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The Perfect YouTube Video

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The Perfect YouTube Video

  1. 1. Blueprint for the Perfect Video Title: Pick big topics and use golden keywords to expand your reach. The title should be catchy and easy to read. Consider framing the title as a question. Tip: Frontload keywords if you can so they aren’t Poster Frame: truncated when shared on social channels. Annotations: Big enticing visual Use Annotations to to get people to help people watch the video. navigate the video, VIDEO TITLE drive engagement, Tip: Make it 16:9 and create CTAs . resolution, 640 Subscriber to Channel pixels minimum, Tip: YouTube now 2MB max file size has the option of external links within annotations. Video Length:   Keeping it under 2 Timely Promotion: minutes is ideal. External Links Get as many views Like This Video? Chapters as possible in the Tip: For longer first 24 hours. videos consider Promote it on social, adding annotations SHARE BUTTONS get it embed, & fuel or breaking it up into it with advertising. shorter segments. Tip: 20% of video DESCRIPTION production costs Description: should be spent on Should complement advertising. the title without TAGS repeating copy. Tags: Include SEO What are the keywords. keywords that are COMMENTS going to give you Tip: Including a link the search traffic? in the first 140 characters so you Tip: Better to do have a CTA above RELATED VIDEOS fewer big bets, than the fold. lots of small. Playlists and Related Videos: Comments and Moderation: If you include this video in a series playlist the first Set the ton by leaving the first comment. Ask a set of recommendations will be from that playlist. question or solicit feedback to get people talking. Tip: Optimizing series playlists and Tip: The more likes and comments you can recommendations increases views. generate the more interesting the video looks.Blueprint was inspired by a post to business2community http://goo.gl/p32RvIt has been adapted with our terminology & best practices for employee training