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Transforming Internal Audit Management, IAIC 2014 Survey

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http://spr.ly/SAP_GRC - SAP conducted a survey with 150 respondents on transforming internal audit management at the Institute of Internal Auditors International Conference (IIAIC )2014 held at London. The purpose of this survey was to explore the current status, business impact and potential future of technology in transforming internal audit.

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Transforming Internal Audit Management, IAIC 2014 Survey

  1. 1. VALUE VIEW Audit Management Transforming Internal Fundamentally change how audit services are performed and measured Enable greater analytical capabilities Results from a 2014 survey conducted at the Institute of Internal Auditors International Conference Integrate with enterprise risk management Cross-Industry Support simplification demanded by auditors 54% OF RESPONDENTS BELIEVE TECHNOLOGY WILL FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE HOW AUDIT SERVICES ARE PERFORMED AND HOW THE VALUE OF THOSE SERVICES IS MEASURED Auditors must close the technology capability gap. 54% consider implementation costs and difficulties as their biggest concerns 15% are using integrated solutions with analytical capabilities 14% consider integration with underlying enterprise risk and control management systems as the key capability needed in the future Learn More To find out how SAP can help you get more value from your finance organization, visit us at the SAP® Solution Explorer site. Studio SAP | 32791enUS (14/08) ©2014 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 81% are using technology that meets their needs The role of technology