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Shannon Thomas REALTOR® SFR Listing Presentation

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Thinking of Selling your home? Representing Sellers in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Marion, Hendricks and Morgan counties with an emphasis on the communities of Avon, Brownsburg, Zionsville, Mooresville, Plainfield and Indianapolis.
Let me Present to you what I will bring to you as a Realtor Marketing your Real Estate for sale.
Building Relationships Selling Homes.
I Utilize DocuSign an E-Signature Solution for the ease and convenience of My Home Buyer and Home Seller.

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Shannon Thomas REALTOR® SFR Listing Presentation

  2. 2. 14 Point Marketing Target: <br />I will:<br />1. Stage your home to showcase features that buyers are most interested in: <br /> We will take the YOU out of the house. Strive for Uncluttered<br /> rooms and closets, fresh paint and pleasing drive-up <br /> appeal.<br />
  3. 3. NEIGHBORS AND FRIENDS - SALE<br />2. Place For Sale signage, complete with property flyers that are accessible to drive-by prospects.<br />3. Signs That talk-Hot Line America 24/7 toll Free # with Property Information<br />4. Distribute Just Listed marketing to neighbors, encouraging them to tell their family and friends about YOUR home.<br />
  4. 4. INTERNET How Important Is It?<br /><ul><li>5. Optimize your home's Internet presence</li></ul>a. Posting it on local and global MLS systems – multiple<br /> photographs and creative descriptions.<br />KWLS –Keller Williams very own agent property search<br />MIBOR- BLC Broker Listing Service<br />Realtor.com National Association of Realtors Listing Service<br />was the No. 1 most visited real estate website once again last month, leading with total unique visitors for the month of January according to the January 2010 comScore report. <br /> 7,000,000 unique visitiors per month<br />
  5. 5. Internet Marketing 90% Of Buyers Search<br />6.MARKET EXTENSIVELY ON THE INTERNET You Can’t Afford Not To<br /> 1. FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/SThomasRealEstate <br /> Feb 5, 2010 ... Facebook Hits 400 Million Users- 4th largest web site in world<br /> 2. TWITTER twitter.com/smtrealestate<br /> 50,000,000 Tweets Per Day <br /> your house is worth tweeting<br /> 3. BLOGGING - ACTIVE RAIN<br />www.HENDRICKScoProperties.com<br /> 4. ZILLOW - <br />www.zillow.com/profile/sthomasrealestate/<br /> 8.2 million people (unique visitors) came to Zillow each month in 2009 2,000,000 per month looking at homes<br /> 5. Trulia 5.5 million unique visitors per month<br />
  6. 6. Real Estate Agent Marketing In Your Area<br />7. Target marketing to active real estate agents that specialize in<br /> selling homes in your neighborhood.<br />8. Open House both Broker and Public<br />
  7. 7. Open House Creates Buyers<br /><ul><li>9. Centralized Showing Service </li></ul> Appointment service – Realtors can go on line or call to set up appointments to show your home open 8am – 8 pm List of Realtors that show your home and feed back. <br /><ul><li>10. Local Print Ads Specific to your Area</li></li></ul><li>Pricing – Not To High – Not To Low<br /><ul><li>11. Price YOUR home strategically to be competitive with</li></ul> the current market and current price trends.<br /> 1. Comparables in your neighborhood set thePRICE<br />Pricing is very important to get it right!<br />Don’t Chase The Market Let The Market Chase YOU!<br />
  8. 8. RELATIONSHIPS<br /><ul><li>12. A Commitment to You to keep YOU informed and in touch</li></ul> 1. I Will call YOU or E-Mail YOU. Which do YOU<br /> prefer?<br /><ul><li>13. A Commitment to give YOU: honest feed back direct from</li></ul> your customers<br /> 1. Price or staging sometimes painful but always helpful<br />
  9. 9. A Decision To Sell<br />14. Honesty, Respect and One Hard Working Agent<br />Shannon M Thomas REALTOR®<br />
  10. 10. Keller Williams Realty<br />2009 Entrepreneur magazine named Keller Williams Realty # 1 Franchise in the world<br />2009 voted the Most Recognizable Brand of Real Estate Franchises for 2009 in an industry-wide survey for the Swanepoel TRENDS Report. <br />2009 voted Keller Williams Realty received the highest overall satisfaction ratings from home buyers among the largest full-service real estate firms from J.D. Power and Associates for the second year in a row.<br />
  11. 11. Good Facts - Good Choices<br />Your Choice <br />Shannon Thomas REALTOR®<br />Keller Williams Realty<br />Avon, Indiana<br />Bus: 317-272-2448<br />Cell: 317-681-4044<br />We Site: www.STHOMASREALESTATE.com<br />YOUR REALTOR FOR LIFE<br />SELLING, SELLING, SELLING, SELLING, SOLD!<br />