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Identify all the stakehold. 
ers that might influence / '

Keep track of all content and

responses your brand in any way-...
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Social Media Strategy Template

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A 10-point social media strategy template that any business can use to improve their social media planning, implementation and results.

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Social Media Strategy Template

  1. 1. Identify all the stakehold. ers that might influence / ' Keep track of all content and responses your brand in any way- iii: media, customers, 6% Know what's working and Ve" °'5' p’°5P9°i5- fans, wnavs ii“. §‘l? éi°{§'k°n%’.3‘Sim’ /0? ® ey - 9 Adjust and tweak your aorfiiiivieh eaIied"‘14el1y0atI1e<? }£jcairI; e connected to. need to listen to ldenti2;Ati; p)ukreKrrariAeAssages Establish key phrases to monitor Set up a monitoring system Gather data about needs, interests. sentiment and intent relative to your brand and your competitors strate according to t e results Do not Just broadcast. Social media is just that: “social' Keep monitoring and respond to comments and mentions Watch for intent statements and respond appropriately Facilitate conversations Write, make videos and produce ld t' I h . great images and infographics, an W 5 re" 5 weaknesses, tren s, gaps, threats and opportunities Keep all social account branding consistent Calculate share of voice in the most important conversations relative to your competitors Hire skilled content producers or train your team ezAii: >u7’ Using what you have found in your analysis, set goals for your social media program that tie in to the brand's overall business goals Make all goals measurable Now that you know who your audience IS and what they want you can allocate resources effectively. Decide what social platforms to use and create your editorial calendar withAttahcticta| ?pp| iAcaAtjion o e s ra egy ai . out for a six-month Armed Wm‘ “"5 Set up goal measurement systems on your Identify the inlluencers webs. te_biog and that 6‘/9?’ Pleg9d_°It<3_%nit9n_l — the people who can help ‘ yoltiriieelai eiritgresiisng aliici '5 €33 5iiii'ii§ ‘I ii? "I I T5315 Fiiiie / delivered to the right my of an5_ audience on the right platform.