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Sachin Srivastava

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Sachin Srivastava

  1. 1. Sachin Srivastava Cell No: +91-9618493382 +91-9958223386 Email Id: mail2.sachinsrivastava@gmail.com Summary · Over 9 years of experience as Architect, Analyst, Administrator and Developer in Database Systems design, development and maintenance of VLDB’s Oracle, SQL Server and DB2. · Extensive experience in PL/SQL(6.8 years), UNIX (2.5 years), Oracle Portal (1.5 years), Oracle Apex (1), ODI and in-depth knowledge in data warehouse. · Hands-on experience in full system development life cycle (SDLC): Assessing users’ needs analysis, planning, scheduling, systems design, programming, documentation, project implementation, and customer support. Experience in Functional Domains like Travel, Finance, Retail and Media & Entertainment. · Experienced in Oracle Server replication, backups/restores, performance tuning and maintenance of Oracle DB servers. · Experience in unit, regression testing of Oracle PL/SQL and smoke testing of application. · Developed web based application in Oracle Portal and Oracle APEX. · Contribution in writing FAQs after the deployment for the support people. · Highly motivated team leader with excellent communication skills and excellent problem solving abilities. Thrive in both independent and collaborative work environments. · Articulate communicator with strong analytical and interpersonal skills, skilled at collaborating with project teams, interfacing with clients and deploying technology to build successful solutions for Clients. · Involved in various development phases to mitigate risks. Technical Expertise Operating System Windows 2000/2003/XP, Unix Data Base Oracle, SQL Server, DB2(SQL,PL/SQL) Internet Technology Oracle Portal,Oracle APEX 3.2 Application Server Weblogic , Oracle AS Tools Toad, Sql developer,Sql tool Version Control SVN,VSS, Win CVS, Clear Case Education · Masters in Computer Applications from UP Technical University in 2004 with 76% Certifications · Oracle Certified Associate in DBA track 9i · Certified Training in Oracle APEX 3.2 from Oracle Corporation. · DOEACC ‘O’ Level certified · HCL ITSM Foundation Certified Seminars/Trainings Attended Management trainee at Infosys. Online PL/SQL training at Infosys.
  2. 2. PROJECT PROFILE Infosys Limited Hyderabad Sep 2013 – Present Project : Revenue Accounting system for combined Airline (RASCAL) Client:- United Airlines Role: Technical Lead Responsibilities: Designed prototypes of databases, gathered requirements Technologies used:- Oracle 10g/Oracle 11g, Toad 10.1 Details: · Involved in requirement gathering, effort estimation and design of complete feature · Leading a 3 member technical team and POC for EDD module · Coordination with onsite team and distributing the work to offshore team · Technically assisting the team to meet the deadlines. · Providing technical solution to business to meet the business expectation. · Regression testing of application and Performance tuning of code. HCL Technologies Limited New Delhi April’10 – Sept’13 Project: Dimension Weight and Packaging (DWP) Client:- IKEA Team Size:-9 Environment:- Oracle 10g/Oracle 11g, Toad 10.1, Clear Case, Clear Quest, PL/SQL,HP Service Desk/Remedy, Python Scripts, Oracle Data Integrator 11g Role : Lead Engineer Responsibilities:- · Had been to onsite for understanding of the design and directly communicating with the client for the requirements. · Analysis of backend related PR/CR and designed Technical design document. · Implemented backend PR/CR and written Unit Test case and executed Unit Test Case. · Involved in Regression Testing, executed Business Test case and prepared Test Document. · Raised Defects and discuss the defect in defect meeting. · Effort estimation and tracking. · Quality work of Project as PQA. · Written Test Cases and Involved in Regression and Smoke Testing. · Involved in resolving bugs. · Prepared Document to bridge knowledge GAP in project for team. · Handled and guided Team to resolve Service Call on time. · Implementation of log check for jobs executing at DWP end. · Creation of batch script to solve Service call by Helpdesk which leads to 70% incident solved by helpdesk and updating of KEDB. · Creating ODI Interfaces, Scenarios as per specs.
  3. 3. Project #2 Global Content Data Management (GCDM) Client:- Warner Music Group (WMG) Location and Duration: - Noida (U.P.), India, April 2010–Sept 2010 Team Size:-7 Role : Lead Engineer Environment:- Oracle 10g , APPWORX, Toad ,PL/SQL Responsibilities:- · Understanding the Design · Worked as senior Oracle PL/SQL Developer assists to develop Reporting Interface where business rules and validations are implemented using Oracle 10g PL/SQL coding. We had two types of databases: · CORE DB: - It was normalized and developer used this directly while developing application. · Reporting DB:- It was denormalized and was for end users, reports are generated using this database · To sync the Reporting Database with the CORE Database we use triggers in each tables of the CORE database and stored all the change activities in a separate table, then we execute a procedure which internally calls packages and sync the reporting database tables with CORE DB. · Written PL/SQL packages to convert the existing data with validations · Written PL/SQL procedure which automatically populate data into the Master Tables while migrating from One environment to another (Like Development to QA or to Production ) · Involved in ongoing production support. · Executed APPWORX chain on QA and Dev environment to execute full functionality. · Monitoring and tuning the queries while customer reports time issues. · Fixing the bugs. · Written FAQs after the deployment for the support people NIIT Technologies Limited New Delhi Feb 2007 – April 2010 Project #1:MT(Management Tool) Client:- DB Systel (German Railways) ,Frankfurt Location and Duration: - Noida (U.P.), India, September 2009–April2010 Team Size:-7 Role : Senior Software Engineer Environment:- Oracle 11g, Oracle APEX 3.2 ,PL/SQL Responsibilities:- · Designed UI screen in Oracle APEX 3.2 · Writing Packages and Procedures in Pl/sql to implement the business logic. · Created forms and Reports in Oracle APEX 3.2. · Migrated data from MS Access to Oracle Database. Project #2: WWDS(World wide Dealing Solutions) Client:- British Airways, London Location and Duration: - UK and NOIDA Team Size:-7 Role: Senior Software Engineer Environment: - Oracle 9i, Pl/sql, UNIX, SQL tools, Control-M 6.3 enterprise manager, KITE
  4. 4. Responsibilities:- · Developed Unix jobs and fixed the job failure · Worked as a release coordinator. · Worked on PR/CR/WR allocated to me · Developed Unix Scripts for LIVE, Testing, UAT and did house keeping work when ever space issues arises · Monitored jobs on Control-M and taken appropriate action to fix failed jobs. · Had been for onsite(UK) twice for Analysis work. CES Ltd Hyderabad July 2005 –January 2007 Project #1: Mix Client: Micro finance Information EXchange Inc. Location & Duration: Hyderabad (A.P.), India; Team Size: 7 Role: Team Member, Developer Environment: Oracle Portal, Oracle 10g AS Release 2, PL/SQL, Oracle Discoverer, Toad, SqlNavigator, Oracle Migration Workbench, JSP, Javascript Responsibilities: · Working on modules related to admin site Demand , Environment and Registration · Working on modules related to public side site Demand and Environment. · PL/SQL coding of my module Demand, Environment, Registration and Testing of my module · JavaScript validation on form based on table, dynamic pages and procedures. · Created Dynamic Pages as various portlet and intergraded to the Pages so that data can be fetched dynamically · File uploading in JSP using Jdeveloper