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Cinema quiz 2017 finals

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Cinema quiz 2017 finals

  2. 2.  Finals will have total 47 questions  Written round (5)  Dry round (12)  Dry round (12)  Written round (6)  Dry round (12)
  3. 3.  This round consists of Postage Stamps dedicated to legendary heroines of bollywood. Identify them.  +5 for each correct.  +15 for Full House.
  4. 4.  12 Questions clockwise  +20/-10 on pounce  +10/0 on bounce
  5. 5.  Usually India's First 70mm Film is said to be ‘X’.  Because it was a successful Box Office hit, every one thought it must be so. But the fact is Pachhi’s 'AROUNDTHEWORLD' (1967/ Technicolor) was the first Indian film to be actually released in the 70mm widescreen format.  Identify ‘X’.
  6. 6.  Sholay, because it is a Compulsory Question in Every Cinema Quiz .
  7. 7.  X and Y were friends from their college days in NSD(National School of Drama) who Struggled in Mumbai in 1990’s.  When ‘X’ was frustrated doingTV serials and decided to leave Mumbai, ‘Y’ stopped him and said “Ruko yaar, tumko NationalAward dilayenge”.  Y eventually fulfilled his promise two decades later. Id X andY.
  8. 8.  Irrfan Khan  Tigmanshu Dhulia for Paan Singh Tomar(2012)
  9. 9.  ‘X’ was the first music arranger in Bollywood. He would also compose the interludes, the music that plays in between the paragraphs of the songs.  He worked with music composers like Madan Mohan and SD Burman and was also responsible for teaching staff notations to many younger musicians.  But this man remains largely unknown until a Laxmikant-Pyarelal composed song made him immortal in Bollywood.(pic next slide)
  10. 10.  X-Anthony Gonsalves  Song is “my name is AnthonyGonsalves” from Amar Akbar Anthony (1977).
  11. 11.  On Nov 24 1973, the US Navy airplane - a Douglas Super DC-3 - was forced to crash land on Sólheimasandur beach.  The crew all survived the impact, but the plane was abandoned rather than recovered - and lies there still.  Where have we seen this Douglas Super DC3 in Bollywood?
  12. 12.  Song -Gerua from Dilwale(2015)
  13. 13.  In the Film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,During “The Neelam Show”, the scene just before Shah Rukh Khan speaks, there is a scene in which a guy pleads her girl friend to leave him because he has found a new girl.  The guy and the new girl's role was played by directors who went on to directed Shah rukh khan in the future.Identify both.
  14. 14.  NikhilAdvani (Kal Ho Naa Ho)  Farah Khan
  15. 15.  When ‘X’ was asked why he changed his name from ‘Y’ to ‘X’ he said,  “The truth is I never liked my name…. No disrespect to the great actor ______! But somehow my name didn’t match the image I had of myself.”  Interestingly, the great actor mentioned had himself changed his name from ‘Z’ to _____  Identify X,Y and Z.
  16. 16.  X- A. R. Rehman.  Y- A. S. Dileep Kumar.  Z-Yusuf khan.
  17. 17.  Abhishek and Ajay Devgan are giving tribute to Amitabh Bachchan in opening credits of Bol bachchan by narrating his dialogues from two movies in which he acted.  Identify both the films.(video)
  18. 18.  Amar Akbar Anthony  Namak Halal
  19. 19.  For the movie “X”, Director Y helpedAnurag Kashyap with the 'tripping away' scenes by introducing him to a special camera he (Y) had got from Holland. Kashyap previously used a still camera as he did not have the budget for special effects.  This let Kashyap show what’s going on inside character’s mind during the drug shots without actually showing drugs.  Identify X andY.
  20. 20.  Dev.D  Danny Boyle
  21. 21.  When ‘X’ died, Sanjay Rajoura (of gnoTalks fame :D ) tweeted this sarcastic tweet.
  22. 22.  The great song byAnu malik is actually copied from a very famous song of ‘X’.Identify the copied Bollywood song and ‘X’.
  23. 23.  George Michael  Song-- dil mera churaya kyun (akele hum akele tum).
  24. 24.  Although this movie has a fairly decent reception by critics, this movie has 2.0/10 rating in IMDb site. Apparently, ‘X’ offended a social-media-savvy group of people who were encouraged to mobilize to protest the movie by giving it the lowest rating possible on IMDb.  The group is focused on protecting Bangladesh’s history and promoting the country’s image. Unfortunately, ‘X’ contains a reference to the Bangladesh Liberation War as the Indo-Pak war.  Identify the film ‘X’.
  25. 25.  Gunday (2014)
  26. 26.  Shoojit Sircar has admitted that his way of cinema is heavily influenced by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. In his film “Piku” he found a unique way to give tribute to Hrishikesh Da by giving a specific name to a certain character.  Give me the name of character and the funda of tribute.
  27. 27.  He namedAmitabh Bachchan’s character in Piku as Bhaskar Bannerjee.  Bhaskar Bannerjee was the name of Amitabh Bachchan’s character in iconic film “Anand”
  28. 28.  “If a man like BalThackeray can evoke the respect, awe and fear of thousands of people to the extent that they are ready to lay down their lives for him, irrespective of which political party he belongs to, then yes, ‘X' is also a man who evokes the same passionate loyalty from the people around him.” says the director of the movie ‘X’.  Identify the movie series ‘X’ ,whose third installment is coming out in 2017.
  29. 29.  13 Questions anticlockwise  +20/-10 on pounce  +10/0 on direct  NOTE :  YOU GET A BOUNCE OF +20 ON GETTING THREE SUCCESSIVE POUNCES CORRECT
  30. 30.  Randall Park (the man in question) has starred in several films but is particularly famous for his role in a 2014 movie.What infamous role?
  31. 31. Kim Jong Un
  32. 32.  Hamlet ------ Inchon  Cabaret ------ Arthur 2  Dance with wolves ---- (Robin Hood:Prince of theives ,The Postman,WyattEarp)  Life is Beautiful ------ Pinocchio  Monster’s ball ------ Catwoman  The Blind side -------- All about Steve Exhaustive list of what?
  33. 33.  The six actors who have both the Oscar and the Golden Raspberry won the two for the respective movies  ( left – Oscar movie ; right – Golden Raspberry movie).  The actors in the same order are:  Laurence Olivier  Liza Minnelli  Kevin Costner  Roberto Benigni  Halle Berry  Sandra Bullock Answer…
  34. 34.  The film received backlash for some of its casting choices, the major one for choosing black actor to play role that was originally written as Asian-Indian. The novel in original featured the character as XY but was changed to ZY ( X and Z sound similar) in the film. ZY in the film says that his father was a Hindu but his mother was Baptist, implying his father was Indian but his mother was black. The movie and the character?
  36. 36.  Sacheen Littlefeather (born Marie Louise Cruz,[1] November 14, 1946) is an actress and an activist for Native American civil rights. Born in Salinas, California, her ancestry is Apache,Yaqui, and Pueblo on her father's side, while her mother is of French, German, and Dutch descent.  (Image on the next slide)  However, she is known for some very famous 1973 event in the history of Hollywood.Give me the event.
  37. 37.  She gave a speech at the 45th Academy Awards ceremony on March 27, 1973, for actor Marlon Brando , who was declining the Academy Award for Best Actor which he had won for his performance in The Godfather.
  38. 38.  This is an extract from the 1982 American courtroom drama film, “TheVerdict”. Identify the person who appears as an extra in the movie, the other movie where he goes uncredited being “The First Deadly Sin”.  The person in question is a German-bornAmerican actor who has appeared in over 60 films and is arguably most famous for his role in an American action film series that began in 1988.Also, he has two Emmy awards and a Golden Globe award to his name. Pehchano ise!
  39. 39.  BRUCE WILLIS Answer…
  40. 40.  Don’t say a word(2001)  The Lord of the Rings: Fellowhip of the Ring(2001)  Equilibrium(2002)  Golden Eye(1995)  The Island(2005)  X (the most recent one)  Outlaw(2007)  Airborne(1998)  Clarissa(1991 TV series)  Black Death(2010)  Cash(2010)  Patriot Games(1992)  Essex Boys(2000)  HenryVIII(2003 TV movie)  The Field(1990)
  41. 41.  Death Count of Sean Bean, X being  Game ofThrones
  42. 42.  He was an olympic diver for his country before he  finally settled in with the present career.  He finished third in Olympic trials on three different occasions and competed in the 1988, 1992 and 1996 Olympics. He also finished 12th in theWorld Championships held in Barcelona in 1992.  Speaking of driving, he ironically failed his driving test quite a couple of times.Who?
  43. 43.  JASON STATHAM Answer…
  44. 44. The _______ Mountains are a sub-alpine mountain range located north of theWestern Alps, separating the Rhine and Rhone rivers and forming part of the watershed of each.The range is predominantly located in France and Switzerland, extending into Germany. The name is derived from a Latinized form of a Celtic stem for “forest”.The mountain range gives its name to a phase in the geological time scale. The term rose to prominence when it lent its name to a 1993 movie, thus entering into pop culture.
  46. 46. Talking about the eventual kiss scene in the movieThor: The DarkWorld, Natalie Portman revealed that she was unable to make a reshoot for the ending of the movie, so X took on her role with the help of a wig. She exclaimed that he(Chris Hemsworth) was working in Hong Kong while she was working in her own film, thus could not make for the scene. The scene was made to look genuine with the help of a wig, costume and trick camera angles so viewers would fail to notice the actual face. "And so they put X in my wig and costume - that's why it was so passionate," Portman explained. "It was such a perfect solution, wasn't it?" Who was made to replace Natalie?
  47. 47.  ELSA PATAKY – HIS WIFE Answer…
  48. 48.  The Kid  The General  Mr. and Mrs. Smith  Heaven Can Wait  Notorious  Bad Boys  Gladiator  Red  Fair Game  Kicking and Screaming  Crash  Twilight  Bully  Invincible  The Illusionist  To name a few more:  Morning Glory  Broken Arrow  Betrayed  The Avengers  Flawless  Sunshine  Unknown Connect the following movies!
  49. 49.  Movies with the same name made twice. Answer…
  50. 50.  Jeff Dowd  Member of the anti-war radical group, the Seattle Liberation Front.  Also an independent film producer, he helped the directors secure distribution for their first feature.What did the grateful directors feature on him as a result?
  51. 51. Midnight Cowboy is a 1969 American drama film based on the 1965 novel of the same name by James Leo.The film was written by Waldo Salt, directed by John Schlesinger, and stars JonVoight in the title role alongside Dustin Hoffman. It tells the story of two men trying to make their livings in the 60s, one as a hustler and the other one as a male prostitute. The film was critically acclaimed and is widely regarded as one of the finest movies. However, it holds an uncommon distinction. What? (A still from the movie on the next slide.) An uncommon distinction?
  52. 52.  The only X-rated film to have won the Academy Award for the Best Film. Answer…
  53. 53. The name X originates from the Italian language word ‘batacchio’ or ‘bataccio’, a club-like object composed of two wooden slats used in professional theatre. When struck, the batacchio produces a loud smacking noise, though little force transfers from the object to the person being struck.Actors may thus hit one another repeatedly with great audible effect while causing very little actual physical damage. Along with the inflatable bladder (of which the whoopee cushion is a modern variant), it was among the earliest special effects. X was also a very prevalent style of art in the early 20th century. X????
  54. 54.  SLAPSTICK Answer…
  55. 55.  Bhojpuri parodied titles  6 in number  Written round  +5/-0 (for each answer)  +10 on full house POSTER PARODIES…
  56. 56.  12 Questions clockwise  +20/-10 on pounce  +10/0 on bounce
  57. 57.  Puneet Issar is an Indian actor and director. He is most famous for his role as Duryodhana in theTV adaptation(1988–1990) of the Mahabharata, and directing Garv: Pride and Honour(2004) starring Salman. Issar was the finalist in the IndianTV reality show Bigg Boss season 8 in 2014-2015.  But in his debut film, his name was attached with Amitabh Bachchan in an unfortunate way. How?
  58. 58.  Just Identify the movie in which this scene is recreated. Identify the actor also.
  59. 59.  Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)  Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  60. 60.  According to Anything But Khamosh:The Shatrughan Sinha Biography,in movie _____, there was a fight scene shot in which, Bachchan, in Sinha’s words, “kept beating the hell out of me, beating me constantly until Shashi Kapoor separated us”.  The scene reflected the cold war between superstars in those days.  After 37 years, Recently in aTalk show, an iconic scene from this movie was parodied(scene in the clip).  Identify the movie.
  61. 61.  Kala patthar (1979).
  62. 62.  A man, his hair a bit wild, his body taut, holds a violin in one hand, his arm stretched downwards in line with his body. In his other arm he holds a woman arched backwards in a pose of sublime submission. countless films copied that scene but failed to recreate its magic. The legendary chemistry between ‘X’ and ‘Y’ made this the epitome of screen passion in Indian cinema history.  Where can we see the scene today?  Name the film from which the scene is taken?  Identify ‘X’ and ‘Y’.
  63. 63.  The famous RK films logo
  64. 64.  Greg Cannom is a Hollywood special makeup effects artist. Cannom has been nominated for nineAcademyAwards and has won three times. He was involved in two bollywood movies in the year 2016.  Name two movies and actors involved.  Hint-both the actors have acted together in Deewana(1992).
  65. 65.  Shahrukh khan  FAN  Rishi Kapoor  KAPOOR AND SONS
  66. 66.  Gangs of wasseypur.
  67. 67.  Identify the gangster-turned-politician whose biopic is named ‘Daddy’ with lead asArjun Rampal.(pic next slide on direct)  He is also the founder of political partyAkhil Bharatiya Sena based in Maharashtra. In 2004, he was elected as an MLA from the Mumbai Chinchpokli Constituency as an Akhil Bharatiya Sena candidate.
  68. 68.  Arun Gawli
  69. 69.  Connect the following three cricketers to a person
  70. 70.  SUBHASH GHAI  Vishwanath, Kalicharan andYuvraaj are films directed by him
  71. 71.  ‘X’ was born in aTelugu Christian family,to Prakash Rao Janumala, an operator in HLL plant and Karunamma Janumala in Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh.  During a HLL company function, he performed an act, and from that day on, the workers said he was not ______(his real name), he was ‘X’.When he later joined the industry, he decided to keep the name.  Identify ‘X’.
  72. 72.  Indravadan J. Purohit is known for his work onThe Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) and a bollywood movie.  Though he had an important role in the story but he could not be recognized in the film.  Identify the film and his role.
  73. 73.  Jadoo in Koi…Mil Gaya
  74. 74.  Identify the “Little Champ” singing in the video
  75. 75.  Armaan Malik
  76. 76.  In the movie “Jaane bhi do yaaro”, the names of the lead characters played by Nasseruddin Shah and Ravi Baswani came from film directors X and Y, who were assisting Kundan Shah in the movie.Y co-wrote the script and assisted in directing the movie, whileX was the production controller of the film.  Identify directors X and Y, who went on to win 9 national awards among themselves.
  77. 77.  VidhuVinod Chopra  Sudhir Mishra