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  1. 1. CASUALKIT Making computer game monetization bene�icial to both game developers and players. Earn Money with Player Challenges and Highscores
  2. 2. CASUALKIT IMPLEMENTATION Select a friend or a random opponent Winners get money directly into their account Friend Friend John Friend Choose Opponent Select your money tier Choose Amount 1 € 2 € 3 € A 10% fee is deducted from the users account Confirm the Challenge Confirm Price Fee Total 1.00 € 0.10 € 1.10 € Play heads up or a tournament against many players Confirm Play Pool 2.00 € VS Peter John Play Play for Real Money DART Choose “Play for Real Money” Select a game with CasualKit implemented Game Game Game DART Game Game
  3. 3. CASUALKIT Page 3/6 WE OFFER - Extra revenue stream that increase ARPU - More engaging and competitive gameplay - New markets with little competition - Easy and fast integration - Cash handling and fraud prevention HOW IT WORKS Users pay a fee of 10% of every single challenge/tournament entry cost. This is the revenue. We take 30% and the rest is yours. Market experience shows, that almost all winings are spend playing again and not withdrawn. Example: John challenges Peter for 1 dollar. Each pay 1 dollar, and a 10 cent fee. John wins 2 dollars. The fee of 20 cents are split with 14 cent to you, and 6 cents to us. Online betting is generating an estimated $32 billion in annual revenue
  4. 4. CASUALKIT Only 0.15 percent of mobile gamers account for 50 percent of all in-game revenue Page 4/6 Customers Spending Player Challenges and Tournaments Customers Spending Freemium/Microtransactions Ads Microtransactions Casual Kit Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue Degree Referral GAME MONETIZATION MODELS
  5. 5. CASUALKIT MARKET POSITION Inclusive Monetization Model Benefit User None Social Gameplay Low Retention Short Life Cycle Social Gameplay High Retention Extend Life Cycle Exclusive Monetization Harm User PvP Skill-based Cash Competition Online Casino Casual Single Player Games Role Playing and MMO Games Casual Online Multiplayer ‘Games-Casino’ category accounted for 7% of the iPhone’s global revenue and 14% of the iPad’s total income in February 2014. Page 5/6
  6. 6. CASUALKIT Publisher Net Revenue 9,746 € 4,171 Users 672 Unique Depositors 6,98 € Avg Deposit Size 3.3€ LTV per User CasualKit Net Revenue 4,177 € Page 1/6 Average monthly spend per paying mobile gamer is highest in Western Europe, with $4.40. In real money challenges its 15$ CASE 1
  7. 7. CASUALKIT A mini game was implemented inside a football manager game. The game was a fun money or real money game, where 6 persons set their own tactics with a football team and played each other. After one month the case data looked like this: Players Deposits Unique Deposits Conversion Rate Deposit Amount Avg Deposit Size Withdrawals Withdrawals amount Rake Average Stake Size Publisher Net Revenue CasualKit Net Revenue LTV per user (ARPU) 1) LTV per paying user (ARPPU) 2) 4,171 438 336 8.04 3,066 7.00 16 556 871 1.50 610 261 3.34 20.76 % € € € € € € € € € 1) After a month, we consider only 50% of the users to have converted to paying. 2) We expect a lifetime duration of paying users of 8 months as seen from poker. Some games are achieving a 14% conversion on overall in-game into real cash players and 52 cents ARPDAU on those conversions. Page 2/6 CASE 1 Sign Ups Conversions Lorem Ipsum g Noget Mere
  8. 8. CASUALKIT Page 6/6 Top players on skillz.com platform can earn between $500 to $2,000 a week. Video demonstration of browser game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECDBV98gHPU How to integrate the PHP Sdk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skFo-LL_u7o TEAM Søren Gleie, ba.scient.soc., CEO Jonas Andersen, Programmer Jeppe Andersen, cand.merc., Marketing & Sales Armann Gudmundsson, Designer and front-end coder CONTACT Søren Gleie, founder - 30517043, soren@casualkit.com, dk.linkedin.com/in/gleie Thomas Høgenhaven, board member, CSO & partner Better Colelctive - 60616163, thomas@bettercollective.com, dk.linkedin.com/in/thogenhaven Jan Lehrmann, board member, Entrepreneur and Investor - jan@jlejendomme.dk, dk.linkedin.com/pub/jan-lehrmann/42/188/14b PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION