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30 Sales Answers to the Toughest Sales Questions

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The outstanding performers in any field will be the ones that ask the right questions and soak up the most knowledge.

Many reps stumble onto the answers to the toughest sales questions over the course of years of sales experience. We thought we'd shorten the learning curve for you and have collected 30 answers to 6 of the toughest sales questions in one slide deck.

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30 Sales Answers to the Toughest Sales Questions

  1. ―There are ‗habits‘ that you need to develop. Chief among all those habits is selfdiscipline.‖
  2. ―It‘s a close tie between two. Learning – read, read, read, and read some more. Assessment – you have to know what to do with your data.‖
  3. ―Empathy and servant leadership. It means truly listening to customers.‖
  4. ―Personal integrity. If personal integrity is your professional compass, you won‘t give in or settle.‖
  5. ―Almost all top-performing salespeople are selfishly productive.‖
  6. ―Repeat customers and referrals. If you get those you know you‘ve done a great job identifying the right clients and selling the right way.‖
  7. ―Like anything else, measuring one number, and excluding dozens of other factors that are also worth considering, doesn‘t tell the whole story.‖
  8. ―Growth and progress are the best ways to measure sales success.‖
  9. ―Aside from meeting your quota, success is having your life be in honor of something.‖
  10. ―We are paid to deliver results, and honestly, that‘s the only true measure of success.‖
  11. ―The biggest indicators of whether or not a prospect is a good fit is based on their business priorities.‖
  12. ―You know prospects are a perfect fit when they meet your ideal client criteria—company size, geography, or industry.‖
  13. ―A prospect is a good fit if they have provided you with two-to-three of their critical needs.‖
  14. ―The customer is willing to share what they are REALLY dealing with.‖
  15. ―A prospect is a good fit if they fit your ideal customer profile well.‖
  16. ―Prepare specific questions that are relevant to the prospect‘s business, industry, and needs.‖
  17. ―Get some water. Calm down. A few minutes out you don‘t have time to do research.‖
  18. ―Review your plan for the call and do a final mental walk-through of your upcoming interaction.‖
  19. ―Review popular sales questions and jot down notes to consult during the call. Take a deep breath and call the prospect a minute early.‖
  20. ―Visualize the meeting in your head, rehearse and have a walk-through.‖
  21. ―Winning salespeople do a thorough post-mortem analysis immediately after a call.‖
  22. ―When I am really on my game, I send a promised follow-up item.‖
  23. ―Top performers take the energy of the first sale and use it not to celebrate, but to connect with other prospects and customers.‖
  24. ―Follow up. Confirm next steps. Recap the call and deliver quickly. Turn around action items faster than you said you would during the call.‖
  25. ―Write down gaps in your information and the questions you need to ask the prospect via email.‖
  26. ―Questioning and listening skills are vital. Close behind that would be pricing integrity.‖
  27. ―Study a veteran‘s ability to make a difference for their clients.‖
  28. ―The hard-fought notion that success demands hard damn work.‖
  29. ―Pick up the phone. You‘d be amazed what you can do with it – and what it can do for you!‖
  30. ―GET HELP! And get it fast.‖