21. Dec 2017

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  1. Game – PUBG (player unknowns battlegrounds) 1.Case Study Samuel Schoettner
  2. Game World Architecture Object Terrain This includes hills swamps cities (houses/buildings) and beaches. furthermore there are quarries cliffs, woodlands/forests, underground bunkers bridges and more. Other objects include cars boats and motorbikes. Which you can either enter and drive or blow up. Furthermore there are destructible fences wooden shacks and windows. Clothes, backpacks weapons and armour. There are also grenades that you can find, smoke grenades, flashbangs, frag grenades etc. Structures and buildings Are non destructible other Architecture includes rocks Trees, walls plane wrecks and Crashed cars.
  3. Game World Architecture TerrainObject
  4. Objects: weapons and accessories.
  5. Game Art Style Perspective: The game is a mostly 3rd person however you can toggle between first and third person or exclusively first person on first person servers. (FPP) The game is an open world game with 3d graphics and is a FPS type game, with photorealistic graphics. First Person Third Person
  6. Avatar: The game is a competitive massive multiplayer game where everyone can customize their own characters ethnicity, Skin tone, hair style/colour and last but not least gender. Avatars also include boats, motor bikes, and cars, these can be found across the map, to a degree avatars also include scopes on guns however I would argue that the perspective just changes to first person view or an argument could even be made to say it is context sensitive. Characters: The game consists of only playable characters as it is a multiplayer game and NPC’s Do not exist. Should a player leave the game server while still alive, their character will simply Stand still and stop moving. Gameplay content
  7. Multiplayer This game is exclusively a competitive multiplayer, before the combat starts all players are on ‘spawn island’ on spawn island there is a selection of all the different weapons and the characters cannot take damage. This is a short 1 minute to 45 second waiting period which is used to wait for all the players to join and load in. Once the game starts all players are placed into a plane and flown over the island. Players can then jump out at a chosen time and land in different places of the island and begin to loot. If you do not jump out, you will automatically be ejected once the plane comes to the edge of the map. Once you are out of the plane and descending to the ground you can either pull the parachute in your own time but the shoot will automatically deploy when you get too close to the ground.
  8. Setting PUBG is set in the 70s on an abandoned Island in Russia called ‘Erangel’ where military occupation was controlling the island. The military occupation tested chemical/biological experiments on the islands population, after a resistance attack on a biological facility, the island had to be abandoned. The name of the island is actually the name of ‘PLAYERUKNOWNS’ daughter. ("PlayerUnknown" in the game's name is the online handle of the main game developer. And "Battlegrounds" is his game. Thus the name ‘PlLAYERUNKOWNS battleground’ came to life.)
  9. Goals The goal is to kill other online players and loot their bodies in order to gain more/better weapons, med-kits body armor etc. which will finally lead to better chances at winning the 100 man multiplayer combat. Further more you can pick up drops, with loot that is exclusive to the loot boxes. These drop randomly across the map and slowly descend via parachute with a blinking light. And once they are on the floor they disperse red smoke. The loot in this box is usually extremely overpowered and superior to normal loot.
  10. Reward system: Except for winning the game by killing the last player which will give you a huge Dopamine rush and this in combination with the adrenaline build up during the game is highly rewarding you will also gain coins to purchase loot boxes which you can unlock to get clothes which in turn will give you more storage which will make you have an advantage in game as you can pick up more loot. Coins used to buy loot boxes Winning screen displays the reward In coins position placed and players killed.
  11. Inventory The inventory in PUBG can be accessed by pressing the TAB button on your keyboard. This inventory space can be expanded by picking up clothes such as coats and jumpers, backpacks (there are 3 different levels of backpack, each one has more carrying capacity.) and protective vests. Weapon slots Items on the floor that can be picked up Players inventory Item slots, clothes, armour etc. Bar shows how full the inventory is
  12. Balance The weapons in PUBG are all relatively even, and often times it comes down to preference However weapons that are a lot more powerful are balanced by being harder to find or are more likely to spawn in areas that have good loot. This means you will have to fight more players and Your chances of survival are slimmer. Generally speaking all the weapons are fairly balanced, as powerful weapons rarely have a high firing rate and weapons that deal little damage have extremely high fire rates. Other aspects of balance include that you can not put scopes on some weapons and other attachments such as magazines, suppressors/compensators etc.
  13. PUBG concept art This is the concept art created for PUBG, it explores different types of clothing accessories and armour. New weapons and even concept art for a new map. Concept art is what is created as an idea and then once it is approved they will begin to make it into a real in game item or map etc.
  14. HUD/Game Interface The HUD in PUBG is fairly simple it shows you the player count (1) your health bar (2) a mini map (3) and a weapon/armour display (4) another nice addition is a little bar above the mini map that tells you how far away you are from the blue zone (5) (a circle that gets smaller and smaller as the game progresses, dealing more damage to the player with each closing of the circle.) 1 2 34 5
  15. Tells us the name of console Statistics to show how popular the game is and how much it sells. Shows age and who Is allowed to play it. Title of the videogame title Showing it is exclusive to Xbox so if you have a PlayStation or other console, you cannot purchase the game.
  16. Wider Range Of Genre Player Unknowns Battleground or PUBG is Battle Royale/FPS game. PUBG is currently the number one battle royal game, and video game on the market. It has definitely popularized the Battle Royale game genre as recently a game know as ‘Fortnite’ was released and I also have seen some android apps with a very similar concept. As you can see, at the time this screenshot was taken, 1.7 million users were playing with the next closest game only coming in at 402,000. and the monthly peak shows nearly 3 million players were playing the game at one time. And again the next closest had a peak that was only a third that amount. Current live players Monthly peak of players at one time
  17. Graphics Fortnite: Battle Royale Game Game engine: Unreal Engine 4 PUBG: Battle Royale Game Game engine: Unreal Engine 4 Below we see a graphics comparison between Fortnite and PUBG, Fortnite Was released shortly after PUBG, the graphics are exaggerated and not photorealistic. Both games run using Unreal engine 4. However it is evident that PUBG capitalized on this by creating superb life like shading and lighting. The game graphics in both games are good for the style of game that they are, however the comic style that Fortnite uses is a lot less graphic intensive than the photorealistic graphics in PUBG. Both games have great graphics, it really comes down to preference and what you like the look of more.
  18. Computer Requirements The minimum recommended requirements are: OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300 Memory: 6 GB RAM Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 30 GB available space However due to the fact that the game is terribly optimised in order to play the game with anything other than the lowest graphical settings you would probably need something a lot more like this: OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Processor: intel core i7-4790k/ AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB / AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 30 GB available space
  19. Video Game addiction As I mentioned earlier, while playing the game your body releases a lot of adrenaline and dopamine (when you kill other players or win the game) these two substances are highly addictive to quote an article about dopamine ‘One of the key functions of the neurotransmitter dopamine is to create feelings of pleasure that our brains associate with necessary physiological actions like eating and procreating. We are driven to perform these vital functions because our brains are conditioned to expect the dopamine rush that accompanies them.’ This is why video games are addictive as we then associate a feeling of pleasure and joy (caused by the dopamine) so we keep returning to the game trying to get more dopamine and a higher dose of it. Video game addiction is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. Though cases of people suffering severe health consequences are low, it is still and issue as this does not include mental health, something we overlook all the time. Mental health is arguably more important than physical health as it impacts a person decision making skills which may lead to physical injury or neglect of social relationship be that friends and extended family or direct family, life partners or even their own children. These two factors are key to identify someone who has an addiction.  The person needs more and more of a substance or behaviour to keep him going.  If the person does not get more of the substance or behaviour, he becomes irritable and miserable. And these symptoms are key to spot video game addiction  Playing for increasing amounts of time  Thinking about gaming during other activities  Gaming to escape from real-life problems, anxiety, or depression.  Lying to friends and family to conceal gaming  Feeling irritable when trying to cut down on gaming Bibliography (1)
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