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How to Survive Mobilegeddon

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Mobilegeddon is coming. Are your sure that your website is not a potential victim of Mobilegeddon? Think over it. Else your site may disappear from mobile search results soon. It is the high time to adopt adequate measure so that your site remains unaffected by Google’s upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm update. Find out how to survive in this apocalyptic time in this informative presentation. http://sbr-technologies.com/what-is-mobilegeddon/

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How to Survive Mobilegeddon

  1. 1. Does your website offer a good mobile experience? Else you will lose all your mobile traffic in about a month. WONDERING WHY? THEN CHECK THIS OUT.
  2. 2. The following slides will help you realize why it is important for your site to rank in mobile search.
  3. 3. Here is a glimpse of US mobile search market share
  4. 4. Otherwise your site will be banished.
  5. 5. Overall desktop ad spending dropped in 2014 while mobile grew by 83.0%
  6. 6. Smartphone users are more likely to visit the local store within a day of performing a local search using their device.
  7. 7. We will offer you a complete mobile readiness plan On responsive website, content will be displayed differently—and in an optimal layout—depending on the screen/window size We will design a responsive layout for your website keeping conversion in mind We will optimize your site to boost its mobile search ranking & conversion
  8. 8. Make your site mobile ready today and cherish the uninterrupted flow of mobile visitors to your site.
  9. 9. Contact now for Responsive Website Website: SBR-Technologies.com/what-is-mobilegeddon Phone: +1 707-3945-707 Email: sales@sbr-technologies.com