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  1. We add value to our customers’ Human Resource Management efforts by deploying the strategies that work and suit their business objectives. Our mission is to provide one-stop Human Resource Management services and that is too within the quickest possible time-frame and at the lowest possible cost. We always experiment with innovative ideas, so that we can provide the best services to our clients. Copyright © 2017, Nimbus Adcom Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval devices or systems, without prior written permission from Nimbus Adcom Pvt. Ltd. SERVICES Post recruitment & HR services Background Verification HRO Setup and Support Payroll Services. Providing Contract & Permanent Staffing Services under the following categories Leadership Hiring IT Recruitment Non-IT Recruitment Project Based Hiring Recruitment Process Outsourcing Green Field and Brown Field Hiring Fresh Graduates Hiring Nimbus Hire
  2. We wish to introduce our recruitment services to you Elevate the standards of recruitment services to the next level. Catch your attention and encourage you to opt for our services. To get listed in your preferred staffing partners list. To start a long term strategic association with you.
  3. Nimbus Hire Differences…  We are a team of some passionate recruiters, who love to recruit on any easy to niche skills with same dedication.  We are here to provide you support in your all kind of hiring process, across the domain and verticals.  We submit candidates with no or minimal deviations from the guidelines.  If requirement is challenging we love to take the challenge.  Our screening is so strong that seldom you’ll find an irrelevant resume in your inbox.  We take lot of preventive and proactive steps to minimize the “No Shows” in interviews and Joining.  On demand we are providing you Video Interview of the candidates. Our Specialties in Staffing Services Your hiring needs can be of any category, we are capable of providing you services as per your need. Here in this figure we have listed our staffing and recruitment services. This is to give you an idea about our service offerings. These are not our limitations rather we are serving you beyond any limitations. We can tailor our services to match your needs.
  4. Requirement Received Analysis of the Requirement Post the job Job Sites Social Sites; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc Passive Job Sites Different Classifieds Relevant Forums Search for the candidates Screen the available Resumes got from postings and searches. If resume is matching with the Requirement send it to the client with specified details. If client selects him; co-ordinate for the interviews, till his joining and thereafter If client rejects it & position is still available Then go to Search process again. If resume is not good reject it and Go to Screening Process again and screen the available resumes. On Internal Resume Database On major job - sites On passive Job - sites On Open web through Google using advance search techniques. In Forums Through Referrals We collect the resumes/CVs through all the channels and Screen them thoroughly, against the requirements. We collect resumes from various job postings. This process workflow shows our strong recruitment methodology that we follow for every new requirement. We remain in touch with the candidate till he joins your organization completely. Our endeavor is to save our clients’ time and efforts.
  5. Candidate's Fact sheet and tracker along with the resume Candidates Fact Sheet includes his Job Details, Communication Rating, Skill Matrix and Relevant Experiences. The tracker includes the details of the candidates as required by our clients. What we submit against your requirements? Well Formatted Text Resumes in MS-Word or PDF Format. Text resumes are an integral part of our submissions. It can be in MS-Word or PDF format, in a proper legible style. Once we talk to the candidates, we take their preliminary Interview. We check their interest level and if everything looks fine, we submit their resumes to you. Video Resumes Or Audio Resumes Video/Audio Clip of Candidate’s Interview by Nimbus Hire On our client’s demand we will provide audio or video resumes to them, it will be a free of cost service. As of now, this function is in testing phase, so we expect your involvement in great extent. All Suggestions and Critics are welcome. On our client’s demand we provide audio/video clip of the interview taken by us and that is free of cost. According to our clients’ requirements we prepare questionnaires (Technical/Non-technical). We provide you uncut clip of the interview so you can judge your candidate before meeting them in-person. Same time it saves candidates and HR’s time too. Our interviews are so authenticated that you can rely on our initial screenings.
  6. Full Stack/Mean Stack Developers Cyber security/compliance/governance Networking Infrastructure professionals UI/UX designers/developers Cloud/SAAS engineers Big data analytics/admin/development Machine learning/ artificial intelligence RPA/Automation DevOps Though we have been recruiting for legacy IT Skills like .net, C++, Java, Webservices, Oracle, SQL, SAP, CRM, ERP, Data Warehousing, BI, etc for a long time. And we are always there to support you for any of the IT requirements. Same time, we are also future ready and we keep a watch on the latest trends. Various agencies report that the following skills sets will be in demand for coming days and we are glad to tell you that we are already recruiting for these skill sets. Android/iOS Development Game Development Content Writing New Product development App Development Ecommerce Data Scientist/Data Structure and Algorithm
  7. We are serving you across the industries and across the levels of the organizations. We provide you a strategic solution that suits your domain and industry. Our specialist recruiters who have experience in your domain work on your requirements. However, as an organization we have experience in working for almost all the industries, still we believe every organization is unique in its own way and they come to us with unique challenges. We prepare ourselves accordingly. Be sure, that at Nimbus Hire a specialist will take care of your requirements and we can fill your vacancies at the earliest. Some of the industries to which we have served - To name a few: IT Software/Hardware Automobile/OEM Manufacturers. Real Estate/Construction/Engineering FMCG/Retail Ecommerce Hospitality/Tours & Travel Pharmaceutical/ Life Science/Healthcare Education Banking and Finance Insurance Advertisement/Digital Marketing/Media. Chemical/Paint/Fertilizers Manufacturing/R&D
  8.  Dedicated, highly qualified (MBAs/Engineering), experienced and trained staff  State of the art infrastructure with high speed internet.  Information Privacy and Security  Fulfillment of Service Level Agreement (SLA)  Integrity  Healthy Professional relationship  Teamwork  Quality / Accuracy  Punctuality  Never Give-up Attitude We invite you to experience the difference. Nimbus Hire has a highly skilled team that is built on expertise and work ethics. Our recruiters are exceptionally skilled in identifying top talent around the globe and matching them with the client's needs. We have an 70% - 100% fill ratio for every open position we partner for.
  9. We love to answer this question:  Choose us for our Never Give-up Attitude: we believe no requirement is so tough that it can’t be filled. We support you on your most difficult requirements.  We try to maintain the quickest possible TAT.  Our deep understanding of different skills and technologies.  We don’t do just a postman’s job, rather we evaluate and give you a Well Screened Resume and the candidate behind the resume.  We use all the channels of resume sourcing, so you get the Wider Range Of Talent Pool.  We partner with you in your day to day requirements and work with you as one of your extended team.  You can rely on our recruiters, they will not let you down.  We are Process Oriented Organization and believe in continuous improvement.  We take your critics positively and improve ourselves in those areas.  And finally, choose us for Our Integrity And Transparency.
  10. let us reduce your costs of wrong hire by verifying your newly recruited candidates. The right candidate at right job at right time makes an organization great. Verification costs you less compared to replacing a wrong hire taken on without verifications. Nimbus Hire Verification Covers : Document Verification: Educational Document Check, Past Employment Record Check Professional Reference Check, Social Networking Sites Activity Tracking, Address Check, Court Records/Police Record Check, Etc.
  11. Mobile: +91-8448396084 | Email: |Website: Phone: 0120-4630111 | E-89, Sector 63, Noida,UP, India, Pin-201301 Thanks and Welcome to You Sameer Sinha CEO- Nimbus Hire (Undertaking of Nimbus Adcom Pvt. Ltd.)