Summer Internships • May 1 – internship record • August 1 – memo • August 1 – student and supervisor evaluations • Fall Internships • Sept 1 – internship record; November 1 – memo • Dec. 1 – student and supervisor evaluations Meet these deadlines by 11:59 p.m. on the dates below Meet with Sanford Internship staff before Spring Break of your JUNIOR YEAR
  23. 23. TIPS • Put your name in the subject line of all emails to Sanford Internship staff • Use the cover letter, resume and other templates in the SCL Document Library • Ask Sanford Internship staff about possible funding if your desired internship is unpaid • Pay attention to deadlines to avoid missing application dates and failing PUBPOL 120
  24. 24. QUESTIONS? Visit Sanford CareerLink for more information OR to make an appointment with Suzanne or Elise, the Internship Services staff. The Career & Internship Services Office is located in the Sanford Building, Suite 257.