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Five Steps to Enhance Workplace Productivity

Your company needs a motivated workforce for your business to succeed! Learn five steps to enhance workplace productivity in this infographic.

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Five Steps to Enhance Workplace Productivity

  1. 1. WORKPLACE PRODUCTIVITY The Office for National Statistics states that productivity is key in measuring the economic elficiency and growth of your business. Your company needs a motivated workforce for your business to succeed! Increasing amounts of research show that efficient and inviting office spaces have a significant impact on productivity, creativity, and engagement. Incentives and bonuses are According to Genler’s 2013 U. S. great but may not be enough Workplace Survey, only 1 in 4 U. S. to inspire your employees to workers are in optimal workplace want to work. environments. ‘ : .e: .- ' i m up: e l L‘ . I I P I . I ; .l p4 ' I . ‘ii iii ' ii” liiii’ -‘. % An applied science An ergonomic environment ~ that coordinates the design_of devices, systems, and physical working Ea” Imtpmve worker pmductmty conditions with the capacities and 3' up 0 ' requirements of the worker. .9: 3 .9 3 , - / -O For employees who work primarily 5 -Ir‘ -J % This can lead to negative health in an office setting, ’ conditions, including musculoskeletal of their workdays are spent disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome. in front of the computer. 2 : r‘: :.urar; ; ii. i"*bi; : What can you do to keep your workforce healthy? ‘ Provide different options for workstations by replacing office furniture. til l B 1 I ‘ I ~ ll ‘ l ‘ i i V ‘ 8 ii 1 How do the departments in your office interact? Each department _ utilizes a different I Workspace layouts should style of communication I-----" adaltf ‘Mlle W°'k€'5. to get work done 5 not the other way around. accurately and ; efficiently. ’ ‘ . -2 _ _ _ Create a space that Provide rpace innovative. task-specific : _ _¢_ . reflects your corporate options that accommodate work stations can be a great; ‘ culture (e. g., autonomy different personalities and alternative to structured 3 and fle’"b| "*Y)- W°'k 5*Y'°5~ cubicles. 4 i i L. ,|t L 0 _ ll l i I ill. ‘ _". I ‘ i I v I l I 3 l i is ‘iilaiiinii: .-iiii ’: igie t: : ; ‘ri, ‘l: i iiciv ii‘ '-lii"l. 'l: «lri, v : im WI) ':1iliw. '. i ‘ ‘ ll : ivi; l.‘: igla : II stillpllitviar. ,_ will ¥1,lI~‘4llI iimr; iir: li iml ,7 iiiiil’: 2:121 l. 'i; i:tt I 'llILg (I let Flt; llii : :t: t~‘t'. I ' rtui illlllaliltat. it '. :7! i ll ‘“"*l. "l‘—‘ ii: ‘.i-i- ‘I’-ll‘ 'i" - I 1 lllll-N1 '-l in -l‘-lvlniitiiizlii lim‘i: iia iii; Il’§f= lli7l, =lil| ll: e M, H, H iim.4.; _,, ._ , ,.. o ‘ um : i : :a: s:li'iiiii'», ' of mill r. i.«i: i.1,: qi1fi-, iiiliu. :gl: tl%lIII-‘. i 3 Include employees Get employee opinions in “'0 design on o timal Ia outs for °°° I rocess. p y (C0347 - P each department. ~u— go o ; Show employees that Provide a lounge Encourage family Y0" We 35°"! "'9" area, a coffee bar, time; discourage ' ""°""’°i"9° or exercise excessive overtime. equipment. Updating your office An inviting interior ; Space <3" maximize can give your company <3 Y°"' ‘‘"'°"‘ “'°"‘ a competitive edge in . as well as attract recruiting. g and retain new talent. i: ~u+. .:i'ii'c'»i~. i.- Ili "cl. -'-1|. ‘ : i:'. 'il" is I I_ ILVLI I- _IA 91*‘ *"‘ l 371 ””, iii, i‘, it 5U‘, *, "'i. i:i‘*‘i: '. Wilciljc lil‘? l,': ‘.. I. 1‘ % of Time in the Office 75-99% 1oo% "lo of People I ‘ 3 . . 11:‘ 0-49% 50-74%