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Why QSRs Make Outdoor Displays Part of Their Orders

More than 12 billion visits are made to drive-thrus annually, representing about 70 percent of the QSR business. While drive-thru speed is key, studies suggest accurate order taking and friendly staff matter just as much. View this infographic to understand how high brightness outdoor menu boards can rev up the customer experience for QSRs.

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Why QSRs Make Outdoor Displays Part of Their Orders

  1. 1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 DRIVE-THRU SCREENS: PRESELL features and combos List menus by item and DAYPART CONFIRM orders WHY QSRs OUTDOOR DISPLAYSPART OF THEIR ORDERS MORE THAN 12 BILLION DRIVE-THRU VISITS ARE MADE ANNUALLY1 CUSTOMER SERVICE IS KING Drive- thru performance studies suggest accurate orders and friendly staff matter just as much as speed TECHNOLOGY IS KEY TO DRIVING DRIVE-THRU SUCCESS DIGITAL MENU BOARDS REV UP ORDERS WORKING OUTSIDE IS TOUGH Experience is important to drive-thru customers, and new technologies can help speed up service and adapt to the smartphone generation Outdoor LCDs are engineered to look great and last in demanding conditions QSRs are already testing systems that let people order off smartphone apps, with beacons, notifying staff when the customer is in the lane for pickup Interactive displays power more detailed, diverse menus, support suggestive selling and ensure accurate, confirmed orders REMOTE ORDERING Once rare, mobile payments at QSR are becoming common. Many brands are also exploring tie-ins with loyalty programs MOBILE PAYMENTS TOUCH SCREENS The forecasted fast food spend in the US for 2015 2 of QSR business takes place through the drive-thru 3 Drive-thru lanes are slowing down because customers have more choices, and options to customize orders 4 WIDE TEMPERATURE SWINGS -40 to 110 Degrees (F) HEAVY RAIN AND HIGH HUMIDITY $200 BILLION 70 PERCENT 222 SECONDS MAKE GLARE FROM DIRECT DAYLIGHT TAMPERING AND VANDALISM SAMSUNG AND OUTDOOR SIGNAGE Samsung’s OM and OH Series outdoor signage solutions help QSRs communicate clearly. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW THEY CAN HELP YOUR BUSINESS... VISIT: SAMSUNG.COM/OUTDOORDISPLAYS SOURCES: 1 NPD Group 2 Statista 3 QSR Magazine 4 QSR Magazine, 2015 $ BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER LATE NIGHT AFTERNOON SNACK Digital displays enable different menus and features by dayparts DIFFERENT TIME, DIFFERENT MENU 3.99 3.99 4.99 4.50 5.50 6.50 5.99 5.99 1 2 3 4 5 6 They also need to be polarized so motorists can read with their shades on!