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Empowering Knowledge Workers in the Arab World

John's talk "Empowering Knowledge Workers in the Arab World" at 2nd International Conference in Administrative Development & Knowledge Management in Khartoum, Sudan

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Empowering Knowledge Workers in the Arab World

  1. 1.     Empowering  Knowledge  Workers       in  the  Arab  World     (by  crea�ng  a  Knowledge  Environment)     ! KM  Middle  East  2011   ! ! 2   1   John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   john@johngirard.net   www.johngirard.net   ! Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Pu�ng  our  Task  in  Context   Drucker  on  Knowledge  Workers   ! 3   ! 4   “Every  knowledge  worker  in  modern  organiza�on  is  an   "execu�ve"  if,  by  virtue  of  his  posi�on  or  knowledge,  he  is   responsible  for  a  contribu�on  that  materially  affects  the  capacity   of  the  organiza�on  to  perform  and  to  obtain  results.”          Source:  The  Effec�ve  Execu�ve  –  1966     “Finally,  these  new  industries  differ  from  the  tradi�onal  'modern'   industry  in  that  they  will  employ  predominantly  knowledge   workers  rather  than  manual  workers.”          Source:  The  Age  of  Discon�nuity  –  1969     “.  .  .  the  center  of  gravity  of  the  work  force  is  shi�ing  from  the   manual  worker  to  the  knowledge  worker.”          Source:  Management  -­‐  1973   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Pu�ng  our  Task  in  Context   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers   ! 5   ! 6   Chapter  8:  Produc�vity     Through  People   1982   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   www.johngirard.net   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     1                                                                          john@johngirard.net  
  2. 2. ! Pu�ng  our  Task  in  Context   Hofstede:  Cultural  Dimensions   ! 7   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   ! 8   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Cultural  Dimensions:  Power   Distance   Pu�ng  our  Task  in  Context   ! ! 10   Canada   6   5   Singapore   USA   4   3   2   1   0   Japan   England   South  Africa  (B)   Australia   South  Africa  (W)   Power  Distance  Prac�ce   Power  Distance  Value   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Arab  Knowledge  Report  (2009)   Macro  Level  Goals   ! 11   www.mbrfounda�on.ae/Arabic/pages/AKR2009.aspx   “Chief  among  the  reasons   for  the  current  Arab   interest  in  establishing  the   knowledge  society  is  the   desire  not  to  miss  out  on   the  an�cipated  effects  of   the  knowledge  revolu�on   and  to  be  alert  to  the  roles  it   plays  in  genera�ng  progress,   whether  on  the  poli�cal,   economic,  or  social  level”   www.mbrfounda�on.ae/English/pages/AKR2009.aspx   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   www.johngirard.net ! 12     Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     2                                                                          john@johngirard.net  
  3. 3. ! Key  Concepts   We  must  consider  the  Arab  View   ! 13   ! 14   Chapter  4:  Informa�on  and   communica�ons  technologies   in  the  Arab  countries:  The   pillars  and  tools  of   knowledge   Chapter  5:  Arab  performance   in  research  and  innova�on   Chapter  6:  Building  the   knowledge  society  in  the   Arab  world:  A  vision  and  a   plan     Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   We  must  consider  the  Arab  View   ! 15   ! 16   Learn  lessons   from  others   to  avoid   repea�ng  their   errors.       Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Pu�ng  our  Task  in  Context   A  li�le  TLC  goes  a  long  way!   ! 17   ! 18   Leadership  Transparency  Vision and example Measurement Leadership Technology  Ease of access  Tending toward free  Need to Share vs Need to Know  Privacy Process Culture  Help or hinder Culture Technology  Resources (including time)  Content Creators and Joiners More  ques�ons  than  answers!   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   www.johngirard.net   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     3                                                                          john@johngirard.net  
  4. 4. ! Technology  -­‐  Leadership   ! 20   19   “On  the  ICT  axis,  the  Arab   states  have  made   reasonable   Progress”     “The  weakest  point  in  Arab   knowledge  performance   may  be  the  lack  of  enabling   environments  appropriate   to  the  establishment  of  a   knowledge  society”   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Knowledge  Index  (2012  vs  2000)   New  Technology   ! 21   ! 22   The Newest is always Best … h�p://info.worldbank.org/etools/kam2/KAM_page9.asp   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Emphasis  on  So�  Skills   ! ! 23   24   It  is  clear  that  Arab  CEOs  favor  so�  skills   such  as  problem-­‐solving  and   communica�on  skills  over  the  ability  to   perform  rou�ne  tasks.  The  Interna�onal   Labor  Organiza�on  corroborates  these   finding  when  sugges�ng  that   employability  is  closely  linked  to  the   capacity  of  an  individual  to  adapt  to   change  and  the  ability  to  combine   different  types  of  knowledge  and  build   on  them  by  managing  self-­‐learning   throughout  his/her  working  life   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   www.johngirard.net   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     4                                                                          john@johngirard.net  
  5. 5. ! KM  Enablers  and  Barriers   KM  Opportuni�es  and  Challenges   ! 25   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   ! 26   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Expat  Know-­‐how  Transfer   Expat  Knowledge  Transfer   ! 27   ! 28   When  asked  to  iden�fy  whether  there   was  an  adequate  transfer  of  ‘know-­‐how’   expatriates  to  na�onal  staff,  74%  of  Arab   CEOs  believed  that  this  was  the  case.   That  said,  the  propor�on  of  CEOs  in  the   UAE  and  Qatar  who  shared  this  view   was  lower  than  the  Gulf  average  of   70%.  Conversely,  confidence  was  much   higher  amongst  CEOs  in  the  Levant  at   88%  and  North  Africa  at  85%,  results   that  can  be  a�ributed  to  the  higher   na�onal  produc�vity  and  educa�onal   levels  prevalent  in  those  sub-­‐regions.   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Corporate  Culture  is  Key   ! 29   www.strategy-­‐business.com/ar�cle/11404   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   www.johngirard.net     5                                                                          john@johngirard.net  
  6. 6. ! Tribal  Leadership   ! 32   h�p://www.triballeadership.net/what-­‐is-­‐tribal-­‐leadership/diagnosing-­‐culture   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Tribal  Leadership   Free  Audio  Book   ! 33   ! 34   h�p://www.triballeadership.net/audio-­‐book   h�p://www.ted.com/talks/david_logan_on_tribal_leadership.html   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Impact  of  Social  Media   ! 36   CHAPTER 1 THE WHERE Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? —T. S. Eliot, The Rock (1935) Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   www.johngirard.net   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     6                                                                          john@johngirard.net  
  7. 7. ! Do  you  know  your  customers?        “A  social  trend  in   which  people  use   technologies  to  get   the  things  they  need   from  each  other,   rather  than  from   tradi�onal   ins�tu�ons  like   corpora�ons.”   The  Social  Technographics™  Ladder   ! 37   38   Creators   Cri�cs  respond  to  content  from   others.  They  post  reviews,   comment  on  blogs,  par�cipate   in  forums,  and  edit  wiki  ar�cles.   Inac�ves  neither  create  nor   consume  social  content  of  any   kind   Collectors  organize  content  for   themselves  or  others  using  RSS   feeds,  tags,  and  vo�ng  sites  like   Digg.com   Joiners   Spectators   groundswell.forrester.com   Creators  make  social  content   go.  They  write  blogs  or  upload   video,  music,  or  text.   Cri�cs   Collectors   Joiners  connect  in  social   networks  like  MySpace  and   Facebook   ! Spectators  consume  social   content  including  blogs,  user-­‐ generated  video,  podcasts,   forums,  or  reviews   Inac�ves   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   The  Social  Technographics™  Ladder   US  Adults   2007   2010   18%   24%           25%   37%           12%   21%           25%   51%           48%   73%           44%   18%   39   US  18-­‐24   46%       50%       38%       85%       89%       3%   Creators   Cri�cs   Collectors   Joiners   Spectators   Inac�ves   US  35-­‐44   23%       34%       20%       54%       73%       17%   The  Social  Technographics™  Ladder   ! South  Korea  Adults   2007   2009   38%   49%           27%   46%           14%   19%           41%   48%           39%   76%           36%   9%   US  55+   12%       28%       12%       26%       64%       30%   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Cri�cs   Collectors   Joiners   Spectators   Inac�ves   About   ! ! ! 42   The  theme  of  KM  Middle  East  2014  is  Knowledge  in   Ac�on:  Moving  from  theory  to  prac�ce.       Bringing  together  interna�onal  speakers,  academics,   leading  knowledge  management  prac��oners,  along   with  business  and  government  leaders,  KM  Middle   East  2014  promises  to  be  the  premier  knowledge-­‐ focused  event  in  the  region.     41   www.km-­‐me.com                            info@km-­‐me.com     Creators   Japanese  Adults   2007   2009   22%   34%           36%   30%           6%   11%           22%   26%           70%   69%           26%   23%   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   KM  Middle  East  2014   10  –  12  March   www.johngirard.net 40   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     7                                                                          john@johngirard.net  
  8. 8. ! Overview   KM  Middle  East  2014   ! 43   ! 44   KM  Middle  2014  marks  our  fi�h  annual  conference.     The  event  has  grown  from  a  humble  gathering  of   interested  colleagues  into  a  major  event  a�rac�ng   par�cipants  from  five  con�nents.    KM  Middle  East   2014  will  build  on  this  founda�on  by  providing  a   world-­‐class  event  offering  an  incredible  opportunity   to  reflect,  collaborate,  and  learn.     Vision:  To  be  the  premier  knowledge  management   event  in  the  Middle  East.   Mission:  We  inspire  organiza�ons  to  create  and   exchange  organiza�onal  knowledge.     The  conference  will  provide  an  opportunity   for  business  and  government  leaders  to:   Ø Learn  about  regional  and  interna�onal   knowledge  management  projects,  past,  present,   and  future.   Ø Assess  the  business  value  of  empowering   knowledge  workers.   Ø Learn  from  other's  knowledge  management   successes  and  failures.   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Fred  Aubin  -­‐  Canada   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Zaid  Hamzah  -­‐  Singapore     ! 45   ! 46   Talk:  Making  your  strategy  s�ck   with  a  strategic  story     Seminar:  Storytelling  for  Leaders:   how  to  influence,  engage  and   inspire       Talk:    Levering  knowledge   through  Wargaming  and  Red   Teaming     Seminar:  Game  Theory  as  a   Cogni�ve  Construct  to  Reinforce   your  Strategic  Level  Decision   Making       Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Douglas  Weidner  –  USA     Madan  Rao  –  India   ! ! 47   48   Talk:    The  Secret  for  KM  Success   -­‐  Personal  Knowledge   Management     Talk:  Change  Management  for   Knowledge  Cultures:  Strategies   for  Effec�ve  Communica�on       Seminar:    KM101  –  Create  a   Solid  Founda�on  for  KM   Success   Seminar:  Knowledge   Management:  Evolu�on  and   Maturity  Models           Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   www.johngirard.net   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     8                                                                          john@johngirard.net  
  9. 9. ! Stephanie  Barnes  –  Canada     HE  Prof  Dr  Ali  Mohamed  Al  Khouri  –  Emirates  ID   ! 49   ! 50   Talk:  Aligning  People,  Process,   and  Technology  for  Knowledge   Management  Success   Talk:  Knowledge   Management-­‐  Driving  the   Knowledge  Economy     Seminar:  Aligning  People,   Process,  and  Technology  for   Knowledge  Management   Success:  a  detailed  discussion.         Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Dr.  Yousuf  Al  Suwaidi  –  Dubai  Courts       Empowering  Knowledge  Workers       in  the  Arab  World     (by  crea�ng  a  Knowledge  Environment)     ! 51   ! 52   Case  Study:  Is  Knowledge   Management  a  Compe��ve   Criteria  Towards  Excellence     in  the  Government    Sector   John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   john@johngirard.net   www.johngirard.net   ! Empowering  Knowledge  Workers  in  the  Arab  World  ©  2013,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   www.johngirard.net     9                                                                          john@johngirard.net