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Sammy K Kibor

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Sammy K Kibor

  1. 1. Sammy K Kibor Po Box 3382-30100; Eldoret Mobile: 0727250240 Email: robiksam09@gmail.com Date of birth : 18th December1984 Gender : Male Citizenship : Kenyan Language : English/Kiswahili/Kalenjin/Pokot PassportNo. : A2178163 Personal Profile A motivated, adaptable, dynamic and responsible Logistics graduate seeking a dynamic position which will utilise the professional and technical skills developed through past work experiences. I have a methodical, organizational focused approach to work and strong drive to see things through to completion. Education 2013 KEPSAPersonal Courses, Nairobi Wide selection of courses,  A two weeks course for youth to improve especially Life skills I. Learned ways to motivate and confidently present opinions. I acquired prioritizing, communication and Team participation skills.  A four weeks course for Interns on Marketing, personal financial management, entrepreneurship organizational management. I. Obtained several practical skills such as writing of business plans, proposals. Gained experience on how to control sales situations, conduct market research and merchandising.  A 3 months Industrial attachment for the Youth in the Corporate Sector I did at St John Ambulance. I. Obtained several practical skills such as data entry/typing Gained experience on how to check levels of adherence to the existing operations. Assist EMTS and drivers in repacking first aid toolkits for on call duties. 2011- 2012 International Diploma in Logistics and Transport CILT-KENYA  Professional Diploma Relevant Units  Management in Logistics and Transport Operations  Managing Resources- HR, IT and Marketing  Supply Chain Management (Procurement)  Fleet and Freight Management/ Transport Planning  Economics and Finance/ Warehousing and Inventory Management.
  2. 2. 2011 Computer Applications Continental Computer College  Credit In computer applications 2000-2003 O level Certificate Chebara Secondary School  KCSE Grade B (minus) Work Experience 2015- Present Office Manager Aspac International East Africa  Produced requirements, I manage, support the development and the functioning of the project office)  Maintaining organised office storage, filling and retrieval systems for inventory and other logistical support.  Monitoring office supplies, preparing monthly budget, carrying out purchases.  Coordinating office/premises activities (cleanliness, preparing meeting rooms, security and other office activities.  Managing all staff employed including those on contract and casuals.  Preparing casual wage logs, cash analysis reports and payment of casuals.  Periodic training reviews and ensuring finance reports, asset reports and updated office inventories is done on a monthly basis.  Continually promoting best working practices, maintain confidentiality and carrying out all duties responsibly. Dec 2013- May 2014 Instore Merchandise Nokia_KE (MALINDI)  Provided extensive sales support to the Safaricom clients.  Organised and distributed promotional merchandise which boosted the sales by 60 per cent.  Documented progress, prepared sales reports on both weekly and monthly basis.  Gained more knowledge on cost analysis, lead time and customer experience. Jan 2008- Dec 2009 Supplies and Distribution Assistant BKH LTD  Supervised a team of truck drivers and turn boys  Organized sourcing of fuel and monitored its delivery to the customer  Performed exemplary services in presenting reports, Inventory records and monitoring of fuel. 2004-2007 Various jobs Volunteer, clerical and Business (sectors) Hobbies and Interests I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction books, socializing with friends and watching movies/Documentaries. Referees Mr. Jackson K Kilimo OperationsManager BKH LTD PO BOX 13972-00100 NAIROBI CELL: +254720409660
  3. 3. EMAIL: pkemoijack@gmail.com