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AppExchange - One Million Installs Milestone

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Six years ago salesforce.com launched the world’s first app marketplace. We launched it before cloud was cool and the only thing we had to compare it to was Amazon, eBay and iTunes.

It was years before there was an App Store, Android Market or a Google Apps Marketplace. What started off in 2005 as a drawing of “on-demand” apps on a napkin has now transformed how we consume technology. A marketplace that has connected customers with cloud applications one million times.

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AppExchange - One Million Installs Milestone

  1. 1. ROCKETING TO A WHOLE 1,000,000 NEW APPMOSPHERE INSTALLS Just five years after salesforce.com launched the worlds first application marketplace, weve reached one million installs on the AppExchange. Almost named “Multi-Force Directory”, the AppExchange has revolutionized the industry with a new way to find and deploy apps. 734,098 Here’s a snapshot of the evolution. APP =20,000 APPS INSTALLED 462,932 259,015 26,650 88,644 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 The AppExchange launches Salesforce.com takes over Apple launches App Store Site opens for service ChatterExchange launches AppExchange partnersNEWS & TRIVIA at the St. Regis Hotel in San former Siebel office for with Marc Benioff’s gift of the partners. Deloitte, with 70+ social apps. have received $1.04B in Francisco. AppExchange HQ. App Store domain name. Accenture, and Fujitsu VC funding. publish listings. Apple debuts iPad. BusinessWeek dubs it “The Force.com Labs publishes “Salesforce for Google Apps” ServiceMax launches first Job marketplace is created eBay of Business Software.” its 100th free app. debuts in San Francisco. 25% of partners offer partner iPad app. for Force.com developers. discounts to nonprofits. First app listed: Google Apps Marketplace CalendarAnything is the VerticalResponse BlackBerry App World launches. 1 millionth app installed. launches. AppExchange team celebrates at McDonald’s. • BigMachines • Conga • Convio • Box.net • Ariba • BlackboardAPPS LAUNCHED • Eloqua • Jobscience • DocuSign • CA Agile Vision • Coupa • Concurforce • Xactly • ServiceMax • FinancialForce • Zuora • RemedyForce • LinkedIn • Veeva Systems