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What is a CRM System?

A CRM system has the power to transform an organization from a disorganized group of disparate teams to a lean, efficient, revenue generating machine. But what exactly is a CRM system? Lets take a look!

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What is a CRM System?

  1. 1. WHAT IS A CRM SYSTEM? WHAT IS A CRM SYSTEM? A CRM SYSTEM ALLOWS BUSINESSES TO MANAGE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS, INCLUDING THE DATA AND INFORMATION ASSOCIATED WITH THEM. WITH A CRM SYSTEM, YOU CAN STORE CUSTOMER AND PROSPECT CONTACT INFORMATION, ACCOUNTS, LEADS, AND SALES OPPORTUNITIES IN ONE CENTRAL LOCATION. The right CRM system handles multiple tasks and serves as a central dashboard for: SALES MARKETING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT FINDING AND SHARING CRITICAL INFORMATION FAST TRACKING CUSTOMER RESPONSES ASSIGNING TASKS TO EMPLOYEES Deals go much faster when your employees can get instant information on potential sales deals, marketing campaigns, and account updates. TRADITIONAL TYPES OF CRM ON-PREMISE CRM SYSTEMS ON-DEMAND/ SUBSCRIPTION CRM SYSTEMS • Hardware and software • IT professionals required • On-site square footage • No hardware and software • No IT team needed • Management takes place off-site FROM 2010 TO 2012, CRM CLOUD APPLICATION USE GREW FROM 34% TO 55%. SHOULD YOU CONSIDER USING A CRM SYSTEM FOR YOUR BUSINESS? To learn more about CRM solutions and what they can do for you, download the e-book HOW A CRM SOLUTION HELPS YOUR BUSINESS GROW CONTACT INFORMATION ACCOUNTS LEADS SALES OPPORTUNITIES Nearly 30% of growing small businesses consider CRM a priority. THE CRM MARKET IS FORECASTED TO BE $17.8 BILLION IN 2016 WITH A COMPOUND ANNUAL GROWTH RATE (CAGR) OF 8.2%. $ $ CRMs are especially helpful for small businesses, where a team of just a few people often does the work of many. The virtual paper trail of a CRM system holds everyone involved accountable, even the customer. 2010 34% 2012 55% LOGIN A FEW CRM FAST FACTS...