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Brodie Clark — Practical SEO Audits for WordPress

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These slides were presented during the SEMrush webinar "ASMA: Practical SEO Audits for WordPress". To access video and slides, visit https://www.semrush.com/webinars/australian-search-marketing-academy-practical-seo-audits-for-wordpress/

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Brodie Clark — Practical SEO Audits for WordPress

  1. 1. Practical SEO Audits for WordPress Brodie Clark | SEO Consultant
  2. 2. ● SEO Consultant for mid- to large-sized companies: brodieclark.com ● Strong focus on: Local SEO, Technical SEO, Link Acquisition & Content Strategy ● Worked for some well-respected SEO Agencies; Optimising & Alpha Digital ● Columnist at: +
  3. 3. Audit Considerations Beforehand: ● Spend some time reading through key pages on the site ● Interview the client about experiences, past issues, pain points etc. ● Find out who the client believes their top competitors to be ● Gain access to all Google accounts (GA, GSC, GTM, & GMB) During: ● Start with a Document which is just for note taking (bullet points is fine) ● Create an outline of the key areas you’re wanting to focus on
  4. 4. Remember:
  5. 5. Traffic Estimations
  6. 6. Keyword Gap Analysis
  7. 7. Keyword Gap Analysis
  8. 8. Keyword Gap Analysis
  9. 9. Keyword Gap Analysis
  10. 10. Keyword Gap Analysis See export
  11. 11. Nextiva Crawl Map
  12. 12. Nextiva Indexed URLs Do these sub-domain login pages need to be indexed?
  13. 13. RingCentral Crawl Map
  14. 14. Dialpad Crawl Map
  15. 15. Nextiva Structured Data
  16. 16. Nextiva Structured Data See export Important page that should have Product Schema Vs.
  17. 17. Technical Issues Page is using a canonical for a non-secure version of the URL
  18. 18. Technical Issues Canonical pointing to a page that redirects
  19. 19. Comparing SERPs (Desktop) Vs.
  20. 20. Comparing SERPs (Mobile) Vs.
  21. 21. Priorities Priority Project Value estimate Assigned to #1 Technical Issues High Brodie #2 Content High Brodie/Nextiva #3 Local SEO Tasks High Nextiva #4 Meta Data Medium Nextiva #5 Structured Data Medium Nextiva #6 Link Acquisition Medium Brodie/Nextiva
  22. 22. Implementation Timeline Technical Fixes Structured Data Content Creation Meta Data Update Local Reviews Strategy Brand Mentions Additional Strategy Aug 19 Sep 19 Oct 19 Nov 19 Dec 19 Jan 20 Feb 20 Mar 20 Apr 20 May 20 Jun 20
  23. 23. Thanks for tuning in Brodie Clark | SEO Consultant