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Channel Order Application FAQ

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Check out our updated FAQ on the most common questions and their answers

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Channel Order Application FAQ

  1. 1. Channel Order Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ___________________________________________________ How do I confirm the status of my order? The order status field is updated in real-time. To check your order status, navigate to the Service Orders object tab > select "COA Service Order View" list view > Order Status. Alternatively, search for the Service Order ID or navigate to Customer > Service Orders related list > click desired order > Service Order Status. However, if you find that the order status has not been updated for more than one business day, first verify your​ COA Email Service​ is configured correctly. Confirm the Context User is Active and has the COA Admin User permission set assigned. Navigate to Setup > Develop > Email Service > SFDC Service Order > Click “Context User” under Email Addresses. Confirm Accept Email From on the Email Service Address is blank. From SFDC Service Order > Click view next to the “SFDC_Service_Order” Email Address > Accept Email From. I have received an error message when trying to create or submit an order. Is there a list of order entry errors and what they mean? For a list of common COA errors, please refer to the ​Validation Rule Guide​. I made a mistake on an order. How can I resolve it? You have the ability to edit/recall orders within 2 hours of submission.​To edit and resubmit, navigate to the Service Orders tab > open desired Service Order > update Products, Quantity, and Pricing on page 3 > Accept Terms & Conditions on page 4 > Click “Resubmit.” To recall​ ​from Salesforce altogether, navigate to the Service Orders tab > locate desired Service Order > Click “Recall” > Click “Continue.” How can I resolve a mistake on an order after the 2 hour recall window? Please submit a case in the Partner Community with details of the order and what the error was. For correct routing of the case, under the support tab, choose topic: ​Channel Order Application and Active Org Provisioning ​and subtopic: ​Partner Order Errors and Revisions.
  2. 2. Channel Order Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ___________________________________________________ When should I use the Upgrade order type? When should I use the Renewal Order type? Use Upgrade Order type when increasing a customer's overall contract value mid-term. For example, the customer is upgrading from your enterprise licenses to your premium licenses. Use the Renewal order type to change the customer's pricing, licenses, and quantities for the next contract term. For example, the customer wants to change the price of existing licenses for the next contract term. Why can't I select a contract under “Contract Type” on the first page of the order wizard? You have not yet completed COA setup. Review and complete​ ​these setup instructions​. If this does not resolve the issue, please submit a case in the Partner Community. When will my Cancellation Order / Reduction Order go into effect? Reductions and cancellations will go into effect on the upcoming renewal date of the customer's contract. How do I cancel my agreement with a customer when the Org is already inactive? The Channel Order App cannot accept cancellation orders for a customer Org that is no longer active. Submit a case in the Partner Community. Once the case is received, Salesforce will resolve this issue as quickly as possible. I have an ISVForce customer that will start using our services/product soon. When should I submit the COA order? The Channel Order App accepts orders with current and future start dates, however it does
  3. 3. Channel Order Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ___________________________________________________ not accept orders with a start date in the past. Please align the submission of the order with the start date of the customer's service, or submit a future dated order. Please note: ISVForce orders can only be submitted against orgs that are active the time of order submission. We need additional licences/products for our internal usage (not for use by the customer). Can we use the COA to add licenses to our internal active org? No; only approved partner benefits and products purchased directly from Salesforce can be placed into an active org not used by a customer. Re-seller licenses ordered through the COA for internal usage by a partner are not allowed as per the Salesforce Partner Program. To add licences for internal usage, please reach out to your Account Executive.