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HOME WIRING(domestic wiring)

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Domestic wiring
Domestic wiring
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HOME WIRING(domestic wiring)

  1. 1. Basic Domestic Wiring A Presentation on
  3. 3. HARS10203@GMAIL.COM Contents Introduction Types Wiring system Types of wire I.E. rule for wiring. Domestic wiring panel Conclusion
  4. 4. Introduction: • Wiring is electric circuit. • Wiring is systematic laying of wires for the smooth flowing of electricity current at different utility places with utmost safety and precautions. HARS10203@GMAIL.COM
  6. 6. Types of wirings: Chapter no. : 1
  7. 7. TYPES Of WIRING BATTERN PVC wiring TRS/CTS wiring Lead sheath wiring CLEAT CASING CAPING CONDUIT Surface conduit Concealed conduit HARS10203@GMAIL.COM
  8. 8. Conduit wiring Surface conduit wiring Metal conduit P.V.C. conduit Concealed conduit wiring Metal conduit P.V.C. conduit
  9. 9. Cleat wiring: HARS10203@GMAIL.COM •It fit on the wall. •Distance of half meter between two cleat. •Vulcanized Indian rubber wire used. •Temporary used. •Wire are in the open atmosphere.
  10. 10. Batten wiring: HARS10203@GMAIL.COM 1. P.V.C. wire 2. TRS/CTS wire 3. Lead sheath wire
  11. 11. Wooden casing capping wiring: HARS10203@GMAIL.COM •It fit on the wall with help of screw. •It protect wire against mechanical damage, Moisture, dust.
  12. 12. PVC casing capping wiring: HARS10203@GMAIL.COM •It become popular, •Less cost, •Easily fault detect •Appearance of wiring is good,
  13. 13. Surface conduit wiring: HARS10203@GMAIL.COM •PVC, or metallic conduit are used. •PVC, VIR wire are used. •Appearance is good. •It protect wire against mechanical damage, Moisture, dust.
  14. 14. Concealed conduit wiring: HARS10203@GMAIL.COM •PVC, or metallic conduit are used Conduit inside the wall •Appearance is good •Protect against fire dust moisture mechanical damage, •Less maintenance •Less chance of Fault •Cost is high
  15. 15. HARS10203@GMAIL.COM Concealed conduit wiring
  16. 16. Types of wire used in domestic wiring Chapter no. : 2
  17. 17. Types of wire V.I.R. wire C.T.S./ T.R.S. WIRE Weathe r proof wire Lead covered wire MICC wire PVC wire HARS10203@GMAIL.COM
  18. 18. Vulcanized Rubber wire HARS10203@GMAIL.COM
  19. 19. Weather proof wire HARS10203@GMAIL.COM •It made waterproof by drooping it into waterproof compound •It is useful for service connection
  20. 20. Lead covered wire HARS10203@GMAIL.COM •No effect of moisture on it •It used where there is moisture presence.
  21. 21. Mineral insulated copper covered: HARS10203@GMAIL.COM •Coating of magnesium oxide is provided. •Less effect of temperature. •Copper sheath is provided. •It is used in mines, factory, refinery, furnace, boiler, rolling, mill est.
  22. 22. Poly Vinyl Chloride wire: HARS10203@GMAIL.COM •Dielectric strength is more •Mechanical strength is more •Life is long •Protect against flame •Protect against oil, alkali •PVC wire is widely used
  23. 23. General rules for domestic wiring: Chapter no. : 3
  24. 24. 1. General rules of domestic wiring. 1. Cut-out on consumer’s premises. 2. Meters, maximum demand indicators and other apparatus on consumer Premises. 3. Weatherproof wire for service connection with sufficient current carrying capacity. 6. All conductor/wire should be sage in all term of voltage rating with proper insulation. HARS10203@GMAIL.COM
  25. 25. 7. Ever line or phase should be protected by suitable ratings fuse. 8. In metal conduit wiring metal conduit pipe continuously earthed. 9. Each load point an appliances should be a independent control switch. 10. In any building. the wiring installation, there must be separate sub circuits for light/fan/3 pin socket load and for 3 pin socket 15 Amp. power load.
  26. 26. 11. In any light/fan and the number of load points connected in one sub circuit should be less than 10(ten). 13. In any power sub circuit, the maximum should not be more than 3000 watts and the number of power point should be up to two only. 14.The rating of fuse in any circuit should not be less than half the capacity of the lowest size cable. In any sub-circuit the fuse rating should not be more than 5 amp.
  27. 27. 15. The earthed terminals of all 3 pin sockets outlets and plugs should be permanently connected to the earth wire. . 16. Sufficient number of 3 pin socket outlets should be provided at suitable places in all rooms of the building 17. In the bath rooms. the 3 pin socket should be at a height of not less than 1.5 m. 18. All ceiling fans are to be hung 2.75 m above the floor level refer IS :4648 -1968.
  28. 28. 19. In the domestic wiring earth wire should be of 14 SWG GI for single phase supply and for 3 phase supply system earth wire must be of 8 SwG GI. 20. If the load on any domestic wiring installation exceeds 6.0 kw. then 3 415 v. 50 Hz, 4 wire supply should be used. The load on 3 phases should be properly balanced. 21. when the covered area in the building complex is more than 5000 m2 and the total load is more than 1000kva. The separate sub station is required to be installed.
  29. 29. Domestic wiring panel: Chapter no. : 4
  30. 30. Single line diagram of electrical Installation HARS10203@GMAIL.COM
  31. 31. Line Diagram of Service line to Main Switch connection HARS10203@GMAIL.COM
  32. 32. Single Phase 2-wire line diagram HARS10203@GMAIL.COM
  33. 33. 3-phase, 2-wire, load up to 6kw HARS10203@GMAIL.COM
  34. 34. Plan Layout of Electric Installation. HARS10203@GMAIL.COM
  35. 35. Reference: • http://www.electrical-engineering- assignment.com/electric-supply-system-a-c • Electrical wiring estimation coasting cotracting (by P.M. soni ) Pub. By Atul Prakashan HARS10203@GMAIL.COM
  36. 36. Conclusion After study the basic introduction of Domestic wiring. We can conclude about the types of wiring, types of wire, line diagram of wiring ,main switch panel ect.