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The Evolution of Auto Glass in Muscle Cars

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Over the past 100 years, automobiles have changed dramatically. From the first car with safety glass (the Ford Model A) to the recent unveiling of the first floating glass roof (the Nissan Resonance), auto glass has changed dramatically too. Not only has it become sleeker, thinner and better looking, it's also become safer.

Want to take a closer look? View the infographic from Safelite AutoGlass here, or visit Safelite.com.

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The Evolution of Auto Glass in Muscle Cars

  1. 1. E 58,0’! -‘O. AutoGIass Think automobiles have come a long way over the past century? Well, so has auto glass. To this day, glass used in popular muscle cars and automobiles continues to evolve not only a vehicle's appearance, but also its safety. Take a look. 1927 Safety Glass The Ford Model A was the first vehicle to have safety (laminated) glass in the windshield. The Chrysler Imperial Airflow CW is the first vehicle to use curved glass. Chrysler Imperial ‘Pop-out’ Windshield} ‘ Tuckerautomobile uses ' a ‘pop-out‘ windshield so passengers do not suffer injuries Tucker 48 k by striking it. * Only 51 cars were made before its manufacturer went under 1953 Chevy Corvette The Chevy Corvette becomes one of the first mass-produced vehicle to use the Panoramic Wrap-Around Windshield. A large number of injuries from broken H laminated glass lead to safety regulations and a higher demand fortempered glass in side and rear windows. Laminated safety glass is ~ used in the front windshields of all passenger cars made in the United States. 1966 Chevy El Camino 1970e———% Structural Shift l>— Afterthe 1970s, cars become lighter and more fuel efficient. This results in a shift in structural integrity from the steel skeletons to the auto glass. Some auto manufacturers experiment with a second inner layer of polycarbonate to improve windshield safety. abandoned because it's | This innovation is quickly too difficult to keep clean. Porsche becomes one of the first European auto manufacturers to use thermal 3 glass in its windshields. — Auto glass continues to evolve. Nissan unveiled its newest concept, Resonance, which features a floating glass roof. 2014 Nissan Resonance Here at Safelite, we know auto glass. For more information aboutfront/ rear windshields and side windows,