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Sources: Gartner.com, ExecutiveBoard.com, Forrester.com, Experian.com, McKinsey.com, American Express-Echo
2012 Global Cus...
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Infographic: Connecting Sales and Service

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Why should sales and customer service teams be connected on one platform? Learn how the sales teams, service teams, and the IT department win with a 360-degree view of the customer.

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Infographic: Connecting Sales and Service

  1. 1. Sources: Gartner.com, ExecutiveBoard.com, Forrester.com, Experian.com, McKinsey.com, American Express-Echo 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer Customers are more connected than ever. of customers have spent more due to positive customer interactions. Integrate siloed apps and data on one platform. identified cost savings as a core benefit of have a single view of customers. Why you’re burning money if Sales and Service aren’t connected WHO WINS WITH CONNECTED SYSTEMS? Provide your sales team with insight into unresolved customer issues and your service team with visibility into big deals. said the lack of a single customer view led to business problems, and 18% believed they were missing important cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Increase customer satisfaction by answering questions correctly the first time. of customers had to contact the companies multiple times to resolve their issues. Improve agent productivity by connecting agents with the right experts, knowledge, and information to solve cases quickly. of agents must use multiple sources to answer questions. Gain a consistent view of your customers across all channels and touch points. of customers reported having to re-explain their issues at least once over the course of their service interactions. WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW CAN COST YOU Customer Service Executives Sales + IT Executives UNLOCK A 360° VIEW of your customers, and unlock lost revenue. Go to salesforce.com/service-cloud GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS A STREAMLINED EXPERIENCE 85% 70% 62% 54% 56% 75% say negative things about your company after they call.81% Customers expect a seamless experience. Siloed sales and service teams are a revenue killer. GET STREAMLINED 0 50 100 33% 82% of customers said their customer service providers could have done more to prevent them from switching to other brands. Customers hold all the cards, and you need to play by their rules. of companies analyze customer insight across organizational boundaries Disconnected information means missed opportunities.