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Salesforce für die Integration (Mulesoft) - Basecamp Zurich 2019

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Salesforce für die Integration (Mulesoft) - Basecamp Zurich 2019

  1. 1. Connect Every App, Data, and Device Paul Crerand, EMEA CTO MuleSoft, a Salesforce company
  2. 2. The Fourth Industrial
  3. 3. Serving Customers in a Whole New Way
  4. 4. Customers Expect a Connected Experience Sales and Commerce Marketing Mobile Connected Devices Customer Service Marriott Store Cartier Watch Recommendations for you! More recommendations... Because you enjoyed hot air balloon trips in Napa, Ca. Safari Hot Air Balloon Adventures Departs 9am Let’s go! Because you enjoyed Ethiopian cuisine in San Francisco Cafe Ethiopia Reservations available 7pm - 8pm - 9pm Let’s go! Community
  5. 5. Data & Processes Are Highly Fragmented Typical transaction crosses 35 technology systems
  6. 6. Project-Based Approach Creates More Complexity Custom integration code is the enemy of agility 
  7. 7. How can you create connected customer experiences?
  8. 8. Customer
  9. 9. Connect Any System with MuleSoft Integration
  10. 10. MuleSoft’s Mission To help organizations change and innovate faster by making it easy to connect the world’s applications, data, and devices.
  11. 11. A Large Unsolved IT Problem Integration software spend Systems integration services spend $32B $394B Internal, custom-built integration spend$264B
  12. 12. Fourth Industrial Revolution Compounds Integration Challenges Demands on IT Time IT Delivery Capacity Cloud and SaaS Mobile Big Data IoT AI Today
  13. 13. APIs enable connectivity
 between applications APIAPI API API APIs Catalyze a Solution to this Massive Problem HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML standards and the 
 browser enabled the Internet Today1990s
  14. 14. MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Create connected customer experiences Connect any application, data or device Future-proof your integrations with APIs Extend core capabilities to partners, customers, and developers Empower your organization to innovate faster
  15. 15. MuleSoft Anypoint Platform On-premises & private cloud Hybrid Hosted by MuleSoft Cloud service providers
  16. 16. Product Information PIM DB Distribution Partners Inventory
  17. 17. Application Networks Drive Speed, Agility, and Innovation Retail & shopper insights Customer 
 engagement center T2 e-commerce Nexxus e-commerce
  18. 18. Continue Your Integration Journey Talk to Your Salesforce AE Join Us on the Road MuleSoft.com/events Find Us at Campground