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10 Tips for Sales Hiring

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Hiring the right people for your sales team is the most crucial element of building a formidable sales machine. Here are ten tips from sales experts on how to hire right.

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10 Tips for Sales Hiring

  1. 1. 10 TIPS for SALES HIRING Come in WE’RE HIRING PART 1 OF THE 100 TIPS SERIES The hiring process is vitally important: it will either set you up to achieve your sales goals, or throw a wrench in the whole thing. There are certain qualities that all-star salespeople possess that you need to be on the lookout for. #1 Don’t rush to hire. #2 Make sure they fit your company culture. #3 Scrutinize professional references. #4 Hire skillsets that compliment your own. #5 Hire candidates that support customer needs. #6 Reps don’t need to be in the same demographic. #7 Prioritize which traits are mission critical. #8 The most important hiring trait is drive. #9 Narrow every position down to 6 key functions. #10 Hire slow and fire fast. Download the full eBook for even more great tips!