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Content & Conversations That Delight

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Section three of the Community Keynote at Dreamforce 2012.

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Content & Conversations That Delight

  1. 1. CONTENT &CONVERSATIONSTHAT DELIGHTJennifer BurnhamContent Marketing @jennydburnham
  2. 2. Social Media Has Changed Marketing ForeverThe Largest Shift in 60 Years Old Way New Way Engaging Transparent Targeted Unsolicited One to many Untargeted
  3. 3. But Social Has Created Chaos for MarketingTactics and Tools Need to Adapt Uncoordinated Limited Action Insight Sales Developers Recruiting Support Events Intl Campaigns PR Product Mktg
  4. 4. #1 in Social Listening #1 in Social MarketingListening Engagement Workflow Content Social Ads Measurement
  5. 5. What We’re Managing in Buddy Media 350 Pieces of Content Per Month 129 200+ Individual Channels Content Contributors
  6. 6. Product Teams Sales Coordinated Action EnterpriseAdministrationDevelopers Deep Targeting Events Recruiting Aggregated Reporting
  7. 7. Connecting Social to the Heart of CRMClicks on a Watched a Posted a Read a Viewed a Became Liked a Re-Tweeted Brand Tweet Video Question Post Presentation a Fan Post a Post Mention SEM Free Trial Contact Me Event Registration eBook Offer 1 Lead Scoring Social Customer 2 Campaign Attribution Profile 3 Personalization
  8. 8. Focused on Content That Delights Retweets Likes Shares Comments Positive Sentiment Collaboration
  9. 9. Get Your Digital Snacks
  10. 10. http://YouTube.com/Dreamforce
  11. 11. http://Blogs.Salesforce.com
  12. 12. http://Blogs.Salesforce.com
  13. 13. http://Blogs.Salesforce.com
  14. 14. Knowledgewins Success Open Collaboration Breakthroughs Alignment Thought Leadership Insight Speed
  15. 15. @vhaseman @kevinwood@kendallsf @jennydburnham @mariaignatova
  16. 16. CONTENT &CONVERSATIONSTHAT DELIGHTJennifer BurnhamContent Marketing @jennydburnham