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Open Data Portals: 9 Solutions and How they Compare

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Get a comparison of CKAN, Socrata, ArcGIS Open Data and other top open data solutions. Plus get answers to best practice questions such as: Which datasets are important to share? What are the approximate costs? Which file formats should the data be shared in? How often should the data get updated? And overall, how can we ensure success with our open data portal?

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Open Data Portals: 9 Solutions and How they Compare

  1. 1. Open Data Portals 9 Solutions and How They Compare
  2. 2. DaleLutz StewartHarper
  3. 3. Why Open Data? And Why Now?
  4. 4. Citizens are demanding access to open data like never before. We want it.
  5. 5. Great advances have been made in technology. Citizens are tech savvy and aware. We have the ability.
  6. 6. Better decisions are being made by the mass population. Benefits are undeniable.
  7. 7. Why does this matter? Build innovations on top of institutes and empower citizens across the globe.
  8. 8. What is Open Data? “Open data and content can be freely used, modified, and shared by anyone for any purpose” opendefinition.org “Open Data is free, public data that can be used to launch commercial and nonprofit ventures, do research, make data-driven decisions, and solve complex problems.” Open Data 500
  9. 9. Open Data Audiences ● Citizens who want to examine the data and answer questions they have. ● Researchers and journalists who want to gather and analyze the data to tell stories. ● Developers who want to use the data to build applications Source: City of Winnipeg
  10. 10. WhoProducesOpenData? All levels of governments Intergovernmental Organizations Non Governmental Organizations Private Companies Academic Institutes
  11. 11. Governments are doing better
  12. 12. PDFs make for poor Open Data spatialityblog.com/2011/08/31/mapping-hurricane-nyc/
  13. 13. NYPD Example Released collision data in PDF Citizen created a PDF Scraper Tool so the data could be read NYPD responded and their data is now on Socrata Limit public interaction
  14. 14. Ingredients for Open Data Portal Success
  15. 15. Updating Datasets should not be static and should be regularly updated.
  16. 16. How to keep your data up-to-date: Provide your data as a published feed (e.g. RSS) or API. Connect your open data platform directly to the master database. Enlist the help of FME to sync your master data store with your open data repository.
  17. 17. Coordinate System Projections (Spatial Data Only)
  18. 18. Projection Support ● Advanced users should be able to choose their projection. ● Local (e.g. State Plane or British National Grid) and global projections should be provided. ● Globally we would recommend: ● WGS 84 Lat/Lng (EPSG: 4326) ● Spherical Mercator (EPSG: 3857)
  19. 19. Ensure Data Quality
  20. 20. Pay Attention To Data Quality ● Ensure you’ve covered off our Data Quality Checklist ○ FME can automate the checking ● Check out csvlint.io -- a free CSV quality checker
  21. 21. Delivery Mechanisms Formats / APIs
  22. 22. Data should be available in... Tabular: ● CSV ● JSON (API) Spatial: ● GeoJSON (API) ● Shapefile Tabular: ● Excel ● XML Spatial: ● AutoCAD DXF/DWG ● Esri File Geodatabase ● GML ● KML ● Mapinfo TAB Suggested: Supplementary:
  23. 23. 9 Solutions from A-Z
  24. 24. 9 Solutions from A-Z ArcGIS Open Data Amazon Web Services (AWS) CKAN DataPress DKAN FTP GitHub Junar OpenDataSoft Socrata
  25. 25. ArcGIS Open Data Configure your own branded Open Data site on top of ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS Online. OPENDATA.ARCGIS.COM
  26. 26. Popular choice for Esri users. Open data builds directly on top of your published ArcGIS services. Supported data types: ● Hosted (AGOL) feature services ● ArcGIS for Server feature services ● ArcGIS for Server map services ● Image services ● CSVs ● Other - Web maps, URLs, Word docs and PDF ● Other services via Koop
  27. 27. Data and metadata can be viewed in the browser. Can create simple histograms, line, donut or scatter charts to look for patterns without downloading the data. All data is downloaded in WGS 84, and you can also download the data as KML, Shapefile or via the API (JSON, Geoservice, WMS).
  28. 28. Demo Sample AGOL Hosted Site
  29. 29. Amazon Web Services Run/roll your own powerful open data platform. AWS.AMAZON.COM with help from WordPress & FMECLOUD.COM
  30. 30. By leveraging the lower-level services of AWS (e.g. S3, EC2, RDS) and making use of FME Cloud as a data-mover, you can produce an extremely fault-tolerant, scalable and powerful service that is easy to maintain and cost effective.
  31. 31. Demo Data Migration Project: GeoStor
  32. 32. CKAN Open source data portal - providing tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data. CKAN.ORG
  33. 33. Leading open source data portal with over 300 open source data management extensions. Particularly suited for large organizations.
  34. 34. Easy data uploading. Fast search experience. A rich JSON API allows for integration with FME. CKAN can plot geographic data in an interactive map. Real World: The City of Surrey partnered FME Server to allow any CKAN dataset to be downloaded in any format and any projection.
  35. 35. DataPress WordPress and CKAN seamlessly integrated and hosted on the cloud. DATAPRESS.IO
  36. 36. Fast and simple data publishing WordPress integration allows you to write blog posts, design pages, and manage menus and content in a simple web interface - Hosted on the cloud -
  37. 37. Demo interopolis.datapress.io
  38. 38. DKAN Complementary offering to CKAN. Open source Drupal plugin with a cloud-hosted version available. NUCIVIC.COM/DKAN
  39. 39. Integrates CKAN features into Drupal Simple to deploy and maintain Complete set of content management features Especially suited to anyone using Drupal Self-hosted or cloud version available Real world: used by data.gov.uk
  40. 40. Free Hosting Free and simple to use. FTP or GITHUB
  41. 41. Simple file catalog service. Free hosting with sites like DataHub.io, FTP, Google Drive and GitHub is a good place to start with Open Data. Cloud file storage solutions can be used to store and serve large volumes of data. Web interface can be built on top of the storage system.
  42. 42. Demo FTP
  43. 43. Demo GitHub
  44. 44. Junar Cloud open data platform with focus on ease of use, powerful analysis and visualizations. JUNAR.COM
  45. 45. SaaS Platform Provides a standard data portal as well as APIs that enable developers to integrate data into their applications. ● Government of Chile ● City of Sacramento ● City of Palo Alto Real World
  46. 46. OpenDataSoft Focus on ease of use, automated API generation and interactive visualizations. OPENDATASOFT.COM
  47. 47. Proficient working with large datasets, as they leverage Elasticsearch, which ensures near real- time search and analysis. SaaS platform Geospatial format support Data publishing and management via live dashboards
  48. 48. Socrata A platform that turns data into a utility that can be discovered, consumed, visualized, analyzed, and shared. SOCRATA.COM
  49. 49. Easy to publish data to Socrata using a WebUI, desktop sync tool, or API Upload CSV, Excel, and TSV files natively with support for Shapefiles, KML, KMZ, and GeoJSON There is both a published and working copy of the dataset Many tools around metadata management and workflow
  50. 50. Efficient search Rich set of tools allow you to visually inspect data Metadata is not front and center: the focus is on the information within the data itself Impressive analytics tools Public Data as a Utility
  51. 51. Demo Socrata (Chicago)
  52. 52. Solutions Takeaway There are many top quality open data solutions available. Do your own research and see which one is right for you.
  53. 53. Hackathons (i. e. BigApps NYC 2015) Normalization of data at national level so we can compare cities globally Open Private Sector Focus shift: data quality, not quantity More cities & governments following NY The Future of Open Data No tech excuses
  54. 54. For More Information Open Data Institute
  55. 55. Questions? We have answers.
  56. 56. Thank you Want more resources about moving data? blog.safe.com knowledge.safe.com webinars.safe.com