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Advantages of Computer Vision: Business Cases and Applications

Computers assemble visual images in the same way you might put together a jigsaw puzzle. You have all these pieces, and you need to assemble them into an image. That’s how neural networks for computer vision work. They distinguish many different pieces of the image, they identify the edges and then model the subcomponents. Using filtering and a series of actions through deep network layers, they can piece all the parts of the image together, much like you would with a puzzle.

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Advantages of Computer Vision: Business Cases and Applications

  1. 1. Seeing Results with Computer Vision Business Cases and Applications
  2. 2. What Is Computer Vision? Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world. Using digital images from cameras, videos and deep learning models, machines can accurately identify and classify objects – and then react to what they “see.”
  3. 3. From recognizing faces to processing the live action of a football game, computer vision rivals and surpasses human visual abilities in many areas.
  4. 4. How computer vision works Computer vision works in three basic steps: Acquiring an image Images, even large sets, can be acquired in real time through video, photos or 3D technology for analysis. Processing the image Deep learning models automate much of this process, but the models are often trained by first being fed thousands of labeled or pre-identified images. Understanding the image The final step is the interpretative step, where an object is identified or classified.
  5. 5. Computer vision is used across industries to enhance the consumer experience, reduce costs and increase security. Here are a few examples of computer vision in action today.
  6. 6. 90% AI can improve manufacturing defect detection rates by up to Computer vision makes it possible to spot defects not easily visible to the human eye. Columbus, L. “10WaysMachineLearningIsRevolutionizing Manufacturingin2018.”March11, 2018. Forbes.com.
  7. 7. Computer vision enables safer airline travel by identifying unauthorized objects. Goldstein, M. “TSAMisses70%of FakeWeaponsbutThat’san Improvement.”Nov. 9, 2017. Forbes.com. 70%of unauthorized items are missed by airport security
  8. 8. Computer vision makes it possible for noninvasive monitoring of endangered species. SAS. “CanArtificial IntelligenceHelpProtectTheseAnimals FromExtinction?”RetrievedApril 22, 2018, from sas.com/en_us/explore/analytics-in- action/impact/wildtrack.html. . 93%decline in cheetah population over the past century
  9. 9. Computer vision helps detect fake goods and protects consumers. Klara. R. “CounterfeitGoodsArea$460BillionIndustry, andMostAreBoughtandSoldOnline.”Feb. 13, 2017. Adweek.com. counterfeit goods bought and sold around the world annually $460 billion
  10. 10. players analyzed for finding the next football star with AI 200,000 Computer vision makes it possible to analyze every player, much to the enjoyment of the fans. SAS. “FindingtheNextFootball StarWithArtificial Intelligence.” Aug. 8, 2018. sas.com.
  11. 11. counterfeit bills in circulation in the United States alone $2 billion Computer vision makes it possible to spot counterfeit money and prevent fraud. Wikipedia. “CounterfeitUnitedStatesCurrency.” RetrievedAug. 28, 2018, from wikipedia.org/wiki/Counterfeit_United_States_currency.
  12. 12. maximum acceptable time customers are prepared to wait in line 5-10 mins. Computer vision makes automated checkout possible for a better customer experience. Strange, R. “How Long Will Retail Customers Wait (and What Can You Do to Help)?”Sept. 27, 2012. Irisys.net.
  13. 13. estimated new cases of cancer diagnosed in the US in 2018 1,735,350 Computer vision helps identify areas of concern in the livers and brains of cancer patients. National Cancer Institute. “Cancer Statistics.” Retrieved from cancer.gov/about- cancer/understanding/statistics.
  14. 14. Computer vision makes it possible to detect early signs of plant disease to optimize crop yield. Montalvo, D. “Insects Feast on Plants, Endangering Crops and Costing Billions.” May 9, 2015. Cnbc.com. loss in US orange market due to crop disease $4 billion
  15. 15. miles of America's pipelines suffer hundreds of leaks and ruptures annually 2.5 million Computer vision enables detection of leaks and spills from pipelines using unmanned vehicles, such as drones. Groeger, L. “HowSafeAreAmerica's2.5MillionMilesof Pipelines?”Nov. 16, 2012. Scientificamerican.com.
  16. 16. estimated market for facial recognition technologies by 2022 $9.6 billion Computer vision enables facial recognition for retail as well as security applications. NIST. “Testimony: Facial Recognition Technology (FRT).” March 22, 2017. Nist.gov.
  17. 17. estimated cost of insurance fraud annually in US $40 billion Computer vision makes it possible to distinguish between staged and real auto damage. FBI. “Reports and Publications: Insurance Fraud.” Retrieved June 27, 2016, from fbi.gov/stats- services/publications/insurance-fraud.
  18. 18. Proper oxygenation of the placenta is essential for a successful birth Computer vision makes it possible to monitor oxygenation through the umbilical cord.
  19. 19. To learn more about computer vision and the underlying technology of deep learning, download this free white paper: How to Do Deep Learning With SAS® You'll get an introduction to deep learning techniques and see how SAS supports the creation of deep neural network models.
  20. 20. To learn more about SAS® for AI solutions, visit sas.com/ai