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Saraphina CV

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Saraphina CV

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE OF SARAPHINA BALOYI 15 FEBRUARY 2016 PERSONAL DETAILS Date of birth 1984 10 01 Identity no 8410010428087 Gender Female Nationality South Africa Marital Status Single Home Language Xitsonga Language Proficiency English, Venda, Sesotho and Isizulu Residential Address 3748 Mbokota Street Chiawelo ext 2 1818 Contact Details 078 569 7374 Email Address saraphinabaloyi@gmail.com Health Good Criminal Record None Hobbies Music and Reading Work Experience 10 years Summary I started work at a Restaurant called Mugg & Bean for close to 2 years it taught me Responsibility, good communication skills and Good customer service, I also worked for Plastic print as a casual my duties were Laminating and Cutting. I am currently employed by Cathy Heaton a Photographer and make up artist who I’ve been working for since June 2008 being a Photo Editor my duties are Editing images to the precise needs and specifications our client desires EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Last School Attended Vuwani Secondary School Highest Grade Passed Matric Subjects Xitsonga English Economics Business Economics Accounting and Mathematics
  2. 2. CURRICULUM VITAE OF SARAPHINA BALOYI OTHER QUALIFICATIONS Institution The Potters House Fellowship Training Centre Course Adobe Photoshop Editing and Retouching photos Period 6 months WORK EXPERIENCE Mugg & Bean ( February 2005 – December 2006 ) Position- Waitress Duties • Making sure my tables are clean ( Responsibility ) • Taking orders ( Listening and good communication ) • Giving them a good service Work Experience : Plastic Print Duties • Laminating and Cutting Work Experience : Cathy Heaton Position – Photo Editor June 2008 – Currently Duties * I’ve learned fundamental photos editing techniques in photoshop to bring out the best In the photos. • Cropping, resize and straightening a photo • Improving lighting and color on digital photos • Removing unwanted content e.g. Cloaning taking out blemishes and pimples • Adding special effects and sharpening • Cleaning the background if its necessary e.g. ( when u take a photo in a white background it sometimes becomes gray so I make it white again using tools in photoshop, even a black background it can be black again
  3. 3. • It comes in three versions Color, Black & white and serpia CURRICULUM VITAE OF SARAPHINA BALOYI REFERENCES 1. Cathy Heaton Position - Boss ( Cathy Heaton Photography ) Contact No - 082 601 3625 2. Gavin Corks Position - Manager ( Plastic Print ) Contact No - 082 433 7373 3. Leabon Britoe Position - Pastor Contact No - 082 516 6638 4. Adrian Hadebe Position - Teacher ( Adobe Photoshop ) Contact No - 083 299 9375