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Construction project

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Construction project

  2. 2. ABSTRACT The Construction Management System is designed to manage the process involved in a Construction company. Using this system the company can manage its Staff Details, Site Details, Client Details and also track the Work involved in a Site. The System also provides detailed report on the work and labor involved in a Site.
  3. 3. EXISTING SYSTEM At present in MSS Builder the information about various details are maintained manually in the form of registers and files. It is a very tedious process to track records when needed. The manual system had no control over entry of documents and was liable of losing documents. Retrieval of any information requires a long search process. All records have to be verified to know about the required information.
  4. 4. PROPOSED SYSTEM The CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is designed to fulfill all the requirements of the organization. Through this we can easily manage the entire system in a Computerized manner. To gain speed, accuracy through handling of records. Easy maintenance, retrieval and updating of records.
  5. 5. Hardware RequirementsProcessor : Pentium SeriesRAM : 512 MBHard Disk : 40 GBKeyboard : standard 101/102 KeysMouse : PS/2 Compatible Mouse
  6. 6. Software RequirementsOperating System : Windows XPFront End : Visual Studio 2008Back End : SQL Server 2008
  7. 7. Modules… Login Staff Details Site Details Labour Details Client Details Daily Wages Weekly Wages Cement Details Voucher Report
  8. 8. Login The login module allows the user to enter into the application according to the user type by using username and password. The user is taken for validation whether he/she is authentic or not. It helps the user to login into forms according to needs of the users, only if the user is authorized. It helps the user to login into different forms according to to needs of the users.
  9. 9. Login
  10. 10. Staff Details The staff details of a fixed data describe the basic details of the staff including all necessary factors. It is used to maintain the staff records of the company. The user can View, Update, Edit the staff details by using the staffID. It is also possible to search a particluar staff details using the search options. It includes the basic fields that are needed such as Staff Name, Personal information, Designation etc…..
  11. 11. Staff Details
  12. 12. Site Details The site details of a fixed data describe the necessary details of the site .It is used to have a simple record regarding the sites where the construction process is going on. This site also contains sub module called site view which helps in viewing, retrieving, maintaining the complete site records from the database which will be helpful for reference.
  13. 13. Site Details
  14. 14. Labour Details Construction Company holds a rich set of labours working in the site. To keep track of vast amount of labours manually is a tedious task. The labour details module maintains the records according to the labour type which helps in easy retrieval of records from database. Labour module helps in maintaining the different labour details who are working in the company such as Carpenter, Mason, Plumber etc…..
  15. 15. Labour Details
  16. 16. Client Details Client details maintains the client records and their basic information to contact . This module helps in tracking the current clients of the construction company. It is used to easily communicate with the clients when necessary. This modules helps in updating ,delete and save records in the database.
  17. 17. Client Details
  18. 18. Daily Wages It is used to maintain the labours details working in each site. This module helps in storing the number of labours of different fields who are working in the site which are entered in a daily basis to keep track of daily labours working. Daily wages module maintains the daily activities of each site which the company is constructing . It holds around 15 different fields of labours to save the daily wages for them.
  19. 19. Daily Wages
  20. 20. Weekly Wages Weekly wages helps to calculate the wages for labours . In this module labour salary is entered for different labour types and the amount to be paid is calculated. Weekly wages module is generated from daily wages for calculating the salary for labours. Print option has been used in this module inorder to get an hardcopy of the particular site wages.
  21. 21. Weekly Wages
  22. 22. Cement Details  Cement details module is used to track the cement records available in the company (i.e) stock ,arrival transfer, usage, balance stock in a daily basis.  This module helps in maintaining the cement details in a daily basis in order to have a standard stock.  Cement details holds track of records regarding the stocks that are available to use and their usage.
  23. 23. Cement Details
  24. 24. Voucher Voucher is used to maintain the voucher details that are paid to labours through supervisor. This module plays a vital role in handling transactions between labours and company management. Voucher is used as a pay slip for the company to maintain the transaction done between the company and labours.
  25. 25. Voucher
  26. 26. Report Report is used for retrieving data from the database when needed. It helps in printing the cement and voucher details in the table format. Print option has been used in this module in order to get an hardcopy of the particular report.
  27. 27. Report
  28. 28. Conclusion The software has been implemented to incorporate all the requirements specified so as to eradicate the manual table maintenance and report preparations. Data validation has been performed in all data entry section. It will be easily accommodate future modification and implementations. The system has come up to the level of satisfaction of the concerned people and hence it will surely make a positive difference in the lives of the MSS staffs.