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Web bug tracking

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This PPT evaluating “How To Perform Web Bug Tracking Using Tools” and what are the advantages and application of web bug tracking. Web-based bug tracking software Perform project management system for project development, quality assurance, release successful delivery for the project.

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Web bug tracking

  1. 1. Web Bug Tracking www.scopidea.com Submitted By: Vikash Kumar (CEO)
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION The alternative names’ are web bug, tag, tracking bug, and page tag. The common names for web-beacons implemented by an embedded image include tracking the pixel tag, pixel, & clear the gif. When implemented using the JScript, they might be called JScript tags. Web bug tracking can gather the following the tactics:  IP addresses of the system that fetched a web bug.  URL of the web page that web bug is located on.  URL’s of the Web-bugs.  Time the Web bug was viewed.  Types of browsers that fetched Web-bug.  Previously set the cookie values.
  3. 3. When the recipient opens the e-mail message that includes a web bug, data returned to sender indicates that the messages have been opened, which confirms’ that the e-mail address is valid. Airbrake Bug Tracker: This is a leading bug tracking application that currently provides the error tracking for fifty thousand+ web & mobile developers including big organizations like Zen desk, Groupon, and Oracle, & support 18 languages including Java, PHP, , Python, net & Ruby. It helps the web & mobile developers’ buildings better application by providing the detailed reports of bugs, errors, exceptions & issues, including how several times they occur. Planio: You can use the agile methodologies such as scrum to manage the software projects. You can respond to user support tickets using CRM tool.
  4. 4. SpiraTeam: This is an integrated ALM system that manages the project's needs, releases, TCs, issues & tasks in one integrated environment. With unified customizable dashboards of key project data, it allows you to take handle of your entire project lifecycle & synchronize the so far separate worlds of development & testing. YouTrack: It serves as a single place to control your projects, plan task for current releases, iterations, and sprints, & track the daily works, bugs & customer requests. YouTrack speaks your language & is flexible enough to follow the exact activity. It supports the Kanban and Scrum. Free for the 10 users.
  5. 5. Unfuddle: It offers the project management, bugs tracking and issues, web- based repository browser, & web collaboration tools for application developers. AllChange: The extensive changes & configuration management systems for H/W, applications, web contents and the documentations Asitrack: The origin issue tracking system for agile developers that focuses on ease of use & fluidity. Axosoft: Application with the project planning’s, collaborations, agile bugs & incident tracking capabilities for the development teams.
  6. 6. Bugclipper: In software visual bug reporting tool for android & iOS mobile applications. Reports bugs with screenshots & screen recordings. Advantages of Web bug Tracking Tools: • Web bug tracking tools that’re not web based require a person to download & install the software onto each system that needs to execute the application. This can create the lot of trouble. If there’s more than one computer system in need of the application then it requires the installation of a program onto each of those systems which can be time-consuming. • Further having to download the web bug tracking tool, tools that’re not web based requires updates to be downloaded often to ensure the tool is currently. It will require being complete from each system tool is installed on, so each system has updated tools.
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