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13 things you didn’t know you could do with the S Pen

  1. 13 things you didn’t know you could do with the
  2. More than a pen The S Pen isn’t just great for writing and sketching. It’s a powerful, precise tool for doing more with your Galaxy device.
  3. Try these 13 smart tricks using the precise, powerful S Pen on Galaxy S23 Ultra
  4. Don’t miss a moment — pop out your S Pen and just start writing with screen-off note-taking. 1. Screen-off memos
  5. 2. Screen Write Need to quickly mark up something you’re viewing? With Screen Write, you can add your notes in a flash.
  6. 3. Annotate PDFs To annotate a longer PDF, import it into Samsung Notes, add your feedback, save and share. It’s also a quick way to sign documents.
  7. 4. Write on Calendar Coordinating schedules has never been easier. Write on Calendar lets you instantly screen capture your calendar and add handwritten notes.
  8. 5. Convert your handwriting On-screen keyboard got you feeling all thumbs? Use your S Pen to write naturally, and let the device convert it. Pro tip Samsung Notes recognizes phone numbers so you can click and call. * H��� i� ��� la�es� ������
  9. 6. Smart Select Need to share a chart from a report? Smart Select it, then copy and paste directly into an email.
  10. 7. Photo & video editing Edit videos and photos quickly and easily. Create professional content that you can share right from your phone.
  11. 8. Translate Hover your S Pen over a word or sentence for an instant translation. Then tap the sound icon to hear the word pronounced.
  12. 9. Magnify Need to get a close-up? Magnify lets you hover over anything on screen to zoom up to 300%.
  13. Since the S Pen on Galaxy S23 Ultra is BLE-connected, it can also act as a wand or remote control. Here’s how.
  14. 10. Run your presentation Use the S Pen’s button to advance slides in Microsoft PowerPoint and add annotations.
  15. 11. Control your camera Click on the S Pen’s button to take a photo or video. Swish up to switch cameras, and circle the pen to zoom in or out.
  16. 12. Remote control music or media Play and pause music and shows from up to 30 feet away with the click of a button. And swish up and down to control the volume.
  17. 13. Anywhere actions Customize your Air Actions so you can use gesture anytime to navigate your Galaxy device or access apps and features.
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